Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tag from Mr J (^^)

I've been tagged by mr J~ so here goes (^^)v

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That's Ambuyat =)

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Lesung batu~??

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Happily ever after~ \(^^)/

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Asia Pacific Pharmacy Symposium~

Hye~ I'm finally out from my devastating quarantine.. One appalling experience that I dare not utter in this pink happy blog hehe~ Seriously, the immediate effect was I sort of had this brain freeze inside where I can't get myself to type a single word although I was actually free~ Every single thing was locked inside my mind box..

Well... Lets just go back in time to before I was quarantined~ yeah the APPS~ My first ever program with another university.. I couldn't give much attetion to the program prior to it because I had so many things in mind but I was finally there for it on the 23rd june 2009..

My good friends fetched me in the airport~ Thank you very much Don and Madi.. They came all the way from their practical place to the airport.. I really appreciate that guys... \(^^)/

We came early for the pre event of APPS.. There were 8 group leaders a.k.a GL's from IIUM; me Me me, Awe, Inti, Aimi, Qila, Atik, Azwin and budak kecik bername Izhar~

The pre event was actually to inform us about the flow of program and also there were a lot of rehearsals~ one extra thing that I learnt about USM students, they walk a lot!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever which they say is near and is in a walking distance, trust me IIUM students... IT'S FAR!!!!!! I don't know if it's near to SMSLians.. because yeah.. I don't know the nature of your Uni life~

The actual event started on the 26th where students from all over asia arrived at the hotel.. We GL's were instructed to greet them and usher them to their rooms.. We were really excited to see our IIUM participants.. When Awe and I saw Shifaa in sight, we went berserk!!! hehe the typical girls way of saying hello to their best buddies.. hehe

That night we, the GL's, had to perform in front of everybody with our own creative moves so that our group members could guess who are their group leaders... The groups are named after the names of famous malaysian delicacies so we have to think how to actually make our group members recognize us through our weird moves.. Seriously, the most unforgettable dancer of the night was IZHAR hakhakhak His group used Jai ho as the background music and to this day, when the song is on, I saw izhar with his moves instead of the sexy nicole!!!

Hurm I won't go through with all the programs.. Just going to tell you amongst the moments that I consider special.. If I want to talk one by one, I ought to just give you the tentative right??

Well, during the day when we had a door to door campaign program, unfortunately it rained... All of us seek shelter at a nearby building... We spent our time there sharing some info regarding the educational systems of various countries.. I found that only Malaysia have the foundation program. For Korea and Thiland, the students straight away enroll to a university after high school.. But similarly, there's no easy way to pursue Pharmacy in all countries.. In Thailand and Korea they also have to score special exams to get into the course...

We went to Tesco after the campaign.. Since there was a lot of time, I brought Onse, Ji soo and Lamby for a tour in the Tesco.. We spent some time looking at canned Malaysian cuisines since they don't have much time to actually see and taste them all.. Luckily there were mangostene and rambutan there... So I went on talking about local fruits like I never had before hehe Luckily Hanis was there with me to add some info to my quite scarce knowledge on those fruits hehe one of the question that I consider interesting..

"Can I get sick after eating the rambutan?? I mean like an adverse effect.." blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhaha typical pharmacy student right???

Another special night of the APPS is the global village night.. There were performances from all countries.. I've never really witness them right before my eyes.. I think the Korean did a very cool and sassy dance.. They make me wanna move~ hehe The Japanese girls demontrated how to wear the kimono.. The Indonesian performed a Jawa dance and the Taiwanese did a very cute dance too with pom poms hehe The Singaporean sang a choir~ and the Malaysian performances were done by the pharmacy students from USM.. hehe All-rounders ye korang (^^)V

That night, my korean friends Ji soo and Onse tried the Hijab... We did it there in front of the ballroom with the help of my two other friends Awe and Shifaa.. Owh they look so cute.. They think the Hijab is a very pretty garment.. Onse bought one for herself in Tesco.. We feel happy to have made them experience wearing Hijab.. Alhamdulillah.. O yeah, during the program another participant asked me whether I'm feeling uncomfortable with my Hijab on with all the extreme heat of Penang..

I said
"No... We actually fix our hair neatly inside.. And there is actually some air spaces around the neck. So it's not that stuffy you see" :) I hope that gave her a good impression about hijab :)

During the cultural visit, as I was standing inside the bus, I heard someone called my name "Nor~ ha~ji~ah" It was a Taiwanese guy trying to read my name from my tag..

"It's Norhaziah.. Quite long.. You can just call me jiji"

"Oh No.. It's okay.. I want to memorize your name because I think it's unique. The Malaysian names are unique"

"Oh really?? Actually, for Malays, our names are arabic.. So there are meaning for every name."

