Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mount Tebu Expedition (19-21 Feb 2010)

The long awaited hiking trip finally came.. I was literally counting days because I really miss strolling between trees, lingered by the scent of leaves and the majestic foggy scenery that awaits at the top... Well Mount Tebu is 1039 m high located in Besut, Terengganu.. It was around 6 hours drive from Kuantan. The starting point of the hike was Lata Belatan. It's a beautiful recreational place that has a flowing river with watefall.. We spent a night there and had a short taaruf session since most of the participants of the trip were new members

The trail to the peak of Mount Tebu from Lata Belatan was 7 km.. Although the route was easy with lots of flat grounds, still having those heavy bags on our shoulders does gave the challenge.. The beginning of the hike require us to cross the river by walking on rocks.. I was captivated by the color of the river.. At some parts it was aquamarine and I think it is deep enough for swimming.. The jungle is quite thick and it was not at all windy that I was drenched in sweat immediately..

The first stop was Sg Cakah Dua where w
e need to cross the river by walking on a slim tree trunk and this was where our balancing ability was put to test.. I was bad at it..

Next we stopped at Punca Air.. There's a small water po
int about 120 m from here. I didn't go there but according to those who did, it was a quite a struggle.

They described it as
"Jalan balik je dah leh abes air yang kite amek tu"

O yeah, it was also here where we performed our prayers...

Then there was this Jendela Pandang.. W
ell, based on the name itself, I thought it must have this great view there.. However you can only see trees and a neighbouring hill..

Then came
the peak!!! Well the peak is quite spacious. You can camp there but it's quite far from the waterpoint. The peak was surrounded by trees so you can't see that much from there.

Aha!!!! After a few minutes walk from the peak you'll reach Batu Madrasah.. This is my favourite spot of all in Mount Tebu.. The view there was breathtakingly brilliant.. It was foggy at first and we only enjoyed the cool breeze there. But when the sky was cleared, the view was actually overlooking a small part of the land and the South China Sea.. And we promptly screamed

"OMBAK JAHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

There's also mystical stories about Batu Madrasah.. People frequently hear a voice reciting Quranic verses and Adzan there.. Two of our participants heard it too.. I admit that we were too ecstatic up there.. Luckily nothing happen huhuhu

O yeah, Mount Tebu is also famous as a place for martial art training especially Silat.. There's this one rock carved with Jawi writing and we couldn't really understand what's written on it except for the word Yasin on the very top of it. Honestly, it was rather an eerie-looking rock hehe

The POWER PUFF GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Chinese New Year Holiday (^^)v

Honestly... I was unhappy when I heard the news about Kuliyyah of Pharmacy giving extra holiday on Friday.. For days I was disturbed by the thought of where to go during the 5 days holiday.. I was dawned with the idea of loneliness.. ultimate silence and stillness... Pathetic imagination that was~

Well.. I was actually looking forward to conquer another mountain peak during the holiday but fate has it that the expedition was cancelled and no back up plan was there for me.. My dreams of spending my time in an enchanted green surrounding was dishevelled... I really really miss those good old days filled with adventure (However, I don't miss you Encik Pacat~)

But then as usual.. My free time will be filled with exciting stuffs that I've not anticipated at all
. It so happened that all my brothers in Puchong are going back this holiday except for Apit who is studying in Unimas and also Abg Saba who is in UK. I had the chance to meet the new in-law of the family, the wife of the third bro, Asiela (I hope I spell that right) who happen to be in the same age as me.. Another point to bully me for not having any boyfriend.. CES!

And then they also have a new member in the family.. MAWAR SOFEA.. She is so adorable... I can't help but stare at her all the time.. I'm not very good at cuddling newborns.. I think I don't have those essential fats to make them comfortable in my arms..
And then I think all the sports and games stuffs have made my touch and grips stiffer... But then I'm very proud when I manage to make her fall asleep in my arms!!!! YES!!!!

