Thursday, June 25, 2009

Terbuka sudah pintu hatiku~


I'm Haziah Salleh


I found no reason to save until about a year ago.. I thought it was time to save some money because I was about to start my own family...

I saved around 1k ++ in a few months... Good motivation but it all shattered when the relationship ended at the end of 2008..

The compulsive shopping habit relapsed... Out of agony, I finished the money I saved in one day~

With no regrets at all...

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But NOW I already found another reason to save money...

The spirit rush through my veins and through my spine...

I'm love-strucked.. And I'm very sure of this...

Yes... For you I will..

Honda city~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Caffeine~Tongkat Ali~Kacip Fatimah

EEEE... I don't know whether I'm ridiculously outraged or what but seriusly geram sangat with most local coffee products' advertisements yang supplemented with tongkat ali and kacip fatimah.. They are PERVERTS!!

You can hear dialoges like

"Abang mari masuk bilik~"

or like

"Saya mau power.." making his wish in front of a green genie...

What spark this?? well two years ago, when the 1st advertisement of that sort was broadcast, I heard one of my primary two student said the dialogue and urgh It sickened me... And these days they are more of them!!!

I don't know whether that's all there is in the mentality of our people.. Or is it something the products want to instill.. It's very worrisome when you hear something like "abang mari masuk bilik" from the mouth of a small onocent kid.. he's only repeating a sentence from an advertisment~ They are well-publicised.. huhu There are so many other health benefits that can be emphasized in coffee.. Eeee~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tazkirah pagi tadi~

Mom always watch the early morning motivational program in TV3.. She would put it to maximum volume so that the whole house could hear it.. Even if you're still covered in your blanket.. Sometimes I could get the points even when my eyes is closed because the volume is so loud... This morning's tazkirah got my attention.. Lebey kurang begini la~

Orang kafir sangat takut dengan Al-Quran kerana kebenaran yang ada di dalam nya.. Orientalis barat pernah berbincang mengenainya..

Orang Islam itu kuat kerana mereka ada Al-Quran

Jangan risau.. Mereka tidak membacanya...

Tapi bagaimana kalau mereka membacanya???

Jangan risau.. Mereka tidak memahami isinya...

Bagaimana kalau mereka memahami isinya???

Jangan risau.. Mereka tidak beramal dengannya

Bagaimana kalau mereka beramal dengannya???

Jangan risau.. Mereka tidak istiqomah dalam melakukannya...

Bagaimana kalau mereka istiqomah???

Jangan risau.. Pasti ada mereka yang tidak ikhlas~

So true~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I wanna be a supergirl!! N then superwoman!!!!

Hurm.. Don't you think there are just to0 many people getting married or engaged these days...???

Jealous?? A little bit.. Huhu

Haha well, I should've been one of them but it seem that my fate twisted haha Hurm guess Allah has better plans for me, right??

Anyway. It's not about my jealosy and envy that I want to talk about...

Well, I've been observing my aunt, who's a wife, a mother, an employee, still a daughter to her parents and most importantly a servant to Allah.. So many roles she has to play at the same time.. And


Well, I didn't really get the clear picture when you have multiple roles to play as a woman with a husband, who'll be the person that you could you hold on to at hard times.. Why?? Because mom is a single mother which means her life is harder.. So I've always imagined, married women live better life than do single mothers and also they have lesser burdens.. But I think my perception has gone astray all this while hehe
What I saw during my observation...

She has to do the hundreds or maybe even thousands chores.. She has to cook...She has to take care of her baby, maicaya... She has to be there for her husband, my uncle.. She has to give commitments to work.. She has to think of the academic performance of her other children.. and so many more.. WOW!!!!


Well, I manage my day pretty well in the hostel.. And when it comes to home making at home, I think I'm satisfied with how I handled stuff.. I thought that was enough to put me as someone who's prepared to be a wife and a mother until I saw my aunt..

