Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NPSC 2010 \(^^)/

6th March 2010.. National Pharmacy Sports Carnival (NPSC)

This event was held in Shah Alam and the host for this year's NPSC was MSU...
I played futsal this year and was the captain of the team.. Awe and I were busied by lots of things including the interbatch sports that we had only one training.. Awe and I desperately searched for our long-lost chemistry that night but it was almost futile..

I'm really grateful to the juniors that they had their own initiative for training and did not rely on me.. Thanks girls..

There were 6 teams and we were in Group A along with Uitm and USM...

UIA vs Uitm 0-2 UIA vs USM 2-0 (1st goal by Anis and 2nd goal by me)
Semi Final
UIA vs MSU 2-0

We won the penalty in the semi.. Honestly, I was all weary after the game.. The MSU team was quite agile and the keeper could throw the ball up to the D area that we had to intnsify our defense. My greatest gratitude to our keeper Nad who was really good at her job.. She saved a lot of attempts inclcuding two penalties!!!! \(^^)/

Thanks also to Anis who scored the first penalty and Sha who scored the second one.. I was about to do the third one.. Put myself last because I didn't trained for penalty and my previous penalty during interkuliyyah was predictable.. aiyak!

UIA vs Uitm 1-0

This was a scary game.. Luckily I got used to all the crowd and cheers due to the previous interkuliyyah so I just shut my world from the surrounding crowds of noisy supporters.. I scored the winning goal.. I didn't really expect the attempt would score a goal.. I heard Awe's voice saying "Gg GOOO!!!" and just kicked the ball and then I saw the ball passed a few players in front of me and missed the keepers hand and voila GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

And then we just defend the goal.. 3 of us were defending and when the ball was ours only one went to attack.. Well, we were only killing time.. But it was rather annoying that it felt so long inside the court~ I could hear our friends chanting "BERTAHAN BERTAHAN BERTAHAN" I think I was chanting along inside my mind

O ya~ this is the netball team who also won gold.. The final was against uitm too.. It was scorching hot and we were all burnt and tanned~
Surprisingly, despite winning 5 Golds we were not the overall champion for NPSC.. Weird~

O ya~ Rx5 won all games during interbatch again.. Alhamdlillah~ I was quite worried of losing because I was openly confident in facebook hahaha That was intentional though.. Just to trigger some hype during the game...

Hurm.. I guess that's all.. I don't know why I have this feeling that all these games stuffs will be my last.. Maybe because of that the end of my student life is approaching~ Or am I thinking of tansforming myself into a demure indoor girl?? NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Post-over-physical-activity effect-->> Increased appetite and sleep!!!!!!!!!! Huargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zoo Negara!!!!!!!

5th March 2010.. Visit to Zo0 Negara

Honestly, I went there for like 5 to 6 times already since 1992 so I was not all that excited since there were really2 little changes in my previous visits.. But this visit was undeniably an extraordinary one than the ones in the past. For the first time ever we had the chance to directly meet the vets that tend the animals and they jubilantly shared their knowledge and experience.

We observ
ed the hospital.. See for ourselves what medicine they use and how they keep it... But my faourite part would the talk by Dr Muhamaad Daniel Felix.. You can see it in his eyes how passionate he is with his job.. He shared some knowledge about animal behaviour that made the room with o0o0o0o0hh~ and aaaaaaahhhh~

My favourite story is about his loser babboon who annually got admitted into the ward due to injury from his lost battle for a mate.. The babboon was so a loser that finally the zoo decided to put him into isolation whenever the mating season come so that he'll not be beaten .. But the doctor told us that although the injuries were obviously fatal-looking, the babboon have this remarkable healing that he healed quickly after that

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mount Nuang Expedition (^^)v

I've abandoned you dear blog.. Forgive me...

Hurm.. My days were recently filled with strenuous physical activities that I don't have time to update..

26-27 February 2010.. Mount Nuang Expedition

This program was actualy a training for those who are going to Mount Kinabalu this April but the Power Puff Girls plus Mekwa manage to get ourselves in.. We did a Two days One night climb..

We started the hike on Friday evening when it was raining like cats and dogs.. It was raining so heavily that my vision was slightly blurred. The beginning of the hike was rather easy though you have the heavy bags on your shoulder.. Nuang is also known with its vicious pacat.. Some of my friends were attacked.. They were surprisingly big.. Luckily I was saved~ hehe

We camped at camp Lolo.. There's a stream of river there so it was really convenient for us to bath, cook and doing other necessary business.. Not to forget, the camp was pacat free too

The next morning, we shoot for the peak.. Overall, I think the climb was great.. Not too easy nor is it too tough.. A more satisfying climb than Tebu since I do consider it was challenging.. The route was steep almost all the way up. We have to step on roots and rocks and our clothes were rather severely smeared with dirt.. Well, the earth were still damp from the rain..

Well, lately the weather seem to be not on our side.. The view was rather frustrating since it was all white around us.. The peak was quite small but it was big enough to accomodate us to have lunch up there.

O ya!!!!!!!!! this was also the first climb where we saw lots of animals..

Shifaa and Mekwa saw a grey snake~

We also saw a species of beetle that made itself round like a ball when you touch it..

And Shifaa and I almost step on red snake!!!!!!!!!