Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Besties!!! \(^^)/

Labuan is so0o0o0 hot right now~ I just cancelled my jogging plan because I don't think I can stand the heat~ I don't want to end up thin but have those red spots all over my face plus the prickles from sun burn~ haiyak~ So I guess I'll just update this blog with some details about this semester break...


22 Nov 2009~

My flight was delayed on the 21st and I reached home at midnight~ I was tired~ But that didn't stop me from waking up early the next day to see these beautiful girls!!!!!!

We had lunch at Pizza Hut and were too carried away chit chatting that we forgot to take pics.. hehe gossips were told... secrets were shared... All stories since our last meeting were fed to each other within the precious hours.. The afternoon was just SPLENDID.. Then we went to watch "the Christmas Carol"...

Pah, aku nda tau kenapa this pic is so0o0o0 small~

I just found out that my besties are also game arcade fanatics like me~ hehe they no longer use tokens in 1 Borneo but use card instead.. See the card I'm holding?? I bought that for rm13 and there are 10 points inside.. You just have to insert the card into an inlet and press a button to start the game.. NEAT!!! We assigned Pah as the General Card Holder so Pah, jangan lupa bawak tu kad everytime we meet up!!! hehe I've another card for a game arcade chain in Indonesia~ hehe

Aimi and I are both "anak polis" and we paired in Time Crisis to rescue the president hehe
We proceed until stage 2!!!! But we were in a hurry that evening so we couldn't continue~ wuwuwu T_T

Pah.. Aimi.. Sebenarnya~ aku suda habis maen ni Time Crisis dari I sampai III in my PS huahuahua Tapi yang kita maen ni Time Crisis 4 kan??? so0o0o0 kira aku nda maen buyuk la~ hehe Kalo I sampai III, I remember all the scenes~ haha
*buyuk: cheat

I really had a good time that day!! We should do this more often!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Music of my Heart

Here is a song that I love so0o0o0 much since primary school~ Nice lyrics, beautiful music (please note the guitar part!!! very beautiful) and I think Daren Hayes sang this song with full emotion. I can actually feel the 'love' radiating from his voice~ Chewah!!!

It's really weird how some song could last for decades while some in a few months~ Well, most songs today are like so short-lived.. A friend's brother once said

"The songs nowadays have no soul.. No soul in their lyrics.. No soul in their music.. No soul in the singer itself.. They rush to produce a song.. Listen to old songs~ You'll definitely find this 'soul' I'm talking about"

Monday, November 23, 2009

My 2 wishes~

I was strolling happily between the book shelves in a shop in LCCT when I saw these two books. Both look appealing from the outside; obviously judging the books by their covers~ And when I turned the books to look at their price~ RM 70~ huhu normal for new release huhu Anyway here are the synopsis

This book tells a story about a rich girl who only thinks about today and now and never worries about the future. Suddenly her fate twisted and everything in her life fall apart. Then she discovers this mysterious book in a travelling library and the book shakes her world to its core~ something like that~

Actually, I first saw the book during my class visit in Penang. Mitch Albom is one of my favorite author and I have all his books!!! This one is more interesting.. Well, Albom is renown as an author who touches about the things that matters in life and in this piece he tells the story about two different people of different faith in their journey in finding life's purpose. What's unique about the book is the appearance itself. It look just like an old abandoned diary; really makes me feel like opening every page to unravel all the secrets that's kept in it~

Huhu my birthday is coming~ 22nd December 2009 and I really hope to get these books as presents haha So to friends who can't think of any gift to give me, I want these books~ I'll try to ask my parents if they can give me these as presents haha desperate sangat!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Me.. My friends..The Germans.. and Funfair..

It's raining outside~ I'm freezing (sedang bersweater dan berstokin) and literally lonely~ everybody went home today.. I decided to go home tomorrow because I thought I needed some rest and some time to pack since the journey would be lengthy, tiring, boring and too many transits~

I just can't believe it's already the end of my sem I~ I think my rajin seperti lebah didn't really work that well because I think I did badly in this final~ Adoiyai~ I'm going to have to prepare myself mentally to face the ugly result so I
don't get angina pectoris~ huhu

Anyway~ Yesterday was a blast!! After MCQ, my friends and I went straight to ECM to do some shopping~ Then we spent 2 chatty hours in Coffee Street.. Well we had our laughs but I was sort of "in my own world" because the Germans were playing against Ivory Coast on the screen. It was not a live match but I was all excited because the last match I watched them play was last year's EURO: Germany vs. Spain


That night Abang was too tired to watch t
he final with me.. He had to do an overtime and went straight to bed after work. So, mom kindly offered herself to join me that night so there we were mengangkat tilam depan TV dekat ruang tamu~ I was high-spirited because I had high hopes.. I was clad in my German's jersey and really really looking forward to watch them win after years and years of waiting (I used to be a Brazil fan but changed to Germany since form 4~ But they never win and always got 2nd or 3rd)

"Ok mommy!!! Kita sokong putih tau!! PUTIH!!!!"

