Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Confession of A Single Lady

I don't know whether if it's just me or is it real.. But I think the word 'MARRIAGE' and 'SPOUSE' just seem to be lurking in every corner of my life right now. Even when I tried to put a thick wall to border myself from them, they just seem to find ways to seep through tiny cracks..

But I think I'm less pressured compared to my friends. I'm not sure whether it is a norm or what in Sabah, but I've been receiving advices from family and family friends to put off marriage in these 1 to 2 years. They got a point you know.. One close acquaintance said to me..

"Your parents have been providing you since birth. Now is the only chance to pay them back, though I know most parents won't actually ask. Trust me, when you have your own family, you can provide for them but not so much because you have to struggle to set up your own household.."

I've to admit that the statement did dwell in my head for quite some time.. In a way, I do think this piece of advise coincidentally meets my own apprehension.

One thing is, I don't want to get married for the wrong reasons; not because of my age, not because of the fear of if I reject this one proposal then I'll be a spinster forever... <-- NAUZUBILLAH MINZALIK!!!!!!!

This particular area of life is something I rather not rush about because I think if I do make the wrong decision about it, the aftermath would be utterly appalling. My life would be vastly affected and it could involve others' life as well.

Many said that I'm being too choosy, searching for the ideals and stuffs. But really, who would not want someone who's 'prefect for you'?? Mind that word 'perfect for you'; that's diferent from 'perfect'... In the past I used to put up certain specs in my 'Mr Right'. To tell you the truth, along the journey I do meet with guys who were actually within the specs but in the end, I discovered other attributes in them that become major turn off points! So since then, I think my expectations doesn't neccessarily help me with finding my 'Mr. Right'.

So how do I expect to find 'Mr Right' then??? haha tricky tricky~

These days, I just come to believe that I guess things will work out just fine naturally. I dont feel like bustling in the flirting department just to get a guy to hook up on me because I might as well flirt with 'Mr Wrong'. I think one day someone will ask for my hand just simply because he knows that I'm his 'Mrs Right', accepting me for my ingenuity and he simply knows that it's me he wants to spend his life with.

Till I find this mysterious 'Mr Right', I'll just focus with contributing to my beloved family.. And of course focus on constructing effective habits too hehe He'll come about in his own magical way~

*"It takes time, effort, and energy . And most importantly, it takes WISDOM . You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your marriage work."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Depression: My Story

Before I read Jasmine Yow's "Behind That Shiny Resume", little had I realize that there were also days in which I've been depressed as a distinguished student. I've my own story to tell and here goes..

SM Sains Labuan had its own reputation during my time. It was (and hopefully is still) reknown for producing students of excellent academic performance as well as meritorious co-curriculum achievements. Having their kids studying there was almost every parent's dream. Well, after scoring my UPSR, I finally secured a place there. Attaining top 10 rank or top 20 rank for the least in my years there, I pretty much flourish and this was where my potentials were enriched to their peaks. The depression didn't start here it starts after that...

I've always wanted to pursue into medical field. It was me who embed the belief "my daughter will one day become a doctor" into my parents' mindset. But unfortunately my pointer during matriculation was only enough to enable me to study Pharmacy which I later love very much.

Going to Russia~

My failure to pursue study in medicine brought frustration to the family. All of us had wanted it so much and then my dad came out with the idea to send me to Russia. After a thorough discussion on that matter, it was decided to start the process pronto so that I could depart to Russia as soon as possible. I filled forms for days and went here and there to complete all necessary documents. But as I fill the forms, there was actually a weird feeling. I felt a hunch that told me there was something 'Not Right' about going to Russia. When all the process was almost done, I surprised my family by announcing "I'm not going to Russia".

I guess I was not fond of the idea of leaving my beloved family and friends to study abroad and only to be busy later during my working days. I can't imagine not seeing them for years and I can't bear it if I can't go home when there is any case of emergency.

So here's where the depression start...

It really hurts when you're the one who instill a dream in others and then you end up being the one who shatter it. So when I first enroll into IIUM Kuantan, I actually set up in my mind that I want to get something to make my parents proud. But even after 2 semesters of impressive results, my excited proclamation about the result was only replied with a nod and "Em..". In my eyes, my achievement was not appreciated and my parents, at that time, still blather about me taking medicine. There were so many "If only" too....

