Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Kite Runner~ T_T

I know I'm like more than half a decade late.. This book was published in 2003 and Khaled Hosseini already has his 2nd novel published.. I just finish reading this book recently and I have like tons of praises to laud this author for this very fascinating piece of work!

The book was known to me about 2 years ago when Len pointed at it during one of our strolls in MPH Midvalley. She said lots of people recommended it to her and she saw the book in our library in Kuantan. I wasn't paying much attention back then because I already had another book in mind but I'd kept the detail in my mind

The Kite Runner; good book. Must read one day~

I've to say it's the price of English books that deprived me from buying them during my study years. Soooooo discouragingly expensive! Now... I can buy them as much as I please!! Muahaha!! So back to the book.. Let me tell you what it did to me...

I started reading it on the flight back to Kota Kinabalu from Penang. It was undeniably a page-turner and I manage to read half of it during the flight. I was sandwiched in between two chinese girls; one was sound asleep with her head propped againts the window and the other one flipping through a chinese magazine. There I was; the book clasped in my left hand and my right hand was continuously pulling plies of tissues because tears kept running down my cheeks! I think I cried in 2/3 of the journey hahaha

So what's so0o0o0 special about the book???

1stly. The Language... I say Khaled Hosseini is a great story teller.. The words, the adjectives he used was in every way perfect to enable readers to imagine every single plots clearly. You can feel the sorrow, the guilt, the love and whatnot of every character. He didn't need bombastic words to make his story beautiful~

Then of course the story itself.. It starts off with the beauty of the friendship between Amir and Hassan. Hassan's loyalty towards Amir was unshakable and he was so naive! And I was very touched by Baba's generosity and humility. He accepted his own servant as family, built orphanage, help the poor, stood up to what he thought was right and many more. Baba's character has its own flaws but I say he's like a Hero! hehe

I was also touched by the love of the Afghans towards their land.. When Amir came back to search for Sohrab, at first he thought he had forgotten Afghanistan and Afghanistan had forgotten him.. But then he still feel the sense of belonging to the land when he was there despite how horrific the condition was due to wars.. He didn't recognize most of the places he visited after years of exile.

Everybody have to read this!!!!

This kind of story kind of remind you to put your feet on the ground no matter how high you soar above the sky~

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's ROCK!!! in Kironggu (^^)/

When was the last time I wrote about my adventure~?? June?? July?? So0o0o0 long ago I guess that I couldn't even remember... Finally, on January 15, I had the chance to go back into the wild~ \(^^)/ yeay!!!!

Like Chris Sharma, I also have my own escort.. That's my cousin there.. I officially assigned her as my cameragirl but actually most of the sceneries are taken by me. Just the pics of me climbing were taken by her... And I had to scream from the top to alert her~
"Pijah!! Amek gambar!!!" hahaha

We departed from SICC around 8am and it was about 15-20 minutes drive to Kironggu from there. I've never been to that area and was quite surprise to find gravel road in KK. Well, it's actually an abandoned quarry, if i'm not mistaken... But the scenery was so nice over there.. Reminded me of my ARC days~

It was rather nostalgic walking along the path surrounded by lushes greenery.. You can hear the sound of waterfall from afar.. Singing birds.. It was as if nature was humming to the rhythm of my footsteps.. Like welcoming an old friend.. Wah! Soooo Nostalgic...

I was not informed about the existence of a waterfall just beside the rock climbing area and was so delighted to see it.. It's been too long since I last saw one... During my ARC days, waterfall was a norm.. You bath in it, sometimes even had your drink from it.. I immediately went to the waterfall instead of checking the climbing site. Too excited!!!

There are 4 routes all together and I only manage to finish three of it.. The rocks were sooooo slippery due to the heavy downpour the night before. I couldn't even smear!!!!

Rock climbing was sure a much much more different experience from wall climbing.. You have to search the place to hold on to and there were like so limited holds!!!! I felt like a blind girl as my hands crept along the rock surface to find the slightest crack for me to grip. Most of the time they are not visibe to the naked eye; you have to FEEL it... Be one with the rock~

At one time, I was only standing on a very tiny crack!!!! Like less than an inch and that really hurt my toe~

The pic at the left; I almost give up there!! There's a cave just below me and when I was standing there I couldn't find any place to hold on to.. I can't even see what was on top of me.. Really depressing! There was this huge crack but then it was a loose rock so I can't take the risk.. I don't know how I finally got up there haha It was the magic of positive thinking and determination, I guess..

