Friday, December 31, 2010

ARC weddings (^^)

The weather was brilliant that day. Excitement was pulsating in our nerves for it was the big day of one of our ARC besties~ Doned in our colourful baju kurung with our hands clutching elegant handbags, we were boiling to take dozens of pictures to immortalize the moments~

The groom, an ex-president of arc, gleamed at us in delight; perhaps proud that we have made it to his big day.

"I'm glad you girls made it! Let me introduce all of you to my wife and parents"

We towed in line behind our friend. The smell of his Black Polo perfume mingled with the air and he was undeniably more handsome than ever that day. Maybe that's what they called 'Seri Pengantin'

"Mom, these are GG, Mida and Shifaa. We climbed the mountains together back in university"

Pleased meeting us, his mom said, "oo0o0!! Welcome girls!!"

We engaged into a chat; filling her in with the details of our long journey to the wedding and brief accounts of the memories we had with the groom back during our climbing days. Then, she suddenly blurt out,

"So, when is your turn???"

Gg's face instantly turned red. Mida and Shifaa exchanged looks then Mida honestly replied in a sheepish tone

"Belom ada calon lagi,makcik.."

Upon hearing that, she reacted with an incredulous expression which gradually change into a sincere sympathetic loving gaze at the three girls. Patting our shoulders she said,

"InshaAllah tak lame lagi.. Makcik doakan"

-The End-

Ok.. Let me get this straight first. Actually this is a fantasy that the three of us created in one of the nights spent in our soggy tent during our transpeak expedition hehe we tried so hard to keep our voice low and was suffering from abdominal muscle cramps from trying to keep our laughters at bay.

So the two ARC ex-presidents are married now and I'm going to attend don's reception tomorrow. In this post I would like to congratulate my two best buddies \(^^)/

This is Judin and his bride Fazrina aka Apath
I couldn't make it to his wedding. Permission denied by my parents because I was just back from Terengganu.
The time sure flow so0o0o fast.. I remember Judin telling Mida and me about his plans to get married when we were in Satay Zul. I guess, we were amongst the first to know and was shell shocked!

Don and Sarah.. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!


Well, I've been climbing with these guys for at least three years and I can say these guys are amongst the best of guy friends that I've ever had. We've been through the ups and downs that outdoor adventures had offered and these two girls are sure lucky (^^)

So I guess the two of you are officially "hanging the haversacks" ya??? hehe

So... who's next????? hehe

I'm giving way for all of you to go first because.... I've serious climbing to do hahaha :P
I'm not kidding :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beginning today~

I found this in one of the inspirational website that I subscribed and I thought this is very nice and worthy to be shared with the rest of yous. This basically emphasize about living each day to the fullest.. Very very nice.. Here goes

Beginning today I will no longer worry about yesterday. It is in the past and the past will not change. Yet I can change by choosing to do so.

Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will always be there waiting for me to make the most of it.

Beginning today I will look in the mirror, and I will see a person worthy of my respect and admiration. This capable person looking back at me is someone I enjoy spending time with and someone I would like to get to know better.

Beginning today I will cherish each moment of my life. I value this gift and unselfishly share it to enhance the lives of others.

Beginning today I will take a moment to step off the beaten path to revel in the mysteries I encounter. I will face challenges with courage and determination. I will overcome barriers that hinder my growth.

Beginning today I will take life one day at a time, one step at a time. Discouragement will not taint my positive self-image, my desire to succeed, or my capacity to love.

Unknown Author

Post it here so I can look at it whenever I feel like it (^^)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Congrats My Dear!!! (^^)

I'm a very proud sister right now. The best birthday present ever was when I received a phone call from my cousin telling me she got straight A's!!!!!

Yup!!! Nurul Maizura got straight A's for her PMR!!!!

Well, I've been the bench mark when it comes to academic achievement in our very small family. Honestly, I'm very glad to let the 'little ones' to surpass what I've achieved. Records are meant to be broken, don't they?

O yeah, the brother Izan scored his UPSR with 4A 1B and I'm very proud to0 (^^)

Little ones, continue to pursue success in this world and the hereafter.

The heart of a Muslim is sincere
The heart of a Muslim is strong
The heart of a Muslim is filled with love
The heart of a Muslim does not lie
And the heart of a Muslim does what's right

\\(".) Praise be to Allah for the blessings bestowed upon us

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

24... An endeavour and a promise..

As I remember... In the past.. I had asked for the same thing during my birthdays...