Yeah I managed my chores well.. Washed MY clothes, prepared MY food, tidied MY room.. Everything was simply mine.. Later, in the future.. When I'm married.. It would be MY HUSBAND and MINE.. A few years later, it would be MY HUSBAND, KIDS and MINE~ WOW!!! Could I manage that??? My laundry would be 5 or 6 or maybe 10 folds than the one I have when there was only ME

And for the home making.. Yeah I manage them well too.. But.. that is during the HOLIDAYS.. Later.. I'll be working and have to maintain my own house.. Not only a cubicle that I call MY compartment which I successfully maintain during my semester.. It would be a house.. A BIG one if I'm rich enough hahaha..

If my jodoh is someone who likes to help me out in doing chores then I'll be lucky.. Kalo dapat yang pemalas.. Tidor jak kerjanya... Or tau lepak ngan member jak.. Then I'm DONE!!!!!!!

Then again.. I have the stamina to hike and row for hours so by right I should have the stamina?? WRONG!!! I don't hike and row in daily basis.. Later, all those wife, employee and mom thingy will be revolving in my life everyday.. It's a must-do routine!!!!!! Aiyo0o0o0!!!!

I'm honestly not ready for that!!! I'm no supergirl.. I'm no superwoman.. But I must practice to be one...

Have at least 2 years to

Must learn to manage my time better...

Must improve my cooking...

Must learn to accept other's flaws... because you are going to live with your husband's flaws for the rest of your life.. Some flaws just can't be repaired you see..

Willing to face ups and downs with my hubby...

Must learn to put up smiles even at hard times...

Penuh la blog ni kalo mo list suma skali hehe :p itu baru yang duniawi, kalo yang ukhrawi, sampai tahun depan pon nda habis taip heee :p

So that's it... Now, I see that marriage is more than uniting two hearts so that both male and female are lawfully together for the rest of their life... Love is just one part of it.. And the rest of marriage is about responsibilities, duties, sacrifices and many more.. NOw after about 7 months, I finally see why is it not for me yet.. Simple.. Because I'm not ready :)

Now what I'm going to do is study hard first so that bila sudah kerja nanti nda "huh?? Xtau" bila orang tanya hehe I'm going to be a superwoman one day, just let me practice first hehe and then I'll find my SUPERMAN \(^^)/

Saturday, June 13, 2009

That Pleasant Cobbler~

I dread foot massage.. It gives me weird tickling sensation.. But these days, I just need it badly.. Why?? Thanks to my new silver high heels

They are sheer beauty in appearance, but after hours of wearing it.. My foot is left with excruciating pain especially at my left knee where there was a fracture there 2 and a half years ago.. Yeah... I know.. I shouldn't have worn it since I know the fact that I'm a young lovely arthritic patient hehe but the shiny, silver glitter is just tempting.. The high heels are like whispering to me

"We'll look just nice in your small feet.. Yes we do!" hehe Talking high heels~
So finally I decided to get myself a pair of flat sandals that worth RM 5.40 and you can imagine how ecstatic I was to have gotten myself cute sandals at such low price.. But.. The sandals didn't last.. The next day, tali sandal itu putus..

I was in the pharmacy when I noticed the hurm.. damage hehe so I called mom to know where can I find a cobbler... She told me there's a cobbler about a block away from my pharmacy.. So around 11.30 am, I start my journey to the cobbler's shop.. It was a difficult journey... Full of obstacles it was.. hehe I have to drag my left leg because that was the side of the tali putus.. I was obviously limp to the people around me.. I'm pretty sure it must've been ugly to see an oddly deliberately limp girl in her green baju kurung hehe And what was worst, I have to cross a busy road in that pathetic condition.. eeeeeK!!

