Thursday, May 27, 2010

Veiled~ Not a problem at all (^^)

I was blog walking when I saw a post that definitely describe a distorted image of Islam.. I know there are like millions of such post scattered all over the internet but I usually refuse to read them but I don't know why this one really affect me so much that it gave me the urge to write this post. Maybe it's because this particular author touch so many parts regarding women's rights in Islam...

It was not rage that I felt from all the false accusations.. To some extend that particular post was an eye opener for me to reflect myself as a Muslim...
I wish I could tell the whole world that I don't feel oppressed at all as a Muslim~

Many perceived wearing veil as something that is oppressing since it prevents women from showing all the beautiful shapes and features of the body.. But then, ironically, as someone who is veiled I've never felt that way. And how could it be presumed as an oppression when actually most of us wear veil on our own will. My family for instance, none of the girls were ever instructed to veil themselves. We were taught that veil is one of Allah's commandment and then we decide on our own when to wear veil. No compulsion at all~

Apart from fulfilling the commandment to gain rewards, the veil actually protects us from the many sexual harassment that is so prevalent in today's world. I feel very lucky not to have all those lustful eyes crawling and creeping on every inch of my skin. And still the veil doesn't make anybody look uglier too. What's hidden and mysterious always have added value, don't you think??

I really like this part of Dawud Wharnsby song "the veil".. It simply illustrate what the veil really means to us Muslim women...

This hijab,
This mark of piety,
Is an act of faith, a symbol,
For all the world to see.
A simple cloth, to protect her dignity.
So lift the veil from your heart to see the heart of purity.

So veiled is NOT a problem at all (^^)

me trying my new Syria hijab hehe

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A whole new world is ahead!!!!!!!!

There have been a little bit confusion when the letters regarding work arrived at some of the doorsteps of my friends' house. Me, who haven't received it was surprisingly calm but it was my parents who were all panicky and had bombarded me with many questions and they even listed all the things need to be done and need to be thought through. My mom even suggest to me to cancel some of my plans to enable me prepare for work and this is totally a NO NO to me~ I ended up making a lot of phone calls to resolve my parents' worries.

Honestly, I'm not ready for work yet. I still want to have some rest from all the 4 years of toiling and I still have so many things to accomplish before start working since I know there won't be time to do so later. As you know, I'm interested in hiking and all those recreational stuffs and some need days to be completed. For instance like Mount Tahan, the expedition takes 7 days~

I don't know how my friends are preparing for work back in their homes. But I personally do feel some insecurities deep within me.

The 'new world' that I'm about to enter is indeed will be much much different than the University world. New people, new characters to adapt with, politics within the office, some infringements that may get me into my nerves but can't do anything about it but I think the leading predicament of all is actually MYSELF~

It's not that I'm not happy with who I am but there are some flaws of mine that I really really want to work with to ensure that my working life is more efficient, meaningful, productive, consistent etc.
My major concern would be regarding money and time..

Time... In the past I used to be late for class but during the final year I sort of relinquish that habit because the faculty was moving to a new building and I don't favor it to walk under the deadly sun and get my skin burnt. So I woke up early so that I can go along with the rest of my friends which is by car hehe. In the working world there would be that machine that monitor at what time you arrive at work named PUNCH CARD.. Well, some places used fingerprint identification technology so I really need to make waking up early as a habit and also speed up my grooming capability~

Another is procrastination.. There's always procrastination in life. You procrastinate laundry, procrastinate an errand perhaps or maybe even procrastinate buying the present you've promised your neice. Well, I'm working very hard at this at home. These days I would just force myself to do all the stuffs and get things done on time, even if I'm too sleepy to do it.

Money.. Frugal was never in my life dictionary until about a month ago. Since I'm no longer studying and is staying at home, my allowance is tightly controlled these days. But the bright side of this is that I learn how to make the money given last for weeks and I also differentiate necessaties and wants better these days. I'd a short informal class pertaining to money management with my stepmom, Umie. She's very good at it, you know! She can buy everything in cash now from those years and years of money saving. She taught me how and where to invest and stuffs like that. Useful indeed!

I'll continue improvising my own function now.. People change, and I'm doing that to myself.. A constructive change.. HARD~ but worth it! Chaiyok!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kids say the darnest thing with Idham Hehe (^^)

Tonight.. As usual we had some chit chat session after dinner at the dining table... The topic was "Kita mesti jadi pandai!!!"

GG: Idham.. Kita mesti jadi pandai~

Idham: Aah.. Idham mau jadi pandai supaya bole masok asrama!

GG: Kalo mau pandai mesti bela....

Idham: JAR!!!!

GG: Kalo mau pandai mesti ra....

Idham: JIN!!!!

GG: Kalo mau pandai mesti ak....

Idham: SYEN!!!!

GG: Haa?? Kalo mau pandai mesti eks
yen??? hahaha AKTIF la idham~

ham blushed~ hehe

Friday, May 14, 2010

For Moms, Moms-to-be and Aunts~ Motivating Kids to LEARN

End of study and being unemployed is BORING~ Most of us are engaged with our computers and I chat with my friends everyday.. Well, this is basically because I'm currently in my dad's house where I have lesser roles but one similar
thing that I've to deal with here and at mom's place are LAZY KIDS!!!!