When I was 20.. I was immobilized for many months due to a fractured left femur. It was christmas when the girls threw a surprise party for me right after halaqah... I was surprised alright.. I even asked, "Whose birthday is this??" after they finished singing the birthday song.. Yes.. That night I'd wept and asked for the same thing while all my friends were asleep...

When I was 22.. I was roaming helplessly in the valley of 'lost'. Left the only guy that I've ever loved.. And was losing my own self-esteem, losing trust and was struck by a myriad of despair. My brother noticed my bloodshot eyes from crying day and night. He arranged a picnic on my birthday and I was given the task to prepare everything.. I guessed he wanted me to get busy with something and stop crying.. And amidst the sound of the gentle wave, with tears pooling in my eyes I'd asked for the same thing again and I'd made a promise that day..

I'd asked Allah to give me STRENGTH and for this year I'm going to ask for STRENGTH again~

I say, I'm currently in a transition phase; that is escaping my 'regulated' world and entering the 'real' world. I've to admit, I can be classified as the zany type, who seem to never run out of ideas for antics. But all this while I've actually been living in a 'regulated' world..

My first 'regulated' world was SMSL.. Al-mathurat before maghrib.. Congregational prayers.. Al-mulk and Yassin before bed.. Usrah and Qiamulail during weekends...

Then I moved on to UIA.. The Garden of Knowledge and VIRTUE.. Well, the difference between UIA and SMSL is that in UIA you don't have seniors pushing you to do all those religious rituals and obligations. But there's this aura in UIA that'll drive you to actually observe all those things; which is very good in my opinion..

But now, I'm in the 'REAL' world.. Still in the process of adapting to it.. New acquaintances are made day by day and they are from different walks of life and of different backgrounds and beliefs.. And not all of them understand my belief and my practices..

The 'REAL' world is, to me, very challenging.. That is why I beseech strength from the Almighty so that I won't be drifted away by the current of change. I'm totally aware that even when there's variance in the sense of the way my new friends and I socialize, it is really up to me to figure out how to uphold my conscience amidst this new environment.

I also need strength to evade all wasteful temptations. Now that my pocket is autmatically filled at the end of the month, I really would want the rizq that I've been working for to be chanelled into the right path and not just to fulfill my lavish desires.

I need physical strength to fulfill all my obligations; may it be career-wise, religion-wise and family-wise. Without physical strength, I won't be able to give equal attention to all these things which are very important to me.

Finally, I beseech strength to keep my PROMISE...

Happy 24th Birthday Haziah~
Be strong~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Cousin's Wedding: Labuan Style (^^)

28th November 2011 was my cousin's (Maslyn) wedding. I took a flight from KK on Friday night and it was sure a bumpy one because it was raining quite heavily that night. I missed the akad nikah and was already late for the 'malam berinai'. When I arrived, it was already the photography session and some relatives were already preoccupied with the karaoke set.

We were amongst the early birds for the big event on Sunday. Well, each of us were given our own task so that was why we were so early. Actually a few minutes before this pic was taken, I was still in my track suit and t-shirt and was carrying watermelons and some other things hehe

This is my cousin's pelamin. Very nice indeed!

So here's how we do it in Labuan... Firstly when the groom arrive, they'll exchange greetings and then one of the bride's family member will recite some doa and selawat before allowing the groom to enter. And the the groom will be brought to circle an umbrella for 7 times. But these days people simplified this practice with only doing so for 3 times

And then comes the besanding part. The tepung tawar thingy was done during malam berinai so basically during the besanding, the newly weds just sit there and let people look at them and take pictures. (^^)

Here's my favourite part of all! \(^^)/ Makan suap suap!
I actually don't know what's the formal name for this. This is just what I created myself since I was little. What I like about this one is that actually the pengantin belumba2 suap. There are 3 rounds so they belumba la sapa bole kasi habes the 3 rounds first..

Masa kecil2 dulu, my cousin and I always curi makan the pengantin leftovers. Orang tua2 cakap nanti cepat kawen. My cousin suda kawen.. Me belom lagi hehe So I think what the orang tua said is so not true hehe

This is our family photo with the pengantin. At the centre there, that's auntie Maranih, the bride's mom (^^)

Then after photography session with family and friends, comes the 'potong kek'. When I was little, they usually do this on Sunday nights. So, in the past it was nikah on Friday, malam berinai on Saturday, bersanding on Sunday (usually morning to midday) and then the ceremony ended with potong kek on Sunday night. But now, everybody is so busy that everything is done in one or two days.

