Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eerie oncall~ (~_~)

To make this post more melodramatic.. Please click PLAY on the youtube window..

It was a Tuesday night on the week of my first oncall... The tapping sound of my fingers hitting against my latptop keyboard echoed amidst the awkward silence in our humble home. Significant enough to indicate that I was the only one awake. It was only 10.30 pm when the ringtone 'I'll be' resound from my handphone. The word HQE was flashing on the screen...

"Hello, Good evening.. Are you the Pharmacist oncall?? We need you to supply..."

I told the staff nurse that I'll be there in a few minutes. I was actually prepared that night. I thought that instead of wearing pyjamas or a sleeping gown, I should wear something decent to sleep so that I could straight away rush to the hospital in the middle of the night.

At the hospital...

The drug requested was actually a controlled item. So, I needed to see for myself the patients' case notes to decide whether to give or not since they were newly transferred from another hospital. I went to the ward and after a brief discussion with the HO oncall, I left with my hand still clutching the drug.

My mind was actually elsewhere as I stroll in the alley just infront of the neurology ward. I was rejustifying my discretion when I heard the rattling sound of rusty wheels. I noticed a van parked on the porch to my right but was too preoccupied with my thoughts and presumed that a patient was being transferred. Then my steps were halted..

A stretcher loomed from the a door on my left. The figure on it was covered with a green cloth, which was pretty weird since I usually saw patients covered in white blankets. Then I realized.. The cloth covering the figure was inscribed with Jawi writtings and the van on my right was actually a Van Jenazah. I was like...

O my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Masa aku mau drive sorang2 la kamu mau angkat jenazah depan aku!!!!!!

I glanced at my watch, it was already 12.30 am. I stood there and waited for the whole process to be done. And when it was finally over, I continue my pace towards the pharmacy; trying hard to maintain my cool though actually my heart was thumping hard.. Really hard...

I'm known to my friends as someone who has no sense emergency as well as someone who is kind of fearless (I couldn't find any other word actually). I could stay alone in my hostel block for days and I was brave enough to wander around the block alone during the witching hour too. When watching horror movies, I stayed calm and was always confused to why my friends were afraid of a particular scene.

But this was no horror movie, this was a reality..And I was the main actress driving alone in my car, cruising on the dark solitary road. I so often glance at the rear mirror to see if anything followed me..(Psycho Haziah~) I was then relieved when I finally reach our housing compound.

Then I saw the stray dogs still panting on the side of the road.. I thought

Fuh.. at least some living creatures are still awake at this hour..

But then suddenly the dogs stood and started to bark at my car and when I passed them, they started to chase my car. This is unprecedented. I usually come back at night and they've always been friendly. Then my imagination started to go wild.. I started to reminisce the scene in Jangan Pandang Belakang where there's a Pontianak flying above the car.. (psycho again~)

When I reach my house, I switched off the engine, went out of the car and actually looked around to see if there is anything following me. Well there was nothing. But if there was, I must've missed it...

There were some other occurences during my oncall week that I don't feel like it's appropriate to write it here but I've decided to take it as an experience to take lessons from.. My mom in the effort to console me said this...

"You can choose either to be an ordinary pharmacist or a good one or even better; a pharmacist that people seek consultation from.. And from that choice, you decide how to react towards all the hardship~ either to take it positively or negatively.. Either to learn from it and become better.. Or to ignore it, learn nothing from it and stay at the same level that you are already in..."

I've chosen my option.. What's yours..??? By our hand, the people shall be saved and by our hand also, the people shall perish and it's all depends on our choice.. (Actually related to my next post :P)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Polygamous ME~

This post is not accompanied with the intention to show off. This is just something that spark in my mind while staring at the ceiling as I allow my comfortable mattress to absorb all the tiredness from work.

People say, you give everything to the one you love..
Hubby #1 MyVilla~

I sure invest a lot for this guy.. Fuel, monthly payment, weekly 'bath' & periodical service.. A lot!
But he sure brings a lot of convenience in return (^^)v

A lot of people asked me why ORANGE?? Well, it's because it makes me feel MACHO! hahaha :P

People say, the one you love makes your life easier..

Hubby #2 iPodolski

I spent a sleepless night thinking of how to tell my dad that I need his credit card to purchase this. And guess what, when I raised the matter during sahur, he immediately nod and said "Okay, let's do the transaction after this".. I was like... I spent a sleepless night okay!!!! Can't you make it a little bit harder to get... Urgh~ Knowing him, I really thought he would ask me a lot of questions before agreeing..

But iPodolski sure helps me alot especially when I need to find drug interactions or need a quick peek on some drugs or diseases that I'm not familiar with

People say, the one you love takes you higher

Hubby #3 Mesut Evolv
*Nama ini sangat lari.. Mesut Ozil.. Evolv??? Duh!

They literally takes me higher hehe higher above the ground.. Love them very much although not that comfortable.. This is a new hobby to substitute my hiking days that I miss soooooo much...