A few minutes after the game

"Adik.. Yang merah ni hensem2 la~ Pastu drg mcm lagi laju jak~ muda2~ Mommy sokong merah la~ Adik sokongla putih"

h~ what a betrayal!!!!

I didn't care~ No handsome Iker Cassilas and No macho David Villa can stir my loyalty towards the Germans~ NO!! NEVER!!!!

And then my hopes were jeopardized when that quite cute blonde Torres tricked Pak Leman and scored the not-so-cool-to-me goal~ blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comAnd guess what?? I'd a fever the next day~ hahaha I don't know why I love the Germans so much~ I think they're just awesome~ Their football team is awesome~ their cars are like so0o0 classy~ Mercedes, BMW, Audi!!! Huargh!!! and adidas is so0o0o0 co0l too hehe

So back to the future~

Last night was a BLAST!!! after the dinner, we went straight to the funfair~ It was unplanned but the bumper car was tempting~ actually the bumper car was quite lousy.. Hard to maneuver and we were driving at one side only because we can't maneuver the cars to the other side of the square.

We really really wanted to ride the orbiter since it is known to have made our friends vomit but we were full and I was wearing a skirt and Shifaa and Rei were wearing Jubah~ But that didn't stop us from riding this ferris wheel look-alike ride only that it is faster and senget and begoyang goyang~ The lock was quite scary and Rei and I sort of freaked out a little bit and actually mengucap before the ride starts hahaha

And there we were screaming~ haha not out of fear of course.. It was a golden opportunity to scream our hearts out after all of the frustrating papers.. But the "YEAY!!" and "AAAARGGGHH!!!" turned to "alamak kaen aku!!!!!!!!" hohoho!!!

We rode the thing twice to grant Zati's wish who also wanted to ride the thing but had remained quiet and only watched us play during the first time.. Kesian zati~ Laen kali luahkan tau (^^)

So0o0 that's all for Me.. My Friends.. The Germans.. and Funfair~
Sayang betol takde gamba~ Kesian Awe..

Monday, November 16, 2009

SMSL Beauties~

Hey single ladies~~~ exclude Eyah (yang kiri skali.. she's engaged haha jatuh saham c eyah)

I want you girls to know~ I MISS ALL OF YOU!!!

Wah!! muda lagi kita tym nih~ haha skang muda lagi bha~

Young at heart tu yang penting~ (^^)v

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aku Rinduuuu~ Sungguh aku rinduuuu~

Recently my mind is plagued with the weird cravings~ Not for chocolate~ I always manage to satisfy the stomach-wise hunger (or is it tastebud-wise???)... But it's the forsaken passion~ or is it the forsaken PASSIONSSSS

I really miss my Karate days~ I miss the trainings, the tournaments, the lepak lepak~ huhu I really do~

I miss kumite~ I miss katta~ I miss all the fun and loving people in the club...
Ina, Max and Sue~ My besties in Karate~

I really wish I could continue with karate~ Maybe when I work in KL, I'll do a comeback~ Maybe I'll try to talk to Izan's sensei to join Shotokan training this holiday.. One training will be just enough to satisfy my thirst to actually do the moves~

I miss Handball too..

is is the picture taken before our final game during form 5.. We won of course hehe

About a year ago I joined the UIA Masum team training in Gombak~ Just for fun..Just one training anyway~ That was when I felt different~ Different in the sense that my stance were weakened~ yeah~ when you're right-handed then you tend to use your left leg a lot during the game~ huhu

Em~ I'm missing volleyball too..

Well, I only manage to join 1 training this semester~ urgh!!!!

The classes and attachments are seriously draining my energy~ huhuhu and there's no tournament~ And I even missed the selection session for a coming tournament~ But never mind because I'll miss a week class and a hospital attachment if I join that one~ Malas aku mau pi attachment sorang2~

I miss the mountains too..