I safely reached the cobbler's shop of course... It was a small shop with lots of shoes in it and the cobbler's work station was just next to the door.. Hurm.. He's a chinese so of course an "Assalamualaikum" would not be suitable.. So I entered with a simple "Hi!" and smiled.. Not sure what respond I will get that time because the cobbler was busy with a football boot.. But surprisingly, I was greeted with a warm pleasant smile and he said
"HELLO!!! Silakan masuk.. Apa saya bole tolong??" I was immediately pleased...
He checked the condition of my sandals.. Physical examination that is.. And then he present his 'diagnosis' and finally decided for a 'treatment'..
"Kamu kena jahit o00o.. Ini tidak kuat suda gam dia.. RM 15 bole?? Sekejap saja"
I'm not stingy but seriously I only have RM 15 in my purse and I would need at least RM 5 for my lunch that day.. So I honestly told the cobbler
"Alamak, RM 15 ka?? Saya tidak culup duit o0o.. Saya gam saja la dulu"
"Berapa you ada??"
"RM10 saja"
"Bole la.. Sila duduk.. Sekejap saja ni" Another smile from him

He immediately start the "procedure".. He start a conversation too.. He asked me where I live, am I working, where do I study etc. I found him a very very very pleasant person.. He told me his daughter is studying in St. Anne and asked me regarding the text book .. He told me text books are expensive even for a standard 1 student.. But what I noticed was, from his intonation, the way he said it, it was not a complain just a plain statement... He's obviously content with his job and earnings.. I can even see him smile as he sew my sandals...

I also learned from him that mending shoes is his family business inherited from his late father. He chose to continue the tradition because
"Susah o0o0 mau dapat kerja sekarang.. Belajar tinggi2 pon belum tentu dapat kerja ma~"

When he finished the procedure, my heart was filled with gratification because the comfort was not ripped from my cute sandals although massive alteration was made.. He'd done the job perfectly... You know what, with the difficulty to pierce through the sandals' sole, the nicely done stitches that it's not visible to the naked eye, maintained comfort plus his pleasant personality.. He actually deserve RM 30++ for that..

You know what I see in this pleasant cobbler???
1. He's grateful and happy with what simple life he has.. Didn't complain about how much he must pay for his child's education..

2. He's so pleasant to his customer because I think he appreciate them very much.. Without his customer, he won't get his earnings, right??
3. He loves his job so much and that's why it's always well done =) He's not even choosy of what job he's doing as long as he has a job...

Hurm I told my mom how satisfied I was with what he'd done to my sandals and mom said
"o0o0, dekat situ memang bagus"

His job might not be as significant as our job or job-to-be.. We are future pharmacists, engineers, lawyers, accountants and etc... But amazingy he's grateful with everything... And one more thing that cross my mind is... Imagine if no one is willing to be the cobbler, the barber or the cleaner... Then we won't be able to mend our shoes, get our favourite hairdo and everythig in the office or mall or hostel will be dirty.. Their job might not be life-saving, building marvels or fighting for the rights of others.. But that doesn't make them least important.. with such a pleasant attitude like the cobbler, they can be even GREATER INDIVIDUAL than the professionals..

Friday, June 12, 2009

New links =>


I'm drained of ideas these days.. My naughty neice and nephew seem to be causing me some kind of mental block.. Plus.. The hot weather in this small island of mine seem to slow down the transmission of impulse from one neuron to another in my brain.. So I decided to add some new links to my blog..

As you can see to your right...I mean if you scroll down a little bit..

You can see a new label there... "Entertainment"..

There's E! which directly connects me to the

Then, there's the Billboard so I could access the English chart easily and then start downloading new songs...hehe

I also added the Inspiring Leaders there.. I'm so not into politics.. Personally, the endless chaotic political environment of Malaysia never fail to nauseate me.. But I like the insights of these two respected leaders.. Especially Dr Mahathir.. People can say lots of bad things about him... But to me HE's a real leader.. What he'd achieved for the country is unprecedented in the history of Malaysia...

\(^^)/ GO GO CHE DET!!

O yeah! And I just realized that I'd forgotten to link my blog to dearest IPHA site.. The site that my dear friends like Mar and Mekwa really put a lot of effort to establish.. So there it is :)

And there are also some new sites there under "Love to read 'em"... Some are Islamic ones.. It's not merely tazkirah in there.. They are updated with latest global issues to0..

