Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ular Nightmare: The Suspected Culprit (>_<)

hurm~ I had the Ular nightmare again last night and this time I'm sort of pissed off.. I'm wondering why am I pestered by such reptile in my dream~? X puas hati btol..

Yup~ The Ular nightmare is somewhat occasionally but it's relatively too often if compared to others (tiba2 rasa cam ayat jawab exam..) Last night, I witnessed two huge snakes fighting.. A python and a cobra.. Both were huge but both had nice motives tattoed on their skin~ I was mesmerized by the art and just watch them fight.. Then the fire department came and caught both snakes.. They were taken for a while and then I receive a huge metal drum and found that the cobra was inside it... The fire department wanted me
to keep the cobra~

The dreams came in so many forms.. Once I saw snakes on my mom's head and asked me to choose.. How can I choose snakes!!?? I don't want them!!! And once I was chased by a cobra who wore spectacles.. They were all WEIRD...

I posted about one of the dream here once and that time I decided to search for its meaning.. Well, I was flattered with my discovery that says:

If you dream about snakes, means someone likes
you.. If you were bitten by the snake then someone will come and propose you... <--Lies.. all

But then last semester a friend told me he heard from a talk by Ustaz Ismail Kamus that dreaming about snakes might mean that someone wants to cast spells on you.. I saw the article written by the same ustaz a few days latter.. And I, of course, FREAKED OUT!

It's really really unacceptable because I think I did all the things that we shoul
d do before sleeping as Muslims.. And I don't think I was thinking snakes before sleeping just some silly things crossed my mind.. But then when I rose from bed today~ I saw the HAMMER at my right side.. the HAMMER that I've been sleeping with for the past two years~ the HAMMER is the SUSPECTED CULPRIT!!!!!!!!!

See.. I put it at my right side...

Here's a picure when I first got the hammer.. See.. There are pictures of snakes on it....

So what I'm going to do next is... I'm going to remove the HAMMER from my bed.. I'll put it further at the edge of my bed.. If I still dream about snakes.. I think I'm going to draw the air out and keep it inside my bag~ Yes.. That's what I'm going to do...
I hope this will give me the peaceful slumber

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Decisionssssss

Just got back from the Law and Ethics exam.. Literally embarassed with my answers.. I think the lecturer will definitely laugh at it~

Hurm.. Life decision.. Well I'm writing this on account of the things occuring around
me.. to the people around me.. My very best friend just received a marriage proposal from a guy who's not her boyfriend.. Well she is still single and suddenly the marriage proposal just come about out of the blue.. She broke the news to me by handing over her handphone to me.. I was puzzled and read the message displayed on the screen...

"..berniat nak buat isteri"

Yup.. that was the last words in that message that stopped my heartbeat and then I went from gradually bulging eyes to AAAAAARGGGGHHHH!!!! Yup~ I went nuts... Then I started rolling on her bed.. And unnecessarily panicking "Macam mana ni!!?? Macam mana ni!!??" As if I'm the one who needs to make the decision~

Then come the news about my cousin getting married this De
cember.. She told me this through YM~ I burried my face on my pillow and went AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! again...

For my BFF case I was actually panicking because it felt like I'm going to lose her to someone else if the answer is YES, I'LL MARRY YOU... But for my cousin's case, th
is means at my mom's side, my turn has finally come to get married.. Urgh!

I received this email a few days after my BFF told me aout the proposal.. Well I subscribe articles from Steve Brunkhorst so I received emails like this ev
ery week and I love it heee (^^)

Stage 1. Autonomy and Tentative Choices (Approximately 18-26)

Essential skills: goal setting, career planning, financial planning, establishing a home, developing self-reliance, transitioning to new peer groups, cooperation and teamwork, advanced learning skills.


