Friday, August 28, 2009

Tioman escapade~~

Tioman~ before the vacation was only a name that I knew and heard from a textbook in primary school and TV.. "Ali bersama keluarga bercuti di Pulau Tioman" reads a sentence in my primary school text book..

When Syafiq first brag to me about the idea, I couldn't decide.. But recalling all the beauty of the Manukan and Sapi marine life, I finally agree to go~ The hype was already felt on Thursday night and all my things were already neatly packed inside my hiking bag that same night~ TIOMAN HERE I COME!!!!!!!! \(^^)/

We took a midnight bus bound to JB and stopped at Mersing.. It was sure a thrill ride~ I was tossed side to side while my right hand was firmly holding the holder of the seat in front of me~ what a reckless driver.. We could've been killed!!!!

We arrived at Mersing approximately at 2.30 am.. As expected, the town was silent and empty with most of its citizen being deep into slumber.. We had a drink in 24 hours mamak stall and there we did some "taaruf" session because there were new faces~ Well, actually I was the new face because all of them were from Sciencess :P

So we stayed up all night.. The girls did sleep for a while at the jetty (I'm the one who was nyenyak sekali).. When I opened my eyes that morning, the jetty was already full and busy~ The ferry was fully booked at first.. But luck was on our side.. At the last minute, a group of 10 cancelled their booking and we immediately took them~ Alhamdulillah~

The ferry to Tioman took 2 hours and I immediately sleep because I know I'm the sea-sick type.. Walaupon laut tenang~ tanpa sedikit kocakan.. I can still get dizzy and buwek buwek~

When we arived, I seriously didn't expect Tioman to be as big~ I saw a tall mountain (mountain kah??) and so many small hills.. Big~ Bigger than Labuan I guess~

Those black things are actually bats hanging upside down~ hehe they were big, scary-looking and noisy too.. You could see a lot of them in the island~ weird~

Well, our vacation is the back-packing type of vacation and low-budget.. So we walk most of the time even when the sun was deadly and was giving the prickling sensation on my skin.. Ouch! But Tioman is fun especially when you went there with fun People like Aida and Ziela~ And Syafiq (the honourable PM), don, jeme, jaz, zeq and afiq.. During the day of our arrival we went sea-bathing after a walk at the jetty where the yachts docked. And that night we had BBQ.. Nyum nyum~ There were chicken, mee, bihun, burger, benjo, snacks.. Name it, we had them all and was full and sleepy at the end.. Amazingly everybody slept early that night

The next morning we went for SNORKELLING!!! YEAY!!!! We went for the low budget package again but it was still worth it \(^^)/ The fish were so0o0o0o0 many and HUGE!!! I was kind of scared~ when we gave them the bread.. They were gelojoh and tak ingat dunia~ aiyak!!! at one time, a bread float near my face and a big fish snapped the bread right infront of my nose!!! TOo0oOOLo0o0nG!!!!!

That evening, at around 6, all of us were ready to go back to Mersing~ The ferry ride was much much more bumpy that night because it was raining outside.. Luckily I was all weary since my energy were drained by the long hours of snorkelling.. I fell asleep easily in the Ferry Alhamdulillah...

It was already late when we arrived at Mersing and finally decided to stay there for the night.. We lodged at a very nice low cost hotel called Sweet Hotel.. Memang so0o0o0 Sweet~ cadar pon OREN menyala nyala hehe

The next morning.. I confess here... I missed class hihu~ It was not on purpose okay but there was no bus back to Kuantan at night~ But we had a very wonderful journey on that Monday~ Naek bas LOMPAT!!! YEAY!!!


Well, it was not as comfortable as the Bas ekspres but I think I really like the experience.. Although it was quite slow and not air-conditioned, but it gave me time to enjoy the scenery. Most of the passengers were old folks and that gives me this feeling of joy being in the kampung atmosphere~ everything was modest~

We arrived at Benteng around 3 pm~ tired and hungry but content~
I really had a lot of fun with you guys~ Thanx friends~ (^^)V

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I guess I have a lot of things to be grateful of this Ramadhan~

I'm grateful that I'm still breathing and given the chance to feel the loving embrace of Allah and His countless blessings.. (health.. loving family.. friends.. triumph.. etc.)

I'm also grateful for His guidance in so many things in my life and has given me chance to realize the big mistakes that I'm not so proud of~ and also has given me the chance to choose the right path again~

I guess this Ramadhan is the most highly anticipated so far.. It could be my last~ who knows~

I really love the Ramadhan atmosphere..

I don't know whether it's only me or is it real but I think nature itself seem to be at peace during Ramadhan..

The climate was never at any extreme during Ramadhan.. The passing breeze are comforting~ And even the plants seem to be swaying peacefully as it follows the rhythm of the winds in motion~

I love waking up for sahur~ That allow me to appreciate the gentle morning fresh air.. The moving air that brings along the coldness from the morning dew at the very tip of grass and leaves outside my window~ How peaceful..