Mesut evolve had his bath in the waterfall.. Just the sole that is~ hehe

This is the pic taken from 1/3 of the rock.. Roy, me, Ryan Pijah, Nelly, Zack, Lee and Shawn. Vince was behind the camera..

I really like it in SICC.. All the climbers are like one big family (^^)

Hurm.. Looking forward for coming trips.. I miss my ARC days~ I really do~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Penang~ All about fo0d!

Now, let's divert from the marriage and wedding topic for a while.. Just want to share some of the details of my recent trip to Penang.. It was a short one indeed.. Departed from Kota Kinabalu on 31st December 2010 and was back in Kota Kinabalu on 1st January 2011. Trips like this makes me think that I should have a private jet.. If I could afford it, there'll sure be a hangar with my name on it in KKIA hehe

So, actually the trip was wedding-related.. It was Don's reception.

So glad that my juniors Rx6 was there to entertain me. Very grateful to Matmin, Along, Apip, Ja'a and Mat (sciences) for all the planned activities. But mainly the trip was about f00d F00D FOOD!!!!!

Honestly, my stomach was jam-packed throughout the trip. I think I ate more than 10 types of delicacies in that less than 24 hours waking hours in Penang.. My tastebud was overzealouly pampered haha so here goes the fo0d that I ate in Penang haha

After picking me up from the airport, we straight away went to this restaurant which is located inside a farm. It was quite deep inside a kampung that I really thought we were lost and there is nothing inside. But then, there it was.. I can say that the restaurant does has this pinch of exclusiveness in its appearance because each table was placed under a hut. They serve local foods and western there. What's amazing to me was when I saw ostrich was in the menu! I don't have any idea that ostrich meat can be so expensive. Even the telur dadar is RM 30++. The telur dadar must be as big as the talam~ hehe

I ordered Lamb Chop. The black pepper sauce was superb but I think they should also put coleslaw in the serving.. As you can see there's ony wedges and a tomato there.. It was delicious but I couldn't finish it.

Right after that we went to search for Char Kuew Teoy and we manage to find a delicious one YEAY!!!! \(^^)/
So I was actually slurping the scrumptious Char Kuew Teoy while the popping sounds of fireworks echoed in the air.

The next morning, we had breakfast at this place (I forgot the name~) located just next to our lodging. I was so surprised to find Nasi Lemak sold at the price of RM1. So the excited Haziah immediately bought the cheap Nasi Lemak. I tried the sandwiches; crab and chicken sandwich. I sipped some of Along's Mi Udang.. And then munched some local cakes. And then I was so tempted by Mat's Mi Sup that I also bought one hehe The mi Sup has it's own unique taste that couldn't be correctly described with words... Everything was so0o0o0o0 TASTY!

O ya.. The 10 types of delicacies I mentioned before included the ones eaten in Don's reception..
So after Don's reception, we rushed to the airport because my flight was at 7.30pm.. But... At 6pm, we actually stopped by at this stall that sells Mi Pitchay~ That's Mi Pitchay in the blue plate.. This one also couldn't be describe with words but man! I still remember how it taste~ It's unique.. An original Pitchay taste (whatever Pitchay means~). Actually we also ordered another mee which I don't quite remember the name.. Was it mee basah or something but was also nice! But I preferred Mi Pitchay!

So this is our Jalan Jalan Cari Makan crew. Actually I ate less before going to Penang. But after that, my appetite increased!!! I think my stomach was so stretched in Penang that now,if I don't fill it with enough food, it will roar violently!!!!

DIET HAZIAH!!! (^^)/

I'm also wondering how they slaughter Ostrich.. The neck is so0o0o0 long~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Favourite Love Story~ Len's

Since the night that I received that call, I've been having inevitable shots of flashbacks that whacked me to tears.. Not the kind of tears that pool in your eyes and sheen your eyeballs.. It was the kind of tears that run over your cheeks and make your nose clog~ There's just too many memories and now Len is married~ That's how life is... Full of surprises and change...

I still remember the day we got our SPM results. Len told me about her dream the day before; she was climbing up a rope to board this very huge ship, just like the Titanic. I made one of my ludicrous tafseer mimpi for her.

"Len, ko akan dapat kejayaan. Maybe 9A1 and ko sorang jak yang dapat.."