And then my dear friend Azie got married on Sunday.. I manage to attend the nikah.. She was so beautiful and there was this clear shine of happiness in her face.. May the couple be blessed at all times.. Ameen.. I think her 'pelamin' was very nice.. Simple, neat and somewhat unique.. They have this very entertaining DJ too who was teasing the newly weds...

And then on Monday I went wall climbing with Zac and Zarif at Camp 5 in One Utama.. It's very huge with lots of routes.. From easy, medium to hard.. It was really enticing and I really wanted to try all but my muscles started aching after 2 to 3 climbs and I did manage to finish some routes hehe Here are some pics..

That night we had a family barbeque.. It was also sort of a surprise birthday party for Makcik and Pakcik; both born in February... This was where
I met this handsome guy named Mikaeel...

Hurm.. Perasan x?? Kalo benda2 best mesti cepat jak masa berlalu... Same goes with my CNY holiday... Suddenly I'm already back at Kuantan.. Haiyak! Hurm wondering what's coming my way~~~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paulo Coelho~

Hurm.. Tracing back my favourite authors...

Francine Pascal-->> Sweet Valley (Jr.. high..mid school..mystery.. I had them all haha)

R.L Stine-->> Goosebumps and the Cheerleader Saga where there's this cheerleading team that seem to be haunted by evil spirits~

Sidney Sheldon-->>Fell in love with "Nothing Last Forever" and started to collect his books.. They are thrillers~

J.K Rowling-->> Harry Potter is an all time favourite...

Nicholas Sparks
-->> My favourite author for romance.. Mature storyline with the least obscene plots if compared to other romance books hahaha My favorite would be "The Wedding" but I also like "The Walk to Remember" (Nangis masa baca time kelas add math masa form 5)

Danielle Steel
-->> My favourite "Granny Dan"

Mitch Albom-->> One more to complete my collection...

Well.. There are more but these are amongst those that I collected..
But seriously, I realized that my reading materials are turning more philosophical and abstract these days.. Rather than favouring fiction, where there's an idealistical story which I'm supposed to be eager to finish, I prefer real life stories now.. Real life stories where each line is contemplated into a greater meaning of my own.. Which to some extend will influence the actions that follow after I close the book.. Okay~ enough said so now I want to talk about this new-found favourite author...

Hurm.. I really don't know what drives me to talk about this author's writing.. I think I'm just mesmerized by the way he perceive the world around him.. By the way he sees things whereby he note that every single element of the world are parts of the unique circle of life.. And he has this gift of making great analogy from the things around u
s and relate it to the things we do in life.. He also have this collection of stories that he gained from years and years of travelling and interaction with people..

Yup this is my first book of Paulo Coelho's.. This one comprise of short stories.. About the things he encountered, his ideas from the phenomenon that he observed.. His language are so easy to understand, gracefully written because he did mention that the most important thing is to make readers understand what he's trying to convey.

He's a Brazillian and is quite a devout Christian.. I always think that Brazillian are like that because I remember during one World Cup, when Brazil won, after a few leaps of joy after the victorious penalty (I think it was a penalty that time), the players formed a huge circle and they prayed together for a moment right in the middle of the field and then start to celebrate their triumph again...

So.. For this book, there are some parts where he did mention about missionary, chapel and stuffs but really from my opinion, that shouldn't deprive us from extracting the positive messages.. You can just read it, ignore it and not let it influence your faith...

Yeah~ so if you favour Mitch Albom or any other known author who loves to write about what matters in life, you'll definitely like this one..

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is another story of my post-exam joyous moment.. Well, this was also suddenly decided.. I don't remember who brought up the idea but I do remember it was me who blurt out the statement of dire determination...
"Rei! Quorum kite 2 orang! Takde orang nak join, kite pegi jugak!!!"

So.. I reserved a room at First World Hotel on Wednesday and we set off to KL on Thursday afternoon..
We were very very LUCKY throughout the trip.. We have to check in before 9 pm so since we were departing from Kuantan, time was precious to us that Thursday because a minute late will cause us to lose our room..