Planning my career~

That occured to me a few weeks ago when we were to send the job application form to KKM.. I have a difficult time deciding which hospital to choose.. I was almost at the state of defeat because the possibility to be placed at my desired-hospital is almost zero... And then I was sort of planning to pursue my Master under UIA scholarship but then I was thinking again, do I really want to live in Kuantan for like 10 to 11 years??? And if I meet someone and plan to settle down, will that person want to live here in Kuantan??? haha berfikiran jaoh~

Financial Planning~

My friends and I had a discussion on this while waiting for our lecturer.. I was condemned on my habit not knowing which is necessaties and which is desires~ For instance, nak beli bakul dobi.. There's a plain bakul dobi worth RM 3 and a fancy bakul dobi worth RM 12.. Guess which one would I buy?? Correct!!! It's the fancy one!! Because it's like an apple in the eye and I would be happy upon seeing my clothes inside such a beautiful thing~ My friends was like "Gg, ko kena ubah prangai tu especially bile dah ade family.." Aiyak! I'll try~

Establishing a home~

I don't quite get this.. Does it mean to BUY a home or is it to build a home with a HUSBAND and KIDS in it?? Hurm~ Recently, I've been thinking about it quite thoroughly.. But there's nothing much I could do because if I'm to BUY a house, I have scarce saving (thanks to my shopping habit~) and if I'm to have a HUSBAND and KIDS inside a home--->>

first I don't have a husband-to-be guy yet...

And secondly, I'm still unwilling to give in my wonderful carefree single life.. I can't even sacrifice it to have a relationship, what more to get married!

Transitioning to new peer groups~

I know it's too early to be worried about this but honestly I've been thinking how it would be to have to fit in in a new circle of friends.. Starting all over again~ Aiyak! Unimaginable.. I just hope the people at my future working place is not annoying and

Hurm~ Although I am anticipating a lot of changes this year but still I'm not ready to have all of this phases of life coming piling up in one year~ Although most of the things I mentioned has not yet occur, they are actully haunting me because I'm so afraid when the time comes for me to really have to MAKE THE DECISION~

Am I the only one thinking this through..? Or does all of us do? especially those who are graduating~

Some might suggest to go with the flow~ but what if "the flow" is like a rapid current di jeram2 level tinggi?? Can I cope with that?? hohoho

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ultimate Victory: ARC EXPLORACE!!!

In my previous post I mentioned about the joy of winning, right? Well, this is what it was all about. Winning 3rd place in ARC Explorace!!!! I was very excited when I knew about the program because I've never joined such thing although I've always wanted to try. During first year when Ipha organized the Ipharace, I was on my crutches and only get to see my friends rushing all over Kuantan town through the car window... And sadly when ARC first organize the Explorace I was one of the committee.

It was quite difficult to find the fifth member in our team and finally Dayah agreed to complete the quorum \(^^)/

GG.. Mekwa.. Shifaa.. Ray.. Dayah..

This picture was taken a day before the race. That's the challenge trophy we're holding. That afternoon I went to take it from the previous winner and showed it to my friends who were doing Poco poco in the Musolla.. And that evening, when they were just back from jogging, they came running to my room telling they want us to take pictures with it.. It was posted on fb that very evening too saying that we already won the race. Yup.. some fell for it.. haha

This is the picture before the race.. We did some strategic planning of course while waiting for the race to start.. The strategy was "Kite tak yah pecut.. Kite maintain je.. Yang penting pace same dari awal sampai akhir.." Chewah! Since we won 3rd place and were the first all girls team, I think the strategy did work!

This is the picture taken right before the race starts.. The 1st task was.. 4 of us have to run to somewhere with a balloon tied below our knees. If the balloon burst at any point during the run, we'll be penalized... One of us have to ride a bike whose seat has been removed and with her, she must bring 3 eggs and make sure that those eggs are safe until the end of the race.

Task 2: We have to eat peria, garlic, chilli and raw egg.. Luckily Dayah and Ray were in the team.. Dayah ate the Peria like it was a SALAD!! And Ray was our ultimate saviour because it was her who manage to finish the raw egg and chilli. I took a sip of the raw egg.. It was disgusting!! I almost vomit~ eeeeww

Task 3: 2 of us have to play batu seremban and get certain points while the other three are to menganyam tikar.. Hehe once again we were masters in all of the tasks.. Ray and Mekwa happen to be RATU batu seremban and I'm quite good when it comes to menganyam thing... Dayah, Shifaa and I manage to finish the tikar within few minutes because there was this magical sync in our movements.. hehe The tikar was neat too!

Task 4: We ran to the lake.. There... 3 of us have to eat bananas without holding them and two of us have to fetch a flag at the other end of the lake by using a kayak. Only one person can row the kayak and that person was blindfolded.. Dayah and I took the second task.. Dayah was the navigator I was the rower..