It so happens that she did get all A1 and she was the only girl amongst the five top scorers. I'm no ahlul nujum of course, that was a coincidence. When her result was confirmed, the first person that she hugged was me. There we were; crying and we were in each others' hands for like a few minutes. That was one of the happiest moment in my life. That afternoon, after a small treat by my father in Pizza Hut, we went to fulfill our nazar~ which was the same...

We used to laugh in mockery when anyone suggested to us to continue our study in UIA. We've thought the idea was ridiculous and impossible.. But then, a few weeks after the SPM result was out, there we were.. Sitting infront of Dewan Samudra filling UPU forms.. 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th choice.. All of them we wrote


After matriculation, we enrolled into different courses. Luckily we were placed in the same hostel block. But our timetables were so different that it was hard to spend much time with each other anymore. But we have alternate visits to each others' rooms until final year. But sometimes she'll find me fast asleep, wrapped in my blue blanket. Sometimes I'll find her asleep, tightly clutching either a novel or the Totoro that I gave for her birthday. But when we were both free, we'll have the whole night for ourselves.. Even just sitting there beside her while she play her flash games feels good enough.. (^^)

One afternoon in 2010.. In my mom's car..

Mommy: Adik, Len ada boyfriend??
GG: Uish! Budak tu tiada feeling!!!! Mana ada boyfriend tuh...

2nd Jan 2011, in my mom's car again..

Mommy: Adik cakap si Len nada boyfriend. Tengok2 kawen suda hari ni..
GG: Itula namanya jodooooooooh~ (^^)

Hurm.. I wont disclose to you their love story, of course. I have no rights to. But their love story is my favourite love story; a blend of fortitude and determination.. and many more elements that I've no wordsto describe them with hehe

Muka dorang sangat iras!! Macam mana aku bole nda prasan all these years!!!

This is my favourite picture of year 2011.. The beginning is already beautiful.. Expecting a lot more pleasant things to happen this year :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have a little faith~

This book made it into my birthday wish list last year. I finally manage to have it on my bookshelf somewhere in October and finished reading it just before my 24th birthday. So now, I officially have the full collection of Mitch Albom's (^^)/ Yeay!!!!

So about the book.. It's a true story alright.. About a Jewish Reb and a Christian pastor.

Two stories combined in one book..

The story starts off with Albom recollecting the memory of his childhood. How he'd belonged to a devout jewish family and had ardently attended all religious classes. He mentioned that if he were to be 'the man of God', he'd all the chance to become one. Then, as he grew, his life evolved and his commitment towards his religion starts to insidiously slip away from his fingers. Visits to congregation become lesser and lesser and finally nil. And as he drift and wade in the worldly tide filled with obligations towards his job, his love life and whatnot, suddenly, the Reb whose sermonts he used to attend requested him to write a eulogy.

He reluctantly agreed to the Reb's request and then he'd decided to make some visits to really get to know the Reb in person. The visits was suppose to be for a few weeks but weeks turned into months and months turned into 8 years. The visits were quite similar to the once he made to his late Professor, Morrie. They'd talked about life, belief, death and many more

There were of course parts that I like in the book. One is when the Reb said,
"Religion doesn't fight, it's human who fight."

I like how the Reb had respected other religions during his lifetime. He mentioned that it's a human free will to choose a belief. He was saddened when the Israeli brutally attacked Palestine in the 60's. And there were also fables that he told that I really really like...
"One who sleeps in the storm"

About the Pastor.. That part to me is kind of a cliche. From a notorious drug dealer he become a Pastor; was enlightened when he was saved from being murdered. After the incident, he repented and become a pastor and what I like the most would be that he also provide shelter to the homeless. He welcomed homeless people to his church, give them food and that was when he preached.

When I mentioned the book to my cousin, she was surprised to why I was reading such book.. You know, like rabbi and pastor instead of imam.. But again, as I've mentioned in my other book reviews, it's the lessons in it that matters. I have chosen my belief and no book can shake what I uphold, inshaAllah.

To think about it, the Albom part at the beginning was kind of familiar.. You know, when you were small or when you were in the hostel or school, you tend to fulfill all religious obligations and some even manage to do additional supplications; the one posed as sunnah. But then, many would start to forget all those practices when they leave the place.. The ibadah become lesser and lesser and finally nil (nauzubillah..)

Overall, in a way this book could remind us on the importance of understanding our belief, what it meant to be istiqomah and to respect others belief.. I like it but... I still favour Five people I meet in heaven