1. We planned to buy the tickets to KL on the spot. And when we arrived at the terminal, a Transnasional bus bound to KL stopped in front of us and the driver told us to get in

2. At the Monorail station, the monorail arrived exactly after we bought our tickets

3. Luckily there's a bus from KL Central to Genting at 6pm.. We arrived in Genting around 8.15 pm.. The room has two single beds and very cosy with a small tv..

We were like.. "Yes! We made it!"

Since it was Friday so the queue was not that snaking long... We manage to finish all thrill rides but was disappointed that the Cockscrew coaster was under maintenance...

Disappointed also that the space shot or is it solero shot was not that scary.. Rei and I was talking to each other during the ride..

"Tak takot pon"

"Macam naek lif je"

"Apsal tengok dari jauh cam laju..?"

Ataupon kami sudah imun~~~???

Another lucky story.. Just as we went inside to have our lunch, suddenly the rain poured. So all rides were stopped.. Naseb baek sempat habiskan semua..

After lunch, we went to try our luck with the games.. I really wanted a teddy bear so we played "pancing itik" I was unlucky.. Pancing due kali asyik dapat kosong je.. For the third attempt, I hand over the "pancing" to Rei.. She caught a duck with number 2 under it.. So dapatla my medium size white furry fluffy cute teddy bear! YEAY!!! I think it's worth it because each "pancingan" worth RM2 so my teddy bear cost me rm6 hehe

o0o0ps! We also have this one scary story to tell.. Well, while waiting for our number to be called for check in.. A chinese man approached us.. He wanted to give us his deluxe room only for rm80...

Gg : Hurm.. Kenape you nak jual???

Man : Sebab saya suda kalah itu Casino...

Seriously tekejot plus takot... Rei and I were exchanging glances.. trying to communicate by telepathy..

"Rei, ikot aku gi counter"
"Aah.. Dahsyat tol ek"

"Tu la pasal"
"Gile ar drg nih"

(Dialog telepahty kami~)

Although it was only the two of us, it was still a great trip! \(^^)/ On Wednesday morning we met Don, Zac and Jaz at Pak Lah and I excitedly told them about the trip..

Don said
"Pegi bedue je?? ha~ gamba tu nanti mesti sorang2 je"<- this turn out to be very true hahaha

I really hope next time we could go there together in a larger group then it'll be even fun and LOUDER hehe It was really awkward to be screaming joyfully when there's only the two of us but we did it anyway because "kite jumpe orang kat genting ni sekali je seumor hidop kite.."

Suggestion untuk Genting.. Kalau wat ade music plus DJ mesti lagi FUN macam dekat Dufan, Jakarta...

O ya~ total budget for this trip was RM200 per person; transports (from and to Kuantan and Monorail included), accommodation, theme park ticket, arcade tokens.. Excluding food.. Konon nda mau makan.. Padahal asyik melantak marry brown jak dua orang nih hahaha

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Berkelah Waterfall trip \(^^)/

Tonight is officially the 'malam bermalas malas' for me... So I'm going to update this blog about our spontaneous post-exam adventure at Berkelah Waterfall...

How do I start this..? Okay~ Well, this is rather embarassing~ Actually we've planned a trip to the Gambang Waterpark even before the exam starts.. It was unanimous that everybody will go and have fun there right after MCQ... My roommates and I woke up as early as 6.30 am to prepare sandwich that morning...

Before the MCQ paper starts, my mind was actually doing maths...

Calculating how much time do I have for each question...

What time should I go out from the hall so I can go back along with the rest..

I took one extra paper for midterm so the duration of my paper was 1 hour but I manage to go out 15 minutes earlier along with those not taking any elective paper..

Well.. Di pendek kan cerita... Our anxious and excited souls were hoodwinked. The pak guard told our friend
"Gambang waterpark kat depan.. Tapi hari ni tutup~"

A gush of indomitable agony rush through my vein when I heard the news.. The whole car was in the state of shock and despair that everybody went silent.. And suddenly Mida came up with the idea to go to Berkelah and luckily everyone agreed!!!! So here are the pics from our first Rx 5: the girls Adventurous Trip!!!!!!