Actually there was a lizard inside our kayak!!!! I was screaming like hell when I saw it and refuse to get inside. But the urge to win was much2 stronger so I went in anyway. The blindfold really helped me to forget that there was the most intimidating reptile with me inside the kayak :P After the race, I told my other roommates about the incident.. They were proud of me~ hahaha

Task 4 cum preliminary to task 5:
We were given a blurred picture of a signage in KOM. We were to find it, take a picture of it and return to the lake

Task 5: Bowling Kelapa.. We were the 2nd team to reach the checkpoint but luck was not on our side. We chose a lane with a lot of bumps so the coconut tend to swerve from the lane!!!

Kami redha dengan kedudukan ketiga... Hehe because the first team were all guys, the second team consists of 3 guys and 2 girls.. and us.. ALL GIRLS!!!!! GIRL POWER!!!! \(^^)/

Ini lah team yang overtook us at the last check point.. haha

We had a very good time during the race. My body was aching all over because the blindfold makes me row like crazy.. I couldn't predict the distance so I was using full energy because it felt so far when everything was pitch dark.. We're looking forward to join another race. This was a confidence-booster... Now we know that WE CAN!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Visit to zoo!!! (^^)

This weekend was filled with lots of joy and love hehe Love to the animals.. Joy of winning.. Every single thing was SUPERB!

Saturday 16 January 2010...

I'm taking veterinary pharmacy this semester and for this subject we have two visits. One to an animal farm and another one to a zoo, most probably zoo Taiping.. So here are the pictures from the visit to an animal farm located somewhere in Pantai Sepat (^^)

These are the girls who joined the visit.. Ray is not in the picture because she was the one holding the camera..

We are actually inside the "rumah kambing". It's leveled, and have this unique stairs and I think it's quite neat and cosy for the goats to live in. The kid was there in the corridor and we were pretty excited to take his pic because he's so cute.

They also have birds there. I don't know how many species there were but there were peacocks, love birds, parrots, chicken, ducks...

They have rabbits too!!! So cute and fluffy!!! Sadly we were not allowed to cuddle them... I think this one looks like Charlie Chaplin. Those black lines look just like a mustache

This one looks like he belongs to a boy band.. Look at the hair in between the ears.. The 'M' shape.. Ala yang glamour dulu2 tu.. Ala2 Nick Carter...

Look closely... WA!!!! Kan kan kan? Macam Nick Carter! hehe

The visit was a short one but we had a great time there.. One thing that I just realized about me.. I don't touch short-haired animals.. I couldn't get myself to touch the horse, the cattles and even when touching that cute kid I was actually somewhat reluctant at first.. Ada sedikit kegelian di dalam diri.. Sorry to discriminate all of yous.. hehe

But still.. I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Losing him~~

I really don't know how I feel right now.. Redha?? Memang la kena redha kan~ but the fact that I couldn't be with my family and attend his funeral to pay him my last respect is somewhat devastating...

Morning 13 January 2010..
I really didn't expect the news that was about to be leaked by mom because it's a routine for her to call me early in the morning.. The conversation start off normally and then suddenly her tone was changing..

"Nenek mu nada suda"

That simple sentence numbed me.. I was speechless.. My knees weakened and I slowly sat on the chair.. Tears were pooling in my eyes and with a deep breath I start asking the details...

"Bila mami??" "Siapa ada sama ia masa tu??"

It was a short conversation.. I think mom wanted to give me time to cope with the news.. Cleared my throat and called my aunt.. Babah would be too busy since he's the only son.. I was shocked to know my cousin who was raised by him wasn't informed about it yet.. They were afraid if she collapse on hearing the news..

"Kau sms saja ia J"

I insist on telling her myself although I never did it before.. At least I could hear what's happening at the other side of the line. Being this far from her I really don't know what should I do if she really collapse.. I decided to make it short..

She answered the phone in a hoarse voice

"Oit! baru bangun ka??"
"Aah~ kenapa ko telefon pagi2 ni??"
"Bangun dulu kau.. Bangun bangun~"
"Ha~ kenapa?"
"Aku ada mau bagitau ni..."

And I broke the news to her.. Alhamdulillah she didn't collapse but she was crying at the other end and it was hysterical.. It was heartbreaking..