For this Ramadhan.. I would like to wish all Happy Fasting (quite awkward to use happy for fasting~ hehe )..
Let us use this month of blessings to improve ourselves as Muslims...

To be a better servant in the eyes of Allah in this very month and the months and years that follow~ InshaAllah~

My all time favourie picture when Ramadhan comes~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gunung Buah Expedition

I'm currently experiencing the side effects from overdosage of lectures, presentations, assignments and reports and it seems that what I want to write in my dear blog is locked within the gyri and sulci of my brain whose keys are kept by the keeper named "RELAXATION".. Fourth year, like I said in previous post, is energy-ripping!!! adoi~ So I guess I'm just going to tell you the story behind all the pictures taken during the expedition..

This picture was taken the night before the expedition during our dinner in KLCC. Tried to look as energetic as we could in this pic but the reality was all of us were so tired because we skipped lunch and directly went to the PC fair that evening. Shifaa and Mida shopped their heart out and I was blurred and don't know what to do in a PC fair because, honestly, it was my first time :p

This pic was taken a few hours before the expedition while waiting for the people from eiger and the rest of the participants to come.. Obviously we are showing off our hiking bags. We have different brands you see and I personally find that quite cool... Mida's is eiger, mine's deuter while Shifaa's karrimor... Our bags were heavy! because We brought water with us 1.5 L compulsary and 2 bottles for our own drink~ hehe Tough girls!!! \(^^)/ O yeah~ we were the only girls during the expedition because the other 5 cancelled at the last minute.. Mighty girls!!!!

This is the scenery at the starting point.. As you can see, there's an orchard there.. And along the way you will walk between vegetable patches.. Cabbage.. salads.. Nyum nyum~ they look fresh :)

The rain poured right before we start our expedition.. Mida and I quickly wrapped our bags in our self-made rain cover.. Pakai plastik sampah hihu~ Well, Mida actually has one but she got so excited since it was her first time ever to utilize the bag she brought in Padang and held the rain cover in her hands all the way from her brother's house to UIA Gombak and finally had left it inside the car.. Adoiyai~ As for me, unfortunately for my model, the rain coat is sold seperately.. RM 80!!! Ade sape2 nak blanje x?? Kesian my bag~

O ya~ since it rained... Cek pacat "attacked" us like CRAZY!!!! Urgh~ and unfortunately again, none of us was courageous enough to remove them~ hohoho so you actually could hear our squeals from time to time during the climb.. Hehe kesian cagan to have bear all the high pitch sounds :p

This is a picture on our way up~ hurm before this you have to walk on tar.. At the back there, that stony stony thingy, well it used to be a quarry.. The scenery here is so0o0o0 beautiful... But the route are of stones and pebles.. Since I was wearing the kasut gajah that have "spiky" soles.. So0o0o0 asyik nak terpelecok jek~ aiyak!

Well, the route up was actually up and down~ because there were like 2 or 3 hills to climb before the real Mount Bunga Buah.. At one time while descending a very steep hill, Mida said "Mati la kite time turun nanti~" hoho memang mati~ Actually the route was quite leisure and easy because not so much obstacles~ But the heavy burden that we were carrying on our back were slowing us down.. Could you imagine the guys brought with them 5 L water.. Cagan brought 10 L!!! WOho!!!

We arrived at the peak at around 9.20 pm (or earlier~ or later~).. The guys straight away set up the fly sheet and we set up our tent.. hehe heaven sangat2 bacause for the first time we slept in a very spacious tent.. A 5 people tent for the 3 of us.. Bole beguling2 di dalam hee :D

But~ we did something that night.. huhu due to wrong instruction~ the girls masak nasi mentah!!! and they all slept in hunger~ urgh~ But at around 3 am.. the guys woke up and cooked for themselves and had their feast~ They were so0o0o0 noisy and I couldn't sleep until after subuh.. And then the noise start again at around 8 am~ huhu Lack of sleep that night~

This a picture during breakfast~ as you can see the guys were cooking and we were like THE QUEENS of Mount Bunga Buah waiting for food :P We actually helped a little bit.. you know like.. potong2.. buat air... menceriakan suasane hehe :P

After breakfast, all of us went to the beirut to take pics.. Actually we could see KL clearly from up there but that morning it was too foggy and everything was white~ hihu~

From your left.. Tok Ya.. Cagan.. Lutfi.. Azke.. Jepah.. In orange abang J.. Top right Loui (from philipines).. Bottom left~ Bubble, Abg Kashaf, Abg Yusof (super busy lawyer) and Victor (also a Philipino)

This is a pic taken while resting during descend... Nice place.. Pacat-free~ Descending Mount Buah is equally tiring with the climb because there are hills to climb like I said before... And with me deprived from optimal sleep the night before, I actually fell asleep while we were resting on the tar road and was actually sleepy along the way.. Luckily I have chatty friends.. We chat all the way down and didn't realize that we are already near to the starting point~ hehe

Hurm~ Well I could say that this is the easiest climb so far.. It's just the bag that made my back ache~ It's very suitable for beginners but if you are planning to spend a night at the peak, make sure to bring enough water because there's no water point at the top..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My electrifying weekends Hehe

I don’t have to browse through the thick pages of my Macmillan dictionary to see the meaning of hectic.. It’s currently revolving in my life~ My dream of having a calm and relaxing semester of my final year is doomed~

Hectic~ means to only get my head propped against my fluffy pillow when the clock strikes twelve at midnight...

