Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Little Reminder

Eidul Fitri 2002

Babah have just finished reciting yassin when my 5 year old brother suddenly say

"Bah.. Nanti bila babah mati.. aku bacakan yassin untuk babah ok~"


Eidul Fitri 2009

Mommy and Kimi were leaving the cemetery hand in hand when the cute innocent boy utter~

"Nenek.. When you're old and sick.. They'll send here, you know~" hehe

How cute~ but don't you think they are our little reminder...?? Maybe they don't exactly know (yet) what's death is all about but I think these little kids do know that one day all of us will be joining the rest "there"....

Here are some of my family raya photos hehe not much because I sort of travel here and there this raya ehe :P

A pic taken in Kuala Penyu~

Somewhere in Sipitang~

Idola kecil :P

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Eidul Fitri (^^)

Wishing my family and friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri~
I want to apologize for all the wrong things that I've done throughout the year~
wuwuwuwu T_T

And.. May our iman be increased from day to day.. Hopefully the Al quran recitation and the zikr will not end here~ May that be part of our live forever~ Ameen~

Hurm~ I think this is the final year to collect duit raya~ next year I'll be giving them out~ hehe :P

Tomorrow we are going to visit Nenek in Beaufort!! Yeay!!!

Amir and gg mencuci tingkap dengan rajen!!! hehe

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MY grand finale IFTARSSSSSS

The last Ramadhan as a pharmacy undergraduate~ huhu sad sad sad~

I went out with the otai2 ARC to jam-packed our stomach with scrumptious cuisines in Gardeen tom yam~ This is the noisiest iftar ever because we were recollecting all the memories from Rakit, from Padang and other activities.. ARC is like one big family where we share the same passion~ Be one with nature! (^^)V

Next, I had Iftar with Mekwa, Mr SA and Mr. WRJ~ This was a last minute plan~ Luckily we got the seat in Sara Thai that evening~ But it was so weird to be seated in a long table with strangers sitting just next to you~ But I had fun to during the Iftar. Everything was delicious nyum nyum~ hehe only the pic before the iftar is displayed here for safety reasons~ haha :P saye tidak bercinte~ tidak tidak~

Then, I had Iftar with my beautiful and sweet classmates.. We went for iftar twice actually and we did both in Padang MPK, Kuantan.. Well, the first one was right after the Pharmacy Practice exam.. We unanimously agreed that we need to unwind that evening.. So off we went to watch Final Destination:Death Trip and then we went to Iftar after that~

Huhu as usual the scenes were gruesome; with people dying in ogrish kind of way and with blood splattered all over the screen.. Luckily I brought with me my large handbag to cover my face hehe but I'm quite proud of myself because I manage to watch all the scenes hehe (^^)V although I was experiencing vertigo right after that :P

these are my room mates~ they are the ones who took care of me when my left leg was broken during 1st year sem II =) I'm most thankful

The second one was a more planned iftar.. My room mates and I who were the early birds picked a spot in the field.. This time we managed to take more pictures since we arrived early~ Very very nice~ I think we made the largest circle that evening :)

The final iftar was Rx5 iftar in Wan tomyam~ the food are seriously enticing.. Luckily I arrived just a few minutes before adzan.. So I don't have to endure the gastric juice secretion from looking at those food hehe

Only a few of us were there because many of us already went home~ but still we had a great moment~
now ramadhan is approaching its end.. huhu sad sad~ The month of blessings.. will I be there for you again next year?? O~ I really hope so~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kakak yang busy body~

Today is the second day breaking fast with my family but my dear little brother was not around. He had an iftar and khatam Al-quran in school so no chit chat after meal for the day.. I was left alone~

As I was enjoying the taste of churned food in my mouth, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar chart which I thought was quite awkward to be paste in my home.. A list of ibadah to be done in Ramadhan with ticks in most of the cubicles... We used to get that in UIA but for this year it was on one's effort to get it

I draw myself closer to get a clearer view.. A name was scribbled on the top of the table~

Mohd Syamir Mohd Salleh

"Owh its his~" I mumbled, carving a smile of gratitude.. Alhamdulillah~

My finger travelled along its surface to see what he did throughout ramadhan~ kakak yang sebok.. hehe Suddenly~ OUCH!!!

I saw ticks in the Solat Dhuha cubicles huhu~ tersentap I didn't do that throughout Ramadhan but this dear 12 year old did had the effort to do it during weekends despite being busy preparing for UPSR.. Alhamdulillah~

"O Allah~ May his life be enlightened with guidance at all times and may his heart be stengthened throughout his jouney in this world"

I'm most grateful to see my brother is so obedient in such a tender age.. I really hope this go on and he'll continue to get better and better each day~
To have lived this world for 23 years~ I think I witnessed too many occassions in which people change; may it be gradually or drastically.. It gives me the creeps~ Because as far as I'm concerned, a good or an islamic family background, a good education, a good circle of friends and many more~ they don't gurantee or safe-guard us from negative changes.. Bad influences comes in many forms and could poison our thinking and behaviour in so many unimaginable ways and it could happen at any time~ even when we are in our 60's, when kubur sedang melambai lambai~ The most poignant part of it is when the individual doesn't realize it huhu A few nights ago a friend mentioned this to me..