Do check them out :) hehe

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My cousin's wedding~ (^^)v

5th and 6th June 2009~

Well, I've been putting status like

"ugh.. inferior nya aku"

"bila la aku mau kawen?",

"I'm showered with questions about marriage" etc...

in my facebook and YM.. So here I reveal to you the face of the culprit who's behind all the misery~

This is my beloved cousin whom I had spent my childhood with.. His marriage actually marks the commence of my quest to finding my own hubby haha..

Kak Pauziah, his newly wedded wife, is actually a Bugis so the wedding ceremony was somewhat unique to us the Kedayans.. hehe.. Em.. The akad nikah was done on Friday night which was quite awkward.. Kesian sangat to my beloved cousin because he'd to repeat the lafaz thrice.. Pijah and I was oddly nervous haha and we were giving "CAIYOK CAIYOK! " signals to Buyung who was already in front of the imam.. Very supportive kan?? The above is the picture after akad nikah.. Alhamdulillah.. lepas jugak~

On Saturday, the bridegroom's convoy head off to the bride's house approximately at 11 am.. The journey was about an hour.. Surprisingly, in Bugis custom, the wedding ceremony during the day was not so happening.. There were only a small number of guests too..

The main event was actually during the night.. Both the newly weds bersanding from lepas maghrib till midnight.. Ada 3 baju semuanya. 1st one, they were clad in a traditional costume of Bugis.. Rasa cam funny jak because as you can see, he looks like as if he's in a baju kurung yang blink2.. hehe and that head-piece.. hehe macam pawang~ hish jahat lak hehe anyway, I think it's interesting to see new things.. Hurm that night, I ran out of baju kurung so casual wear jak la hehe

This is the picture of the whole family.. But my dad, umie n my brother is not in the picture. Dorang terlampau penat so nda dapat datang...

So skang sapa mau kawen sama ni budak??? hahahaha xda la.. hurm.. this is my dress.. pelik kan?? hehe but I love it...

Finally, may both Buyung and Kak Pauziah live happily as husband and wife.. And I hope Buyung will still blanja gg and pijah after this hehe

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My dream + the girl with eggs...

Do you ever have something that you want so badly that you pray so intensely, so strongly every day???

And that something is nothing that you can work to have it.. You can't do anything about it other than just pray and pray and pray....

And then the thing you want just seem to never come your way.. So you just wait and wait and wait....

I do..
I have one wish that I don't know where it is heading this time around... A dream in which only Allah can decide whether I can have it or not~

Sometimes.. I lose patience.. At times the waiting seem to be distressing and heart breaking.. Until I found this sweet story... Now I feel embarassed for losing my patience...

The story is short and simple..

It's about a little girl whose imagination and curiosity are at their peaks.. Her family owned a farm and she love to wander around and discover new things there.. So one day she found some chicken eggs laid in the barn..

She asked her mother "What are these??"

"These are chicken eggs my dear. These are where the chicks are going to hatch from.. So when the time comes, the cute chicks will come out of these eggs"

The little girl was intrigued by the new information.. From there onwards, she went to visit the eggs every day and wait for the eggs to hatch... She waited and waited and waited.. One day, she got tired of waiting...

She thought "Why is it so hard for the chicks to come out..? I think I'll just help them out by cracking the shells"

She was about to crack the eggs when her mother called out from behind
"what are you doing dear?"

"I'm trying to help the chicks out from the eggs.." she replied in her utmost innocent voice..

Then her mother explained with a smile..

"My dear, you have to be patient. For the chicks to come out, we will have to wait until they are ready to hatch. Not by smashing them..."

What can you get from this simple story?? Well, I'll tell you my perspective in relation to my prayer-dependent dream...

What will happen if the girl smash the eggs??? Without doubt, she won't have the chance to see the chicks at all.. Only the sticky yolk and the transparent part (Don't know what people call them~ haha) would come out.

