Tuesday, June 29, 2010

That thing that makes a man look SEXIER~

First and foremost, I'm just a normal girl with the tendecy to eye on good-looking guys. This is just a recollection of when I first found out what makes a man more appealing...

I was sitting on the beach in Sapi island with my cousin. We were in the middle of a chat when suddenly we felt a swoosh of wind passing us. It was no ordinary wind.. It was from the stride of a young, tall, nice built and handsome caucasian man. The attraction was irresistable as if there was a magnet forcing our eyes to leer on his every moves.

He stopped and spread a garment on the white sands. He lied down and put his sunglasses on. So that's it~ we thought he was going to lie down flat and enjoy sunbathing.. Typical~

But then, what made him worthy of our second glance was when he pulled out a book, which seems like a novel to me, from his bag and start reading it... Pergh! that was seriously alluring. There was like a magical charm there.. I thought it might be due to the good looks plus em.. intelligence perhaps hehe I gave him 10/10!

A bookworm can be rare among the male stock but they seriously don't have the idea how books can actually draw women to them...

I remember one time I sort of accidently blurt this out,

"You know, if one day a Beast come to me and offer me his library just like how the Beast offered Belle his library in Beauty and the Beast, I'll definitely marry him"

But at the end of that conversation I sort of retract that since I don't think marrying a beast is that cool unless he turns into a normal human being in the end :P

So yeah~ That thing that makes a man look sexier is actually BOOKS and this brings me to some wishes about books~ here goes

1. I wish to write a book and get it published one day

2.Other then aspiring to have my own pharmacy one day, I actually would love to have my own bookstore hehe

I've always been an avid reader but I sort of slow down a little bit a few years back but now since I'm so free, the habit seems to reemerge and I just can't stop reading books these days.. so I figured that I'll do some book review in this blog because I do find lots and lots of beneficial books these days and I really think it's worthy to share them with all of yous =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

transpeak expedition (4th June-9th June)

Huhu I don't know that writing about transpeak can be this difficult.. I've been staring blankly at the screen for a few minutes now, trying to mentally sketch the flow of this expedition story. So I guess I'll start with the picture of the 8 proud Team Elite members hehe

From left: Haziah (Gg), Shifaa, Mida, Don, Zac, Jepah, Madi, Cagan

4th June 2010 (Day 0)

We assembled at Bukit Jalil at around 5 pm and start dividing the ration. I was gobsmacked by the amount of ration as Zac's dad open the boot and my jaw dropped involuntarily as a medium sized plastic full of ration was passed to me. Heavy!!!

There was a little drama before our departure to Ulu Kinta. Mida got lost on her way to Bukit Jalil and was no where near Bukit Jalil at 6 pm. Luckily the bus was delayed; thanks to the disorganized temporary bus station and the heavy evening traffick jam. We saw Mida running towards us as the bus pull up right in front of us

Our guide's relative generously offered his house for that night =)

5th June 2010 (Day 1)

We set out to Ulu Kinta Dam around 9 am which was also the starting point of our hike. We took a ride on a small pickup truck and the scenery throughout the short journey was mesmerizing~ We were surrounded by lines of colossal mountains and the scenery was made even more splendid by the sparkling water of the dam. Everything seem to be so peaceful~

The above picture was actually taken before we start the climb. After that we were spraying bygone to avoid from leeches. I sprayed it as if the bygone was a perfume hehe
IT WORKED! \(^^)/

Ulu Kinta Dam -->> Kem Seroja -->> Kem Kijang -->> Last Water Point

Hikers normally camp at Kem Kijang but we unanimously agreed to spend the night at the water point. There are some advantages upon continuing the journey; one is that we covered about 2 hours of the 2nd day's hike that night and the last water point is the only place to have the last decent bath and also is very convenient for any other business which is best done in the presence of water (you know what I mean~ hehe)

That peak on my head is the Peak of Mount Korbu :)

6th June 2010 (Day 2)

We started quite early during the second day heading towards the peak of Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong... The climb towards the peak of mount Korbu was utterly challenging. there were many uprooted and rotten logs which we have to either go across it or duck below it. We did some rock climbing too. Many 90 degrees climb too. I remember at one point I was holding on to the rocks and my heart skipped a beat when I realize that there was actually a ravine just below me and if I slip, I'll be done~ I remember having the thought "I want to get out of here alive" hahaha

Mount Korbu peak (7162 ft). We had our lunch here and took a rest for about 30 minutes before continuing our hike towards the peak of Mount Gayong.

Hurm~ I would say my mental was put into the toughest test on the way to Gayong. I have to duck and even crawl for so many times. The surronding was all mossy and damp and there were muddy grounds as well. I can't exactly perdict to what extend I should duck so I end up bumping my bag against some tree stems every so often and there I was sighing trying to avoid from improper words spilling out of me.