Hectic~ means a towering pile of books on my desk to read…

Hectic~ means fixing my eyes on the screen as I type my report using Microsoft Word.. How I wish it was some movie on my screen~

Hectic~ means standing long hours every Thursday at the hospital scrutinizing patient records and be ready to be bombarded by lecturers that same evening..

Adeh~ but this is the reality.. Just have to bear it somehow~ the journey towards knowledge has never been easy~

But… FUN is like an inseparable element of my life hehe with all the twist and turns of my life as a pharmacy student.. I still manage to put a pinch of merriment.. Always manage to find ways for a getaway for peace of mind and tranquility hee (^^)

1st weekend...

that weekend IPhA organized a career talk.. I'm honestly not the kind who likes to sit and listen long hours of speeches (especially when the topic is something that I'm famliar with..) but I think this one was a job well done, good selection of speakers plus I only paid RM2 for tea and lunch which was nice hehe\(^^)/

Hurm.. My favorite would be the session with miss shahnaz who talked about industrial pharmacy and also Mr John Chang who expounded on the current status of dispensing rights in Malaysia.. Well.. I asked miss shahnaz how challenging is the pharmaceutical industry in a woman's perspective.. I love her answer... something like this..

"The industry is very challenging when compared to when you work for the government. But inshaAllah, with a lot of effort you can handle it. Sometimes, husbands are afraid of having wives who are busy with work. They thought their wives will abandon the house works and stuff. And they are afraid if their wives' earnings are better than theirs.. But that's actually a small matter. That's ego.. Look at our Prophet.. Khadijah was a woman of higher rank than him, who was wealthier than the Prophet.. But she was still a very good wife.." hehe true true true!!!!

2nd weekend...

I thought the 2nd week would be dull and boring but actually it was not. The fun and adventure came flying to me~ hee :P on Wednesday I suddenly got an sms from Irah to join her futsal team.. I, of course, accepted it without hesitation. It's been too long since I last played futsal. hihu~ So that Saturday I went to padang MPK with my medic friends who also sent a team..

As I expected,there were lots of "boyish girls".. Hoho tried to remain calm.. Silently praying for the safety of my leg~

We played 3 games and won 1 of them.. I was humbled by the skills and agility of the other teams.. They must've had a lot of practice to play like that.. I guess I just have a lot more to learn =) But that was a good experience and exposure.. and finally, my skin was tanned again~

The guy's team played that evening and Rodhi and I was quite excited to watch them play.. So after a fruit feast at the Taman Pertanian, we went straight to the field to give our hurm silent support to the team. Yeah.. silent support because we didn't do any cheers.. Just sit there and watch hehe

Owh.. The fruit feast was great.. I was actually not invited but Rodhi brought me anyway hehe The yellow mellow durian flesh taste was divine ~ the rambutan was so0o0o0o0 sweet and juicy.. But I have to control my appetite then because I'm afterall only a "freeloader" haha
O yeah~ that night.. makan2 di tanjung lumur pulak hehe

Well that was on Saturday.. On Sunday, Cagan, Judin, Jepah, Shifaa, Mida, Dayah and I set off for an adventure in Sungai Lembing \(^^)/ YOSH!!!!!!!!!! We actually went to survey for ARC's next program.. An expedition to Mount Tapis...

The place was quite a distant from UIA. But the junction to Mount Tapis was before Bukit Panorama.. I didn't expect that our next event would be to0 deep into the jungle but seriously the route to our destination was rather challenging itself.. We came across an aborigine village.. The surrounding was quite different from Pos Pantos.. Hurm.. It's like as if there's never been any community service done there.. The tar was only about 1/4 of our journey and then we have to endure the tremors and quakes of the stony gravel road...

The journey was worth it after all... Behind the hills and trees was actually a picturesque sanctuary.. We were mesmerized~

We had to cross a small river to get to the campsite.. The pakcik in the resort said "kalo tak nak basah bole naik rakit.." Dalam hati aku berkata.. "tak nak basah?? are you kidding me??" hehe we excitedly jumped into the water and even stopped for a while at the middle to take pictures and enjoy the cold sensation in our toes as the water flows... uuUUUuuU...

So.. as usual we observed the site.. Negotiated the price.. Discussed the activities that could be done~

Hurm... The place was so0o0o0 beautiful and I just couldn't let it go.. I hope the expedition will go on as planned~