This is the picture before our departure from UIA.. Owh~ These innocent girls~ Happy imagining that they would be sliding carefreely at the waterpark~

They ended up in Berkelah Waterfall instead.. I guess Mida, Anea, Shifaa and I were the happiest because we were actually longing for such adventure.. Finally 'back' to nature~

Happy nye swimming!! We're actually trying hard to look like perenang berirama here haha

These are the Rx 5 girls yang best to da max itu~ hehe

This is the pic before we leave~ Selipar ku putos lalu berkaki ayam lah diriku di dalam hutan belantara itu~

Sempat bergambar di batu batu comel....

Well actually we did reach the top where there's this huge waterfall with this pool that has aqua marine water.. but no pics were taken there.. :)

Anyways, although there were shattered hopes at the beginning of the trip but finally it turn out just fine.. FUN as

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Living through darker days to.....

Lately I've been keeping pace with the happenings of the nation and also the world.. I've been quite ignorant since 3rd year.. One is because I'm too busy (konon2).. And then the news just seem to be stuffed with political issues which I refuse to fathom.. I'm not fond of real-life drama, you see so I better off avoiding knowing~ And this new habit or is it a 'returned' habit is all because of my up coming job interview heee (^^)v

Yup.. I guess I've been ignorant~
One of the window on my screen right now is displaying pictures of Haitian earthquake survivors... Well, I knew about the earthquake of course but just that I haven't been following it.. A few days ago I read that they turned violent while waiting for food to be distributed.. They must have been too hungry to become like that~

I was reading the story with my room window wide open and gentle breeze came sweeping over my skin.. There even the sound of singing birds and also the annoying snarls of fighting cats..
Everything was in order.. Must be far from the condition that they are in at the other side of the world.. And this makes me think..

Do we even realize these blessings and do we even enjoy such splendor of tranquility and peacefulness..?

Or are we too preoccupied with life small hurdles that we shut our eyes from seeing the bigger part of His bounties which is life itself~?

My mind will start to swirl when seeing the catastrophe of the world.. How lucky we are here~ Me.. for 23 years.. the worst disaster that I've been in is only the typhoon Greg that hit Sabah in 1996.. My hometown was not damaged.. Just lots and lots of falling trees...

My imagination runs wild and I am about to take you 'there'...

Imagine~ If one normal peaceful day, suddenly mother nature rages upon this country~ Storm.. Earthquake.. Drought.. whatever it is~ (Avelanche?? em nda ada salji di Malaysia)
All that's left are rubbles of destroyed buildings... Plants taken off from their roots... The worst scene would be countless lifeless human bodies scattered all over the ground.. Yup, having to bear what the eyes have to see is only the first part of it..

Then comes the hunger.. This is when all the money in our saving lose its value.. This is when the status are no longer our concern.. Everybody have to bear the same ordeal.. This is when ego have to be put to its lowest level for mutual survival.. At this point, we won't care eating bread crumps on the ground that might've been stepped on by a diseased f
eet~ or maybe might've been eaten by some animals~

Then comes the plague due to poor hygiene.. Then comes the struggle to reconstruct life... And many more...


But it's really human nature to be blinded by convenience.. To have to lived through darker days first to notice the blessings although they are clearly visible all around us.. And this includes me myself.. The things that really matters are often shrouded by less important things~

I don't want to comment on what we should do but here is an interesting quote that I found somewhere in the internet for us to ponder~

If you’re not doing something with your life, then it doesn’t matter how long you live. If you're doing something with your life, then it doesn't matter how short your life may be. A life is not measured by years lived, but by its usefulness. If you are giving, loving, serving, helping, encouraging, and adding value to others, then you're living a life that counts!
-John C. Maxwell-

For a start~ I'll order 'nasi separuh' from now on to avoid from wastage sebab makan selalu nda habis!!!!