So this is Mount Gayong's peak (7129 ft). Well, we didn't bring our bag to the peak. We left it somewhere below; around 5 to 10 minutes walk from the peak. Spent a few minutes taking pictures up there and man it was so windy and I started to shiver. I was exhausted. Luckily I manage to put up the smile for this picture hehe

Mount Gayong --> Junction peak

We target to camp at Lembah H2O that night. However, we were too weary to continue the journey and we were running out of water so we camped at the Junction peak instead. We did a night hike that night, and man the route was em.. NASTY! There were quite a lot of steep slopes and we have to triumph over these in the dark~ The light from our headlamp doesn't help that much to me..

7th June 2010 (Day 3)

Junction peak -->> Lembah H2O -->> Kem Kuali

That morning we hurried to Lembah H2O. Severely dehydrated and on a self-posed restricted diet, my pace were ridiculously slow. Even the sound of water failed to energize me to walk faster. Lembah H2O seem to be to0 far and beyond reach! at Lambah H2O, we had our lunch and some even wash~ Then we move towards kem Kuali where we spent the night.

There's a small water point in Kem Kuali. From our campsite, we saw the lights from Ipoh.. I felt this bob of splendour deep within upon seeing those lights. They made me feel closer to civilization haha

Our fingers are actually showing the total of G7 that we've conquered. Mine's just three (^^)v

8th June 2010 (Day 4)

Kem Kuali-->> Yong Belar peak -->> Kem kasut -->> Kem Tudung Periuk-->>Sg Besar


The peak of Yong Belar (7156 ft) was about 15-20 minutes 90 degrees climb from kem Kuali. It's quite high up that you'll be gasping for air due to the high altitude but Yong Belar offered the best view of all the peaks.. We saw mount Korbu, which was hidden behind another mountain. We just can't believe our eyes. Yong Belar showed us the distance that we've gone through!

See those mountains in front of us?? We set foot on all of them before we got here!

So from Yong Belar we start our hike towards Cameron highland; towards the light of civilization~ hehe we met a group from MSU on our way down and it was a relief to finally meet with your own kind. Throughout the 4 days, other than nature we only have each other hehe The above picture showing the route towards Sg Besar and then in Sg Besar you have to walk on pvc water pipes which I found annoying because they were so slippery and I don't have the balancing skill to walk on them and I so often stumble in the most embarassing ways you could've imagined... HATE IT!

So at the end of the journey you'll arrive at this dam.. It was already dark (pitch dark in fact!) so I don't really know how the surrounding looks like. But we were descending a flight of very steep and terrifying-looking stairs and there Uncle Kumar was waiting for us with his pickup truck.

The pickup truck ride was joyful; a mixture of jollity from our triumphant accomplishment in conquering all the peaks safe and sound as well as the gaily bumpy ride on the truck. The road was full with potholes, some even have stagnant water inside. I think it would look like the route in the 4 wheel drive expedition thingy during the day~

So here are the guys on Day 5 infront of our lodging; all clean and fragrant hehe Some are claiming that this will be their last expedition, some are planning to settle down and hang their haversack as a display or as a memoir item.. But... Not for the Power Puff Girls~ 3 expeditions to go to complete all G7 and till then our haversack will not be just for display (^^)v

Power Puffs!!!!

This was where I carelessly grabbed onto a decayed stem; bumped my head hard and almost fall off the log.. I saw stars dancing above my forehead~

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's the CLIMB~

Well, I've just completed the 4 days Transpeak expedition.. All I can say is, this was the toughest hike I've ever done so far. 4 days away from all the comforts of modern life, my physic and mental were both tested!

Morning~ Somewhere between Gayong and Yong Belar~ I think~ hehe

People often question "What do you find from all those tiring hike in the mountains?" and the question I dread the most would be "In what way does this hobby of yours contribute to the ummah, the society?"

I honestly don't have the answer but here is what I can say~

Hiking is not all about trickling sweats and aching muscles. The feeling from the embrace of nature is indescribable unless you feel it yourself. Every touch of gusting wind, every sound of streaming water, and every move of swaying trees seem to have its own message. The mesmeric scenery is no where to be found in the hustle bustle of the city. And trust me, when you set eyes on all the great view on the top of the mountain, there will be a jolt in your heart that tells you that this massive world of living things does not appear by itself but is made and fashioned by the hands of the Almighty. The expanse of the horizon will make you realize you're just a tiny itsy bitsy part of this universe

Sunset on the way to Kem Kuali

That is what nature has to offer~ Trust me, all the hardship and obstacle will get you into your nerve and at this point you'll probably see another side of you that may have not come into light in ordinary situations.. It might appear in the form of anger, despair or the feel like surrendering. But as you do more and more hiking and meet with this situations more, you'll learn to control and suppress that side of you.

Team Elite!!!

During the hike you also have loyal friends who'll stick with you in whatever situation. But the real question for you is 'will you be that loyal friend???' Are you willing to share all the ration you have in the midst of adversity? Are you willing to sacrifice that so limited water that you have to quench the thirst of others? It is the lesson of survival but not to survive alone, but to survive together and to finish the journey together in one piece

Hurm.. definitely will miss hiking days~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Langkawi Trip (29 June 2010)

Life has been exciting except for the fact that I'm running out of cash in supersonic speed these days. I went to Sg Petani Kedah to attend the National Gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGaps) and then off I went to Jitra, Kedah to visit our dear friend Ray.