"O.. there's meaning..? I already have many Malaysian friends.. All their names are unique.. You know Azwadi, Syamil, Shamsul, Hanis, Afif, Syafiq.."

"O those are students from my university!" I can't hid my excitement.. Wow!

And o yeah we also did a community service at a school for the handcapped.. That's what they call it.. I want to change that to "school for the special kids"... So there, my group's task was to make cards for the children and teachers so I didn't really get the chance to get to know the kids.. But during the birthday celebration, I was fighting back tears when I saw the boy who was playing the piano.. He look so pure and was happy that everybody was singing along with the music he played. The rest of the kids were also happy...

Overall, although I think there are things to be improved, APPS is still one of those program where I get this whole new experience.. This is my first time ever to join a program where I get to be close with students from asian countries and actually be exposed to the issues and new information about Pharmacy.. This is also where I get to build new connections and feel the atmosphere of hurm... professionalism~ I guess next time instead of being a committee, I will be a participant instead~ Honda city.. I guess you will have to wait because next year I'm going to KOREA!!!!!!!

A pic with Indonesian students.. The lady in red is Jane a trainer from Taiwan~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"Bila engkau memandang segalanya dari TuhanMu, yang menciptakan segalanya, yang menimpakan ujian, yang menjadikan sakit hatimu, yang membuatkan keinginanmu terhalang, serta menyusahkan hidupmu, pasti akan damailah hatimu, kerana masakan Allah sengaja mentakdirkan segalanya untuk sesuatu yang sia-sia. Bukan Allah tidak tahu deritanya hidupmu, retaknya hatimu, tapi mungkin itulah yang DIA mahukan, kerana DIA tahu hati yang sebeginilah yang selalunya lebih lunak dan mudah untuk dekat dan akrab denganNya."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Strange yet meaningful~

This odd experience actually happened right after my Honda City test drive..

I stepped out of my dream car with my dreamy eyes... My thoughts was else where... I spotted mom and safiah standing next to a guy holding a broom.. Clad in a blue t-shirt, I instantly know that the guy is a cleaner in the building...

"Assalamualaikum.." mencelah dengan seberapa sopan yang boleh~

"Waalaikumsalam" they replied~

Mom introduced me to the guy as her daughter studying pharmacy in IIUM Kuantan Campus and told him I'll be back for my semester soon.. Suddenly his eyes were fixed on me and said something that I'd never expected..

"Aku cukup bangga jumpa orang terpelajar... Aku harap sangat jadi macam kau, dang. Tapi apa boleh buat aku dilahirkan dalam keluarga susah. 10 adik beradik, tiada seorang pon yang sekolah. Tengoklah ni. Bawak penyapu saja... Aku ada amanah untuk kau.. Skarang kau beruntung dilahirkan dalam keluarga senang dan dianugerahkan otak yang pandai dan boleh belajar jauh.. Guna peluang yang ada tu.. Belajar rajin rajin.. Ramai yang mau jadi macam kamu dang tapi apa bole buat, nada peluang. Bersyukurlah.. Kalau aku lahir di tempat kau mesti aku yang pergi belajar jauh.. Kalau kau lahir di tempat aku mesti kau yang pegang penyapu ni.. Bersyukur lah dang.. Ingat amanah ku tu"

Woho!!! I was surprised but tried to look calm... I didn't know how to response but finally said.. "InshaAllah.. Terima kasih, bang" eventhough I think that was quite lame~

Hurm.. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?? Do you think I made the right response???

Occasionally I do think things like"what if I was born to be someone else? would it be better? Or would it be worse".. But this time I was given a full blow at point blank.. Someone confessed he wanted to be in my place.. How lucky I am in his eyes.. MashaAllah~

Yeah... I might not be the luckiest person on earth but I am luckier than many other people in this world.. I have so0o0 many things to be grateful of... WE are luckier than many other people in this world~

When I first came to this world.. I'm perfectly healthy with all my limbs and organs functioning well to this day

I'm lucky to be born in a Muslim family~ Although mine was not the kind with strong Islamic base but we are improving day by day.. Alhamdulillah~

I think I'm also lucky to have been given strength to face adversities and to be reminded of Him everytime I forget.. Some people are left astray till their last breath~

HUrm.. His words are still mind boggling~ He made me realized how I'm taking a lot of good things in my life for granted.. Hopefully his "amanah" could be some sort of booster for me to improve my pointer figure =)

May his life be better each day~ I'm really thankful to have met someone like you =)

by the way.. it's my mom who told me to share this story~ hehe