I never felt so helpless like that.. Not being able to offer her my hand.. Not a hug.. I could only listen.. I remain silent since I know my words wont reach her.. She went on like that for a few minutes and then got to her senses.. Then we start talking.. Told her the things I know.. Discussed on how to get her to the funeral... She was obviously shocked.. She was closer to him than I was


I really really wanted to go back but when I check on the flight ticket.. The return ticket KL-KK was RM800.. I decided to stay here.. It was really painful to only get things through the phone..

"Sekarang ni buat apa?" "Mandikan"
"Suda kebumi?" "Belom"

And when everything was settled, I received an sms "Selamat suda nenek mu di kebumikan"

I called my aunt again.. Ask her how things were during the funeral.. Checked on my cousin.. She was much much better and has stopped crying.. Sebak~ Sebak sangat2~ but I've to contain my sorrow because I was at Kenny Rogers with my friends.. I didn't want to go at first but we've been excitedly planning to go enjoy the offer the day before.. So I went anyway~ They don't deserve a gloomy me..

I really wish I was there.. I really didn't expect to lose a beloved one at this time of the year although I know he was sick.. I always thought I could make it..

I'm grateful that last hari raya I made a critical decision to spend it with babah.. It was like an intuition because I don't enjoy hari raya in KK as much as I do in Labuan.. My decision was questioned by my cousin

"Aku hairan kenapa kau raya di sini."
"Ko hairan?? Aku lagi hairan.. Aku pon nda tau napa aku mau raya sini"

And now, I'm glad I did.. Because it was the last time I saw him.. The last time I touched his wrinkled hands.. The last time I fed him. He was all sick, his limbs were atrophied and stiff so all his grandchildren took turn to feed him..

Upon leaving that day, I saw my cousins salam and hugged him and kissed him.. Yes, I'm close to him. I can say I chat with him the most among his grandchildren because I'm the most fluent in kadayan.. but I'm just not the kind who express my love like that to male family members including to him and including to my father and including to my brothers... All I guess..

I salam him, said a few words and then took off.. But then as I walk out from the room I don't know what made me went back to him and hugged him and kissed him on his cheek... Honestly, it felt awkward but I was so happy I did.. Looking back at all the things that happened last hari raya I was like

"Patutla~ Rupanya aku yang nda akan ada di situ~"

I'm accepting this.. I just can't be alone in these few days because everytime I do tears just keep on coming out.. Because I really really want to go home... Mom keep on checking on me.. I guess she's worried but I manage to maintain my cool everytime she calls

May he be placed among the believers... Thanks to all who offered me condolences :)

"To Allah belongs what He takes and to Him belongs what He gives. And there is a set time by Him for everything. Exercise patience and expect reward from Allah"

post about nenek
(december 2008)

Cheese Cake

Bahan A:

2 line (dalam paket) cream craker

2/3 cawan gula halus

1 cawan atau ¾ ketul Buttercup

Bahan B:

2 ketul (500g) cream cheese Philadelphia

1 cawan gula halus

4 biji telur gred A

1 sudu kecil esen vanilla

½ biji limau nipis (optional) -->> I suke pakai lemon

Cara membuatnya:

Bahan A:

  1. Mesin cream craker hingga halus
  2. Masukkan ke dalam butter yang telah lembut
  3. Gaulkan dengan gula halus
  4. Tekan bahan A ke dalam acuan yang telah disapu dengan mentega

Bahan B:

  1. Blend cheese dan gula hingga kembang
  2. Masukkan kuning telur satu persatu, esen vanilla serta perahan air limau dan blend lagi
  3. Pukul putih telur hingga kembang dalam bekas berasingan dan kemudian dimasukkan dalam adunan cheese tadi
  4. Blend lagi sehingga adunan menjadi sebati
  5. Kemudian tuangkan ke dalam acuan yang telah dimasukkan bahan A tadi.
  6. Bakar dalam oven bersuhu 180-2000C (GG slalu tunggu dalam 45 minit gak la~ but to be safe, cek la slalu~ hee)
  7. Setelah masak, biarkan sejuk dan kemudian masukkan ke dalam peti ais

Kadang2 kalo saye rajen atau bosan saye buat topping die.. Topping paling mudah~ Saye masak cooking chocolate + susu pekat je

