Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today was a fairy tale~

I've to admit that I was hurt so badly in the past that these days I tend to involuntarily roll my eyes or scowl and somewhat disgusted when I saw any love quotes. A little bit skeptical when watching love stories unless it is a story that relates family love and friendship rather than just about that "special someone" thingy... But what I saw today in the nephrology ward made me think

"I guess prince charming does exist~"


I was doing my clerking routine and it was a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) infection case. A middle age man with a woman on a wheel chair arrived at the bedside and the man greeted me with a salam.. "Assalamualaikum.."

I was browsing the case note, but since we human have stereoscopic vision and have very powerful ears for eavesdropping, so I actually notice every single thing that the couple was doing hehe

When they arrived, the pakcik carried his wife onto the bed and he did this by reciting bismillah. At first I thought he carried her because she was too weak to stand up. But then from the case note, I realized that actually her right knee was amputated.

The makcik was a little bit grumpy and was complaining on this and that.. I guess she was all stressed out with her illness and the not so comfortable ward surrounding. But the pakcik remained calm and was smiling as he listen to her complaints. Then he started to comb her hair and again he started with bismillah..

The makcik was still complaining when he finished combing her hair. Then, he took out a container filled with bihun and handed it to his wife and said

"Nda apa... Kita makan dulu ya. Lepas ni kita bincang~" and he said this with a smile.. I seriously felt like crying!!! Where on earth can I find a guy like this!!!!!!!????

This occasion also remind me about another husband who was taking care of his physically impaired and mentally ill wife in HTAA when I was still a student. During our conversation I asked

"Pakcik tak kerje ke arini?"

"Pakcik kerje sendiri. Tapi sejak makcik sakit kadang2 je la baru kerje. Kene jage isteri.. Sebelum ni die da jage makan minum kite, jage kite mase sakit, bagi kite anak2, besarkan anak2.. Sekarang mase kite jage die pulak.."

I remember feeling this lump in my throat upon hearing this.. It was so touching. Naseb baek I could handle my emotional outburst from bursting hahaha

To think back about these husbands, I guess fairy tale does exist.. Happily ever after does happen.. \\(".) I definitely would want someone like the two husbands. Who'll stay by my side during rise and fall..

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Yeah~ even harder than climbing the mountains and wall climbing.. Trust is something that I don't easily give away~


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ni gelak ke suke??? conpius~

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