"If only you scored during matriculation"
"If only you agree to go to Russia"

One day, I just got sick with all that and I bravely blurt out,

"Mommy, can you and Babah just stop talking about me being a doctor. I'm going to be a Pharmacist. I'm already in Pharmacy, I love it and am doing well. So just accept that!"

I know that was quite harsh of me. But at that time I can no longer bear the tense. I don't quite regret the moment but I do wish to reconstruct the words if only I have the chance to. I've no regrets because it was that brave moment that led to my parents' understanding and since that, they've never once mentioned about medicine to me.

That was one of the moments..

Another depression came about during the 2nd semester of 2nd year. I still score the exam with flying colours and appreciated. But my relationship was meeting with its most devastating downfall. I indulged into 'class escapism' (that's what I like to call it) and during those time I would just sleep in my room or dug my face into the pillow and cried all day long. When the relationship ended at the end of first semseter of 3rd year and I was all happy again, I still feel the discontent deep inside my heart and I still have the habit of waking up at the witching hours and have this feeling of anxiety.

I always thought that the depression was solely due to my relationship but I was wrong. I talked about the depression to a bestfriend and she simply replied "I think you woke up at those hours for a reason," Simple yet powerful. I immediately knew what she meant and quickly took the advice. One day, in one of those restless nights, I got up to pray. I asked for an enlightenment to what is it that's bothering me and as He'd promised "Pray unto Me, and I'll hear your prayers", I found what I was seeking for not long after that.

I realize that even when my result slips are coloured with satisfying numbers, they don't leave pleasant memories. I asked myself..

Will you be fond of the memory of nights in front of your desk??
Will you be fond of the memory of jotting with confidence during exam just because you know you'd answered correctly??

I don't know whether it is a so-called pleasant memory to some, but to me it weren't. I was sure those are not the things that I would like to reminisce nor like to tell to others in later years. My soul was craving for more than just that.

The Revelation...

It was somewhere around January 2009. We were cruising in our kayak in the effort to traverse the Kenyir Lake from Pulau Poh to another island. I was drenched with perspiration and my muscles were already fatigued from the collection of lactic acid. Despite the laborious paddling, I felt serenity deep within. I knew it was not something peculiar and the feeling was more of a deja vu.

Right after the expedition, I sat down alone in my room; gripping a pen in my hand and my diary wide opened in front of me. I started to recall the things that brought pleasure to the inner me and started to redefine 'success', redefine 'happiness' and started to plan for the best ways of attaining them. I subscribed quite a lot of motivational newsletters and also bought best-selling motivational books. That was when I had the greatest urge to stand again. And that was when the journey begins and what've brought me to the present.

Yeah~ it was finally dawned on me that it was the experiences that I gained, the people that I met, the horizon that I've gazed upon, the peaks that I've conquered, the acquaintances that I built and many more that fed my soul.. Alhamdulillah,I'm currently very happy with everything in my life and am very comfortable in my own skin (and am aware that there are also quirks that need improvements).

Depression can arise in any point of our lifetime. It's a pit full of sorrow that have the power to forcefully drag you down. At times, we don't even realize we are actually trapped in depression or in some cases, we're actually in denial. Whenever we're depressed, seek help; from the Almighty, from family and from friends and from everything around you... His signs is everywhere for us..

*this is a reminder to myself to me too for I might fall prey to depression again, who knows~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Choice~

Let me tell you one secret of mine~ Since I broke up about 2 years ago, I've never been able to finish a love story book; even the ones written by my favourite authors. I would either lose interest as I flip the pages or fall asleep in the course of reading the most intriguing part of the story, only to find the book lying on my chest as I open my eyes. But congratulation to me for breaking the habit. Another indication that I'm moving on~ cewah!

In all honesty, the tittle is rather plain. I think if it weren't for the fact that I love Nicholas Sparks', the normalcy of the tittle might've caused me to pick up another book instead. But 'The Choice' is another brilliant piece of work by Spark..

The story is about Travis Parker, an overly laid-back guy who fall for his neighbour, Gabrielle a.k.a Gabby. Their first meeting was unpleasant. Gabby stomed into Travis' yard and confronted him for being at fault to the pregnancy of her dog because he'd let his dog to wander around. Gabby was later abashed to find that Travis' dog was actually neutered.

Then the story goes on with the occasions in which they get to know each other. I like the conversations between the two. They were casual and to some extend amusing. I was smiling and even laughing as I read them. And then of course, like any other love story they got married.