As you can see my cousin is wearing cheong sam there. Well, we have some chinese blood in us but for my cousin Maslyn, her dad is chinese. So she's like more chinese than all of us.. Get it?? Hurm.. I'm also little confuse with what I'm trying to say here

So here's another family picture with the pengantin..
And then we went to Grand Dorsette to enjoy the fo0d festival hehe :P

So that's it.. The Wedding: Labuan style (^^)/

OPS cari mentua.. haha :P

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On belay! Climbin'! (^^)/

I've been missing the mountains.. And I've found a substitute to fill this empty space in my heart...


This is nothing new.. I know... But these days.. I mean recently, I'm just addicted to wall climbing...

I go to Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre (SICC) in Likas at least twice a week...
I could stay there for hours...
And when I got home, the routes that I failed to finish is just mind boggling...
My mind are still processing on how I could actually finish the routes...
The thoughts would hover for days.. That is until my next visit to SICC...
It's like an infection... A brain infection :P

I even bought two climbing books \(^^)/

This one is filled with lots of pics and basically talks about the essentials in rock climbing. Most suitable for beginners like me. And what I like the most about this one is that it's so easy to understand that I can share it with my young bros and cousins

Align Center

This one is more of a motivational book with lots of inspiring words.. The things mentioned is, to me, even applicable in other daily activities. Mainly about attaining success and about having the correct, unshakable determination to finish up what we've started and intend to finish in excellence. One of the phrase in this book that caught my attention...

"In deviating from the flatlands of everyday existence, we take lif eto another dimension that bonds mind a nd body in a highly distinct way. Our senses and emotions are amplified as we experience the acute pains and pleasures, and heightened awareness unique to our crucible to the vertical world"

Well said indeed~ (^^)

And this is what you've to go to work with when you'd hours and hours of training for three consecutive days hehe

Hurm.. I'm not really sure of what I'm aiming for with all the hard work and trainings.. But they just gives me this feeling of content..

It would be really nice to become a world class climber~ But starting at 24.. That's quite late.. huhu

Nak hubby gini la... Supaya I can continue climbing hehe blonde, tall and handsome haha

Mountains... Don't worry... You're irreplacable.. I miss yous... T_T
O0o0 angin~ sampaikan rinduku pada gunung ganang~

Monday, December 6, 2010

BFF's wedding #1 MEKWA!!!

I've abandoned my dear blog for weeks now.. Well, I was actually away during the weekends that I don't have time to update it. I usually do so on Friday nights. But for the past few weeks, Friday nights was meant for ronggeng in Terengganu with Matmin and wife and also last week I was on the flight bound to Labuan to attend my dear cousin's wedding (^^)

So here goes the pics from the first wedding of Rx5 the girls.. Nur Salwa Abdul Halim, my dear ex-roommate for 4 years. I definitely was looking forward for her wedding and wont miss it for the world! I swam the south china sea if I have to!!!

Here's the signage to her house.. When I first saw this, there was this odd feeling in my heart.. It was sort of a mixture of happiness and at the same time a pinch of... hurm.. sorrow.. It's not that I'm not happy with the wedding and I'm not jealous (please la~).. But it was like this sorrow that appear when you have to let go of something precious.. yeah~ it was like that~

The Rx girls~ That's Matmin's wife, Along, clad in purple on the left. Miftah and Ciey, our dear Rx6 junior was also present. It took us some time to make everybody to look at the camera.. Mida and Shifaa and Mar were busy with their Samsung android phones haha

Can you spot any 'nur' from some faces who are going to get married so0n???

These are the Rx guys.. Rx5 and Rx6.. Hurm.. I've few pics of them :P

So here's Mekwa and hubby hehe Please focus at the linking hands ye..
Mekwa was gripping her hubby's hand so tightly that we were afraid his fingers would tecabot!

The newly wed and Rx5 girls who made it to Mekwa's wedding (^^)
I really wish there were more of us.. It could've been merrier if there were more.. But surprisingly.. Even in this small amount, we did manage to make quite a lot of noise :P

Not in the pics: Girls from Klate

Me & Mekwa~

Mekwa, now a wife..
All those years... When I used to...

Come into her compartment every morning just to take boiled water for my Milo...
Ruin her bedsheet yang tegang just to have a short conversation and then leave..
Just roll around when she woke me up for Subuh prayer...

Just seem like yesterday~

How life can change so fast~