People say you would want to spend the rest of your life
with the one you love

Hubby #4

O0o0o0ps! Still not available.. haha want this one to be of flesh and bones.. :p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Convocation Speech~

First and foremost, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude towards Allah, the Creator of all being for it is by His will that I am what I am today.. Thank you Allah for all the gifts that You've bestowed upon me.. It is also Him Who'd grant me with loving and supportive family and companions that've made my journey in the path of seeking knowledge more easier than it could've been if I was to walk alone.. Praise be to You Ya Rabb...

Secondly, my billion, trillion or even zillion thanks are extended to my family members especially to my parents. Like other parents, my mom and dad sure did a lot of things to ensure that I grow up to be someone that excels. But what is most meaningful to me is that they were able to work together although they have been seperated for more than a decade to ensure that I'm provided with the best of neccesaties. To my other family members, my brothers, my stepmom, aunts, uncles and cousins.. Thank you for making this world so beautiful for us all. May we continue to work towards excellence in the world & the hereafter.. InshaAllah~

This is where I sought the knowledge of Pharmacy that I now use to contribute to the people (though actually in Kuantan campus)
I also would like to extend my gratitude to all my lecturers who've been so dedicated in educating us (^^)
Here, I also found something else....

I found loyal and sincere companions..
Congratulations to all of you.. Alhamdulillah that all of us were able to walk the stage together this year (^^)
Now let's continue our journey by contributing with what we know..

Another loyal friends...
Distance may put us apart but our hearts stayed together all those years..
These are the girls who've always been there for me to0 (^^)
Tiada dalam gambar: Zarina c pengantin baru

I learnt what it felt like to fall in love, endure heartbreak, strive to move on and what it meant to delude hate and gradually forgive. Credit to my mom who reminded me the importance of respect and integrity despite being hurt ever so severely.. (^^)
This is one of my greatest lesson in life..

I found my passion.. That is to BE ONE WITH NATURE..

These are the people whom I'd explored the jungles and mountains with.
Being with them, I sure learn the true meaning of mutual respect and teamwork..
We shared laughters, tears and fartsssss hahaha

Good Bye UIA... (^^)/

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lelaki tua yang gatal itu...

This occured to me somewhere in June this year.. And here goes...

I was in the LRT, on the way to meet my friend when suddenly I felt the vibration of my phone...

A: Hello. Assalamualaikum. G, ko da katne?

G: W'salam. Aku dalam train lagi ni ha.. Jauh lagi ni.. Ko katne?

A: Aku da sampai da. Eyh, ko ade mood nak bekenalan tak?

G: Hah??? Mood nak bekenalan??? Ape pulak ni... aish~

A: Hahaha! Xde ah.. Aku baru kenal sorang ni. Die Consultant Engineer. Umur 27 and single. Aku nak kenalkan die ngan ko..

G: Hensem tak?? (dengan nada malas nak layan~)

A: Aku pon baru nak jumpe die la ni.

G: Hoi! Gile ke ape??? Ko ni kenal die cane ni?? Scary gile!!!

A: Hahaha panjang ceritenye.. Nanti aku story.. Aku nak kenalkan kat ko lah.. Engineer Consultant tu.. Stable weyh~

G: Hahaha! Oit.. Ko ni gile la.. Geli gile kenal2 gini.. Aku tak mau la!

A: Aku bukan ape.. Aku kesian kat ko je.. Die da on the way nih..

G: Oit! ko ni.. Bahaye kot! Eyh ko jangan gi jumpe die sorang2. Tunggu aku sampai dulu.. Ade2 je la..

A: Hahaha! ko datang la tengok dulu. Mane tau bekenan..

G: Geli ok!!!!!!!!! hahaha

After the conversation ended, I quickly send a text message to a friend...

"F, bole tak mesej gg tanpa henti dalam mase 20 minit lagi? Ade kawan gg ni nak kenalkan dengan guy mane tah.. Kalo kite mesej2 nampak cam da ade pakwe hehe bole ye??"

Luckily F agreed..

As I walk towards the meeting place, my mind was actually filled with wild imaginations..

What if he's a criminal??
What if he wants to hurt us??
What if he's a rapist!!!????

When I arrived, I was shell shocked!!!! Why??? That so called 27 year old guy looked much older than my dad!!! Wait... That doesn't sound right.. Hurm... He looked SEVERAL TIMES older than my dad!!!!!! Like around his 50's~ I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking at his seniority, I guess my mental state had directed me to treat and response to him like I always did when I meet my friends' dads~ So.. Yeah~ I guess I was kind of polite during the short meeting. When he drove away with his Waja, I said to my friend..

G: A, itu 27!!!??? A, kalo die kate die laki orang anak 7 aku pecaye.. Gile ok!!!!!!! Tu aku rase, laki orang tengah cari skandal!!!!!!! Scary gile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was freaking out like hell and started to nag~ I just couldn't accept it. I couldn't accept us meeting a total stranger which of course super duper dangerous. And I'm very sure that old guy was actually searching for prey to be his scandal! Biarlah bersangka buruk pon. I'm seriously sure my instinct is to be trusted...

A few minutes later my friend hand over her cellphone to me. A text message was displayed on the screen..

"Saye tak bekenan la dengan kawan awak tu. Die nampak skema"

I burst into laughter KAHKAHKAHKAH!!!!!!!

Alhamdulillah~ Takpe skema.. Yang penting tak terjebak~