Huhu luckily I get to climb Mount Bunga Buah heee (^^)v So many things deprived us from organizing progams~ H1n1 lah~ and then come puasa and raya~ and then quiz and then visit~ macam2.. I hope the Tapis expedition will proceed as planned this December... Please please pretty please with a juicy red cherry on top~

Hurm~ what's more irritating besides not being able to do all these things~ It's the fat deposits in my body which is of course so0o0o0o0 visible from the outside!!!!! urgh!!!!!!!! Buwek buwek!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inferiority Complex: Resolved

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblog-walking~ blog-hopping~ blog-flying~ wutever they call it~

urm~ sangat kagum dengan kawan2 uia yang bole speak out their minds~ sedikit inferior~ the titles of their posts are like

Tips tips dari Al-Quran...
Menjana Minda Pemuda Pemudi Islam...
Islah dan Tarbiyyah...
Kembali Ke Jalan Mu...

(tajuk2 di atas adalah rekaan semata mata~ Just want to describe what kind of things they wrote)

Hurm~ I'm seriously awed at how in depth they could actually discuss all these things~ I sometimes think they are even eligible to do their own talk show~ bravo bravo!

Inferior~ Di dalam hatiku berkata "Aku dak uia jugak tapi blog ngarut2~ Teringin gak nak tulis gini~" But then~

Aku dak SMSL jugak~

Aku ex St Anne jugak

So0o0o00 it doesn't really matter what I write in here although I'm a uia student~ Because this is what I call ORIGINALITY~

Anyway~ I may not speak my mind that much~ But I think I speak my heart hehe (whatever the difference is between those two)

This is my refined heart~ Last time I posted a broken heart in an entry entitled "Melancholy" but I removed that post because it was ruining the happy reputation of this pink blog~ heee :P So this one is a golden heart and it's hollow you know..

Hollow~ because I've given the inside to my family and friends and others who deserve them~ But there's still one piece of it inside... A special piece that is.. I secure it in a golden heart so that it is not easily taken~ only a "special someone" could have that piece~ (the "someone" who has not yet appear) hehe

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Guys Who Stole My Heart II

Amidst a serious mission.. Focusing on the letters on the paper in front of you.. Armed with the colorful multicolored highlighter pen.. The idea spark out.. and you decide to leave your desk and start browsing for

Huhu somewhat annoying.. But it's normal.. When you are at this important stuff.. Though with great determination.. The urge to write in this pinky blog is just irresistable~

This is the second version of the guys who stole my heart~ Tiba-tiba macam tebayang all these cute faces masa atas meja hehe

The GERARD BUTLER!!! Yeay!!!
Hehe yes~ this is the brave Spartan king Leonidas in 300.. He won the award of valor in my heart
This is also the same loving and romantic dead husband in P.S I Love you
Thanx a lot for making me cry~ heee
Gamer.. The Ugly Truth.. Law Abiding Citizen~
What's the most appealing thing about him?? EVERYTHING!!!
Quite old though but hurm~ that's okay (^^)/

Ok~ hehe this is different~This is Mr. Mysterious Snake Eyes..
A martial art master with wistful mind~
Totally silent throughout GI Joe and that's because he vowed not to speak after his sensei was assassinated by his hurm so-called brother (wutever~)
Hehe I like a guy who keeps his promise!!
And he never open his mask so we really don't know how he look like~
Sudah ku bilang aku nda memandang rupa~ CAER~ CAER~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rajen Seperti Lebah!!!!!!!!!!

Final year Pharmacy~ That's where I'm at~

At this stage~ I can say I'm quite fed up with all the exams~

Imagine~ Since first year we have to answer at least 3 short essays and 2 long essays in every subject.. And sometimes the subject could be up to 12 subjects per semester~ Urgh! Seriously depressing~
At this stage~ I also feel like engaging myself to this "asal lulus" notion~

But then~ there's a voice at the other end of my handphone that says

"Final year suda ni dik~ Tinggal berapa jak exam~ X pala kalo berabis pon~ Just make sure you do your best"

Huhu~ That's the voice of the person I love the

The person who would fight for me to go home when there's only 1 week holiday~

The voice from across the South China Sea~

So I guess I'm going to throw away all the laziness in me and start to adhere to my new motto~ Well, I've been typing this motto several times on my fb status~ That was to make sure I really instill it in me hehe I'm not sure whether it works or not yet~ Anyway..

Mari~ Mari~ Mari~ Mari kawan kawan.. Mari kite

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comRAJEN SEPERTI LEBAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xmau rajen sorang2~ Hehe

Go0d Luck For Final Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Final Schedule

4 Nov Pharmacotherapeutics
6 Nov Over-The-Counter Drugs
9 Nov Quality Assurance
10 Nov Pharmacy Practice IV
13 Nov Dosage Design II
17 Nov Sterilization and Asetic Technique
18 Nov Pharmacoepidemiology & pharmacoeconmics
19 Nov MCQ Study study study~ Pastu tido dengan nyenyak!!!!!!!!