..who would bable hundreds of excuses to avoid from doing their homework..

..who would tell you that their wrists are burning from writing a few lines of words..

..who would start talking about what fun things the
y did in school a few minutes after the study session is commenced..

is my stepmom's nephew who's staying with us througout weekdays to attend school. The house seem to be a lot noisier and merrier since he's around because he sure talks a lot for a 5 year old and he always pretend to be someone who's know-it-all.. Very cute indeed...

But it's tiring when it comes to doing his homework..You'll have to sit there beside him and watch him do it.. And if the teacher give some words to write, then you'll have to say the letters one by one to make him write them.. So lets say the word APPLE.. There are 5 letters and he has to write it 20 times so you'll have to spell the word for him for 20 times!!!! And believe me, everyday, there are like 5 words to write and
there I go spelling them over and over again...

I've always been one of those who is very theoretical and factual so guess what.. I googled on how to deal with lazy kids and how to motivate them to learn.. So here goes the points that I extracted from my search~

1. Fill the child's world with reading.. This does not only mean to jam-packed the home with story books, novels, flash cards with words etc. but also to provide a time to read for them or a
time where the whole family read their own book.. Well, this will tell the child tha
t reading and learning are important and most probably the child will be habituated to reading and learning too

2. Encourage them to express their opinion and make their own decision..

3. Don't ever deprive the child from playing because it's part of their development.. Instead, enrich the play with materials that support learning

4. Be enthusiastic towards the child's interest and encourage the child to explore more regarding the things that fascinate him

5. Ask the child what he learn in school and get him to teach you what he'd learnt. Ask relevant questions to make him think on his own. Moreover, this will help him to remember things easier.

6. Celebrate achievements no matter how small it is. This will encourage the child to improve from time to time

Well, i've been giving bribe like chocolates and sweets to make him increase the speed of his writing. I don't know for how long he'll buy that but according to my cousin who's studying children psychology, the child will one day be bored and it will no longer work.. So I guess I'll have to think of some other ways to make him more intrigued to learn.. I guess these tips will just do.. hehe

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day (^^)

I'm in mommy's office right now. They just opened this free cyber cafe here for youths to make good use of it. But since it's public holiday today so I can use this for as long as I want hehe

Well, I'm just dropping by to wish my mommy


I am what I am today because of you and


I read somewhere in the internet that there are some views in Islam that are against Mother's day. But there was one opinion that says, it's ok to celebrate Mother's day as long as that we bear in mind that our mothers deserve love and respect every day as we breathe and live~

"We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth" (Al Ahqaf:15).

A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your father.

(Bukhari, Muslim).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Much have been said about beauty.. Being beautiful... Even one of my buddy posted about 'Cantik' in her blog recently.. There's like this force within me that keeps on tugging my sleeve to also write about my views on beauty.. So here goes...

What I always believe is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" since it is very subjective. We have our own measure in evaluating and deciding what's beautiful and what's not but what's for sure is there are inner beauty and outer beauty

Outer beauty.. undeniably skin deep.. This is when appearance, looks and features are concerned.. Most say that it is not that important compared to inner beauty. My say, yes it is not that important but it matters.. When I say it matters I don't mean that we are to transform ourselves into looking like what the media tells us to look like~ hot smoking body, slender long legs, dazzling eyes, voluminous shiny hair etc Well, it's gratifying to have all that but what I mean is appearance that portray cleanliness, health and that we are comfortable in our own skin..

I believe in conserving what we already have. So what's important to me is to care, to protect, to rejuvenate and to nourish the outer beauty so it won't easily fade or lost. Actually it doesn't need hard work, it just need to be a habit.. It doesn't mean having cucumber on both eyes and a green pasty mask all over the face every night.. Daily facial cleansing, a decent shower, a diet that consist of variety of food plus fruits and vegetables and regular exercise might just a
meliorate the God-given beauty created on us. His creation are all beautiful..


Inner beauty... even more subjective... Well, let me tell you what's my definition... when we look or mingle with this person, the beauty seems to be radiating to all those around.. Makes you feel beautiful yourself while receiving her smile, gaze, words, touch and company.. Makes us feel the alluring charm though she is not in the striking-look stock.. She is also able to waft radiant aura into the atmosphere...

Yeah~ In short, I think inner beauty is the summation of great personality and good intentions.. To me it's not innate, it's learned and will come na
turally after lots and lots of improvement and practice over time.

Hurm.. Do you know where I find a definite inner beauty? I always see it in a loving and caring mother. The feeling is so natural. Even the touch of wrinkled hands seem to have the magic to caress a stranger's heart.. I guess it's the gift from the devotion towards loving her children and a life well-lived to serve those around..

I pity those who'd chosen to go under the knife to make them feel better about themselves.. I won't say they're out of their mind or what because there must be an intense pressure there that they finally decided to endure all the pain just to look beautiful and be accepted.

All in all, to me everybody are beautiful.. you, she, her, they, us... No matter if you are small and short (that's me) or if you are way off from the societal definition of 'beautiful', we are all unique. And this uniqueness if appreciated and taken care of and added with all the good personalities then you'll have the power to really rock the world!!! Feel good about yourself because there's no one out there who is the same as you.. And.. Don't forget to wear your sparkling smile at all times because you just don't know whose life is about to change for the better from looking at it..