Ray's family hospitality was superb and we even had a low-budget one day trip to Langkawi. It cost us RM80 which include the ferry tickets, a driver and a van to go around the island. But since it was a day trip, we had to wisely pick the places we want to visit which of course should not cost us a penny upon entrance hehe so here goes the pics

Laman Padi.. No entrance fee.. Here, they plant padi over a rather huge piece of land. The unique thing is that each square actually contain padi in its different phase of... em... growth (ok that sounds so0o0o0 BIOLOGY) For someone who is unfamiliar with padi field, I found this place very exciting. They even display some traditional equipments used during the olden days for processing padi..

Langkawi Cable Car.. This place is a MUST-GO!!!! \(^^)/

Tickets:RM 15 for Malaysian

Left: Scenery from the top of the hill

Right: The skybridge. When you walk on it, you can actually feel the bridge vibrating and the feeling of the breeze sweeping over your face is just so refreshing!
Fizah said that the bridge is closed when it's too windy

Left: These are the stairs to the skybridge. It was quite an uphill climb on our way back to the last station. Shifaa and I decided to run to compensate for the Transpeak expedition's training that we've failed to do during NoGaps and was desperately gasping for air at the end of our struggle

Ok.. I don't remember the name of this place
We had our lunch here. The food was delicious and was sold at a reasonable price! And I really like that hut.

This is the pic taken before leaving Langkawi. While the rest were busy choosing tasty chocolates to bring home, I went sauntering around alone trying to find cheap souvenirs to bring home. Got some keychains and tshirts! NEAT! \(^^)/

Thanks for the lovely trip guys!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

O0o0 World Cup!!!!!!!!!

When you're reading this I'll probably be deep in the jungle, trying to complete the 5 days gruelling hike to conquer three peaks. I'm not sure of the mountains' names but they are Gayong, Yong Belar and Korbu if I'm not mistaken~

Well.. It's very near to the World Cup for sure and my spirit is soaring and I'm putting high hopes that Germany is going to give brilliant performance in all their games and proceed to the final~

I won't be able to watch their first match on the 13th though~ huhu

World cup brings back the memories in form 4 when almost all of my batch have this tiny folded paper where we would write the scores of every games. I remember the guys were so eager teaching the girls how to calculate the scores and stuffs. And Brazil vs England match was concurrent with a talk held in the hall and my bff and I actually made ourselves look sick to avoid from going and watch the match instead hehe

World Cup 2006 was held during the taaruf week (orientation week) in IIUM and although we have to wake up early and attend a lot of programs during the day, Ray, Fizah and I never miss the matches hehe will miss you girls very much!

So here's the official theme song for 2010 World Cup.. Wavin' Flag by K'naan~ Nice lyrics! I love it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mavi marmara~ ~that dawn..

The news is now heaped with reports regarding the inhumane attack by Israeli commandos on the Mavi marmara ship which is filled with volunteers and loaded with humanitarian aids for Palestinians in Gaza... It's really heart wrenching to see how those Israeli are atrocious enough to even do that act of piracy and wreck all the stuffs shipped by other countries to help those in need in the Palestine.

I watched and read some of the news. The one that attract me most would be the statements made by the Malaysian journalist and a Malaysian doctor about their dreadful hours held hostage in the hands of the Israelis. The journalist described that they were ordered to squat for hours on the vessel's deck and had to suffer the deadly heat of the sun. They had guns pointed at them almost all the time. They were only served with cucumber, bread and plain water in prison.

At the end of the interview, the doctor asked a permission to say something to the audience. Well, as far as I remember, he mentioned that being safely home is not all that matters. What matters most is that the freedom flotilla's real mission was not accomplished. The aids were not delivered and even confiscated by the Israeli. This is something to be thought through and this incident really portray how devilish the Zionist power could be.

Hurm.. I think the world know for decades that the Zionist is the real living convict of all terrorism. If we ever have a chart for terrorism, Israel surely will secure its top place for decades or maybe even centuries. All this while, it has always been clear that the Zionist are continuously tormenting the Palestinians and do recall how they diabolically besiege Lebanon a few years ago.

I don't know whether it is related to religion or what that when any Islamic country is being attacked by Israel, all the big powers of the world seem to shut their eyes or look the other way and take no action against such barbaric act. But this time Israeli has done it again and even worst! This is a total disrespect towards humanity. This time there's no excuse for the big powers to not take action because this time the incident involve many countries and mind you, the ship was unarmed and was intended for a peace mission~

I am no lawyer, just a future pharmacist.. I don't know much about world crime or war crime or whatsoever but this Mavi marmara incident sure sounds like CRIME to me... SERIOUS CRIME~

Imagine... If they could simply attack those volunteers on that ship without mercy, it must be far FAR FAR worst back there in Gaza~