SELAMAT MENCUBA!!! Saye amek recipe ni dari roommate saye

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interkuliyyah Games 2010~

I've been busy with sports this week.
I played volley and futsal.
This year's IKG is so fun because Ipha have this very loud supporters. So macam besemangat telebih sikit~
Here are two videos from my games.. Malu sebenarnya mau letak~ Tapi nda apa la... hehe

Friday, January 8, 2010

First post 2010~

It’s been a while since my last post.. The internet signal is so0o0o0 poor these days that I couldn’t get myself logged in~

So… now it’s already 2010~ HYE 2010!!!! (^^)/ hehe I guess my greeting is a week late~ salahkan celcom!! Salahkan celcom!!

For this first post~ I’ll just fill it with lots and lots of pictures from my recent activities.. If I am to write them, I’m pretty sure you guys won’t read it because I have too many things to tell and the post would be too lengthy.. Overall, life is good and happy.. Love it!!!

2009 has gone by so now let’s give way to 2010.. Resolutions???

I usually don’t set up specific goals when the year starts because I’ve lots and lots of goals as the time goes~ So my resolution is always to do my very best in the things that I do~ hehe I’m actually anticipating a lot of changes in life this year since I’ll be graduating soon.. Just hope everything will be fine and not so shocking~ I hate unpleasant surprises…

I’m also thinking of “staying in my current status” (you know what I mean~) and enjoy this carefree life a little bit more before settling down~ Yeah~ I’ll settle down one day~ Don’t want to rush things up~

So here goes the pictures!!!

25-26 Dec 2009

The ARC Mass Gathering aka ARC Family Day. This was the first program for the new tenure and I think you guys did a good job

It was really weird at first to be a participant instead of the organizer.. Some of the committees were asking "kak gg, pasang kemah kat sini ke?" and I was like "kenape tanye akak??" hehe

That night we had BBQ and I finally get to watch Ice Age 3. Luckily they had the LCD and that big screen so I still have this cinema feel~

Unfortunatelly many of the "otai2 arc" weren't around.. Judin graduated~ Shifaa and Anea went home~ Don and Zac only manage to come on the 2nd day~ MAdi.. I don't know where he went~ Mida decided to spend a night with us at the last minute. She went home the next morning (26 Dec) to attend her cousin's wedding~ hehe Mida yang hardcore!!!

O yeah! My dream of flying a kite finally came true during the ARC family day.. Well, I forgot to bring my kite which is neatly kept under my bed.. It's a big kite with a picture of superman on it~ I badly wanted to fly a kite that I bought one during the program.. Much much smaller but it went so high!! HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

O ya not to forget, the activites were also great! I'd a great time throwing my "bullets" during the war game~ And our sand castle got 2nd place!! I'm always lucky when it comes to sand castle hehe

1st-2nd January 2010

Actually we were supposed to go for an expedition in Mount Tapis. But due to bad weather the program was postponed (again~).. I was initially worried if I had nothing to do that weekend but it turned out that I was never inside my room.. On the 1st January at 4 .30 am we (Moja, Aliyaa, Zac and Don) went to climb Panorama. It was too cloudy that morning that we didn't see the sunrise

I really like this pic~ The ground on which I'm sitting was actually quite slippery beacuse there was a downpour that morning. My knees were actually shaking and my heart was beating fast while zac took this pic hehe

After that we went to Bukit Pelindung~ Don can't join us because he had to entertain his aunt who'd just arrived at the airport. So we call up the new President hehe kesian~ mamai kene naek bukit~ But that's the spirit!!!! \(^^)/

That evening we went wall climbing!!! I manage to finish it this time and currently is trying to do the yellow route~ Lesson from the first climb: Jangan telampau maen boulder sebelom climb~ nanti nda larat!!!!

The next day we brought the new members to Bukit Pelindung~ This trip was like a substitute to Tapis expedition~ I'm glad that everybody enjoyed it :)

Later that evening Jepah, Jaz, Zac, Moja and me went to play badminton!!! hehe \(^^)/

O yeah~ At night I actually went out with Ray to watch movies~ We watched Cirque Du freak: the vampire assistant and Did you hear about the morgans?

Lembaga Penapisan Filem siap menjalankan tugas!!!!!! hee