"Sebenarnye didikan agame and family background tu memang a strong basic.. Tapi ape ape sume bergantung kat individu tu sendiri.. Individu tu yang kena kuat.."

Huhu I hope all of us are strenghtened in our journey~

Hurm.. I continue to trace every word that were available on the piece of paper.. The last column wrote Lailatul Qadar.. A tick was there too.. On the 22nd night of Ramadhan~ That makes me wonder... Hurm~ but then again. I guess I just let myself wonder forever why he'd tick that too.

I seriously love this picture hehe

Friday, September 11, 2009

Be happy with yourself: even when you're not suppose to???

Be happy with yourself~

A cliche'~ Something I heard so many times uttered by so many people but I don't know why when I saw this particular phrase on a person's fb wall, it suddenly becomes mind-boggling~

Be happy with yourself~ That means be happy with myself~ How I appear to be~ And that means being in a comfort zone where I don't have to bother about my bad~ Just accept me for who I am~

Does that apply in any time in life~ I mean, should I be happy with myself when I'm not suppose to.. For instance~

Should I be happy with myself when I know I just perposely hurt someone~?

Should I be happy with myself when I'm so corrupt~?

My honest answer would be a NO NO!

I think I want to add some words to this phrase to justify it to my conscience...

My definition of integrity~ integrity is when I do right even when people are not looking and not knowing~ But if I go against this~ I should not be happy with myself~ I may appear to be good in the eyes of human being, but in reality only Allah knows~

My values and principles~ I have my own sets of values and principles~ Each of us does~ Those which are divine, those which are conditioned to me as I grow and those gained through experience.. Everytime I go against them~ that's when I should not be happy with myself~

Well there's many more actually but I guess these two are the strong points that when they are compromised then I should not be happy with myself. When I'm not happy with myself, it doesn't mean that I should succumb to agony and started hating myself~ NO~ But it means that it's time to call for reflection of the things I did wrong and in what ways can I compensate for it or avoid it later in the future~ a.k.a muhasabah~

So my newly added phrase would be

Be happy with yourself only when you know Allah is "happy" with what you do, Haziah

How can we make Him "happy" with us~? I think His prophet left us everything in the Al-Quran and sunnah~ Here's one of them..

"Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." (2:274)

But we can't be so sure if we are making Him "happy" right?? and I think that's why we are encouraged to do good constantly~

"Dan barangsiapa menghendaki kehidupan akhirat dan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh, sedangkan dia beriman, maka mereka itulah yang usahanya dibalas dengan baik" 17:19

O ya, actually this is a personal statement for myself hehe Just reiterating the things that I hold true in my blog to remind myself~ :D Saye budak baru belajar.. Kalo salah tolong tunjukkan :)

We are never meant to be perfect however Allah has given us the chance to choose our path in this temporary abode... Lets choose to improve in ways that we can~ everyday~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A letter for you~

Dear you,

I've been keeping this to myself and I think now it's time for you to know how I really feel about your habit that has been disturbing us all..

I'm trying my very best to understand that you are homeless and strayed. Living without an owner makes you less trained and even ruthless at times.. But in my eyes, you are one of His creation for us to see His Magnificence~ And I also think that you are created to give us some room to do good to0 ~ by feeding you, by providing you shelter and many more..

But~ recently~ I can't help but abhor your habit~ You littered in the washbasin where we wash our clothes.. I no longer know how to back you up since I also think that is somewhat too much.. I really appreciate it if you could litter in the toilet instead so then some of us could wash and flush it for you~ because if you do so in the shower, the solid mass could clog the drain..

I'm also disturbed when you guys fight among yourselves.. I know that's your nature to fight for territories.. But it would be really really nice if we could all be friends~Then no one will be bothered by the sounds of cat fights anymore...

Now two showers' drains are clogged~ Huhu~ And nothing has been done to fix it~ Hurm~ I wish Bob the builder could help us with that~

Take care..



haha~ terpengaruh dengan PS I LOVE U so i decided to write to the cats~ :P meow meow meow~ not so romantic especially that flushing part hehe :P

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Teringin Jugak Sbenarnya~

I sometimes forget that I'm turning 23 this year~
The only thing that makes me realize that I'm physically growing old are the children that are rapidly growing around me~
There's Nurul~

We are really close because I used to baby sit her when she was small~ Now~ she could wear my clothes~
There's Che che and Hakimi~ My beloved neice and nephew~ Last time they were so0o0o0 small.. Even their feet were not bigger than my two fingers abreast~ but now they are already tall and chatty~ and run faster than me to0~ So0o0 cute~