There were actually
choices that the characters have to make. Firstly, when Gabby finally realize that Travis is her soulmate, she had to gather all her might to tell her boyfriend she'd fallen for another. It didn't took her long to choose between her boyfriend and Travis.

Then, as the story approach its end, Travis was dealing with a tough decision that he have to make that involve the life of his beloved wife. And he'd chosen a choice that's against Gabby's will but was fortunately the right one..

One thing that I like about Sparks' love stories is that they don't simply revolve around romance and lust like other story books do. I really hate those that tell love-making in details. I love it when the love story is blend with family values and friendship. What stirred my heart to the hilt is when Travis was so consumed by the ordeal that befall their family; his emotion was unstable and his heart was dwelled by guilt. He several times debated with himself about the right things to do as he struggle alone in parenthood. And he'd constantly showered Gabby with unconditional love even when Gabby was unable to give anything in respond. I really like it when Travis finally choose to be strong for his daughters and continue his normal living for he knew that's what Gabby would've wanted~

This kind of story really makes you believe that true love does exist hehe (^^)

*Am wondering whether it is true that it'll find you when you least expect it?? hehe

Friday, August 6, 2010

A certified rescuer (^^)v

Wow! I haven't posted anything for more than a week already!!! This is so0o0 not me~ Well, the only word that best suits me right now is BUSY.. Living as PRP is harder than I thought it would be. Alhamdulillah~ today is my last day in in-patient so I'm very looking forward to a more relax working atmosphere in the manufacturing section.

As I told you before, I'm stationed in a satelite pharmacy and for the past two weeks I was actually shifted to another satelite pharmacy that covers 10
wards and 4 specialist clinics. It was undeniably hectic and coping up was an uphill climb. You really have to pick up all the new things real fast but unfortunately I'm a slow one hehehe

Here in HQE, the employees are encouraged to attend th
e CPR course and I just received my certification as a rescuer last week. The course was really neat. Not only that I got to learn lots of new things especially in life-saving and emergency aids, I also met a lot of interesting people with lots of awesome experience in life-saving. Their hearts are made of gold~

Well let me share with you a bit about the CPR thingy. Well, the main idea of CPR course for the hospital employees is to enable the staffs to attend patient whenever there's a sudden collapse during any business in the hospital. The main steps of CPR is theoretically easy to remember but I later found it to be a bit confusing during the practical session. But after a few practices, I finally picked up (^^) The acronym would be DRC ABC~


Before attending an unconscious person, we must first look for danger. Look what is it in the surrounding that could lead to the collapse of the person. For instance, is there a life wire there?? Is there any poisonous animal like snakes??

R-->> Response

If the surrounding is safe, check for response. You may shake the person's body, or pat the shoulder while asking "sir sir, are you ok?"

C-->> Call for help

If there's no response, call for help. While wai
ting for help to come, you may perform what is necessary

A-->> Airway

Firstly, do head tilt and chin lift and check the person's breathing.

How to check?? We must listen, feel and see.

How is that done?? Put your ear at an appropriate distance in front of the person's mouth while your face facing the person's body. Listen and feel the air with your ear and look at the chest whether there's any movement or not. If you can't hear and feel air or/and can't see any chest rise that's when you start your rescuing duty!!!

B-->> Breath

When you found there's no breathing, the first thing to do is to blow two rescue breaths. The interval between the two breaths is 1 second. Check for chest rise when you do the blow. If there's no chest rise, reposition the person's 'head tilt and chin lift" and blow again. Check for breathing after that. If no breathing, check for pulse. If no pulse that's when you move to...

C-->>Chest compression

The basic principle for chest compression is push hard, fast and allow chest to fully recoil. There are 30 chest compressions per cycle. After chest compression, we are to give two air blow into the person's mouth. This should be done in 5 cycles and once you finish 5 cycles, you are to check the pulse and breathing again.

No pulse-->>
give another CPR

Have pulse, no breathing-->>
give blow for two minutes. One blow in every 5 seconds..

Once the pulse and breathing is present

Keep the patient warm, reassess the condition every 2 minutes and put the patient in a recoveyr position~

That's it!! Seems easy.. but the course will test you on one man CPR, 2 men CPR, baby CPR, baby choking and adult choking and I got mixed up a little bit. But it's really interesting, you know. You'll get a certificate that'll be valid for 5 years. And owh yeah~ we were actually introduced to the Automated external defibillator too and was taught how to operate it and was also taught on how to insert airtubes into unconscious patient hehe co0l!