I still remember teaching Hakimi how to walk~ Encouraging him with clapping hands "Kimi~ Walk~" He would then stand up, clap his hands together and start to walk~ It was such a cute scene.. I think he thought that to walk you must first clap your hands hehe
Hurm~ I really don't have any teeny weeny envious feeling when seeing happy couples these days.. I think the love phobia is still on me~ But I'm so0o0 moved when seeing cute babies~ wa!!!! the maternity in me is battling to be freed I guess haha~
I said to a friend~
"Nak anak.. Tapi x mau ayah die, bole?? Nanti ayah buat hal~"
Then she said~
"Tak bole la macam tu~ Ade anak, ibu dan ayah baru complete~"
Hurm~ betol jugak~ Kesian pulak anak tu nanti kalo xde ayah~

At this age, as expected the bombardment of the killer question becomes more and more frequent~
Sometimes, I feel like saying to those who asked~
"For schematic answer, please visit There are quite a number of posts that could answer your question there~"

Hurm~ I guess I'll have to wait some more~ Hehe he's out there for sure :P malu la pulak buat statement begini! (*^^)
With friends marrying here and there and the baby-boom, this particular area of life can be worrisome when you don't have anybody in mind (or do I? haha ingin menimbulkan spekulasi di situ~) hahaha
"When you found that special someone~ feel your whole life has barely begun.. you can walk on the moon, shout it to everyone~ Allah knows~" lalalala~
Hasil tangan gg, mommy, che che and kimi~ hee :D
"THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! PANDAI!" che che and kimi~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's going to be his 1st BIG DAY

This is my one and only beloved little brother who is going to sit for UPSR on 8th September...

"Ya Allah~ May he be eased while answering and may he gain fruits from all his effort~Ameen"

He worked his ass off pretty hard for UPSR and I pesonally think that is quite weird~ But lets just hope everything will be fine~

Hurm~ looking at this picture reminds me of this chat we had one evening while having our tea~ I actually have this perasan-muda syndrome blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comand I'd wanted to ask his opinion on it~ Don't put the blame on me for having that type of syndrome... It's been too common for me to encounter questions like "Form berapa??" and even my uncle mistakenly asked "Kau ni cuti tunggu result SPM ka?" wa!! SPM..?? That's like more than half a decade ago~ hehe

So I was like... "Amir.. Amir rasa umur kakak berapa?"

Amir: Entahla.. Hurm~ aku ndak tau la kakak lahir tahun bila~

Jiji: Ala.. Cuba kau teka~ hehe

Amir: Hurm.. Aku ndak tau la kak.. Aku rasa mungkin 23 kali~ (kali=mungkin)

Jiji: *Startled* Aik~ Betol la tu.. Macam mana kau bole teka betol??

Amir: Kan kakak sudah tua~ Mestilah sekitar 20 an

Adeh! DOWN!
hahaha adikku adikku~

Anyway GO0D LucK for UPSR!!! BERTABAH!!!!! (^^)/

You girls are the rainbows~

Hurm~ it seems that I've been posting lots of pictures in my posts~ hehe and I'll continue doing so.. I just love putting all those happy faces in this blog where memoirs of happiness are kept~

This time I'm going to share with you guys the moments I share with my happy flappy friends of the 5th batch pharmacy students~ The girls I mean~
Well, I decided to stay indoor the week after I went to Tioman because I think it was time to relax my muscles.. But the day went off boring~ I slept the whole day and woke up feeling fatigue~ But that Saturday night we went to the Fun fair located just next to Giant! YAHOOOO!! \(^^)/

The ones who went that night were thrill rides dare devils and the ones who would sacrifice money just to challenge their fears and frights! Last time in Dufan Jakarta, we managed to finish all thrill rides (^^)V The funfair was so0o0o0 expensive though~ you have to pay for entrance and the cheapest ride was RM4!!!

We went to ride the X coaster first.. A very nice one! but the duration was too short.. Sepatotnye 2 round~ huish~

Next we went to ride the Challenger.. My favourite for this fun fair!!! It wast FAST n FURIOUS hehe.. Well, it swung and spun and it went quite high too.. I JUST LOVE IT!!! But kesian to my dear friend Shifaa who hadn't eaten anything since noon~ she had nausea and vomiting (the common words used by pharmacy students~ macam presentation lak hehe) Dayah, who was a first timer was also kesian because tekene culture shock~ This is the picture after the Challenger.. That's the Challenger at the back (^^)

After that we went for a more mild ride~ the bumper car hehe :P brings back the memory in Jerudong Park Brunei where my cousins and I played Bumper cars like crazy~

This ia a promotional picture of the funfair hehe
We did so many jumps to make a perfect picture.. I think this is the 10th attempt hehe

That week~ our hospital attachment was cancelled and we went off for bowling!!! An unplanned batch tournament~ Very very fun!!! We played 3 games and guess what, we found new talents in our batch.. The frequent bowlers in contrast did not perform well that evening.. That includes me hehe Fuzah won the 1st place, Atiq 2nd place and Jiha at 3rd place~

The happy faces of the bowlers~

In another lane~

You girls are SO0O0O0O FAKING it!!!! hahaha

I just want you girls to know~ All of you are the rainbows after my rainy days~ LOVE U :D