Thus... In my case.. I'll have to be patient and not do anything irrational to haste things up.. In my case.. I've to be persistent in my prayer.. And then wait... Allah knows better than me~ When the time is right.. I will see and enjoy the fruit of my persistence and patience.. Maybe, He'll give me more than what I've just wished and prayed for.. InshaAllah~ When the time is right, He'll grant me what I asked Him.. And I'm sure it'll be just nice~ and blissful

And I think this does not only apply to this one particular dream of mine only.. But in everything.. Including in search for a soul-mate.. haha yeah mention that because I'm currently pressured by questions about marriage.. hehehe

"Only those who are patient will receive their reward in full without reckoning" Az-Zumar:10

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just wanna let it out~

Recently I seem to be facing with a lot of difficult people with intolerable attitudes that render my soul bludgeoned and got me to my breaking points and thus result in tears falling from this big round eyes of mine uhuh~

I accept the reality that they are not perfect since neither do I but it seems that how on earth can these people have this great ability to affect my life in a negative way so0o0o0 much???

I won't specifically mention who and what these people did but I will explain how their attitude affect me and my point of view....

Ok person #1...

This person is a person that you've forgave for whatever this person had done to you..

But suddenly when you've already call it a truce and chose to move on and enjoy whatever life has to offer, the person suddenly gave you this weird cold shoulder and silent treatment as if you'd done some big sin towards the person...

Is it right to treat someone that you've terribly deceived and had forgiven you like that??

That once you've got her to say "you're forgiven" so then you can just become a jerk again...?

That is so0o0o0 wrong man!!!! She might be initially earnest in forgiving you but she's not an angel who could just say "it's okay" to be disrespected after forgiving..

I really think something is wrong with this person and this person surely need some time to recover from such insanity... Lets pray together

~may this person be in the guidance of Allah at all times~

and also pray so that

I'll be in a calm state to face such difficult attitude..

Everybody have their limits and I hope this one doesn't go beyond mine... I hope to handle it wisely~ There are so many things to consider~~ so0o0 many~~

person #2..

This type is actually not so rare.. I've been meeting this kind for so many times.. I got into my nerve recently and this means that this person have reached my boiling point.. Congratulation...
How do I say this.. Well.. To describe it in a concise manner, I say when this person is not in the mood, this person radiates negative energy and affect the moods of others around him or her from the shiny bright mood to cloudy stormy mood just by putting the gloomy, depressed, murky face.. Urgh~

Yeah.. the face immediately tells the people around you that you're not in the mood but DO YOU KNOW that you are making people think

And do you know that it's not fun to be around with such a moody people when you did nothing wrong to them~

Can you please keep away those gloomy murky face for the sake of other people's feeling..
Or could you just like, when you're moody, be away from all of the happy people.. because gloomy murky face cancel happy atmosphere...

Don't expect everybody to understand your moody expression because
I honestly CAN'T...

Okay.. those are the two difficult attitudes that disturbed my life a bit... I know they are not perfect and I am trying to take this positively by adjusting my lense every now and then.. But keeping it inside can be tough and agonizing.. I need to let it out... Thanks for reading and thanks for understanding~ a favourite song of mine :)

Sedihku sakitku ku terima
Ku rela ku pasrah jalanku
Ini suratan aku dicoba
Demi rahmat-Mu ku memohon

Yaa Allah ridhoi ketulusan hati
Yaa Allah beri aku ketabahan
Yaa Allah aku sanggup berkorban
Demi rahmat-Mu Yaa Allah
Di dunia yang sarat godaan
Ku mohon dosaku ampunkan
Ingin bahagia, Dunia akhirat
Turunkan rahmat-Mu untukku

Ada macam marshanda x?? hahaha ok just wanna loosen up a little bit lepas an emo post

Monday, June 1, 2009

XPDC Berakit Antarabangsa Sungai Pahang 2009~ \(^^)/

24th May ~ 28th May 2009

In a blink, it's already been a year since XPDC rakit 2008 and I didn't even realized it.. When the date was confirmed about a month ago, I hurried to my laptop to purchase a return ticket.. Don helped me out since I was not familiar with the procedure and don't have any credit card or any debit card.. Swoosh~ Just like that.. RM 285 was sacrificed.. Memang hard core!!!!

This year's XPDC is shorter both in distance and days.. The distance covered was only around 180 km and we have 5 days to complete it whereas last year's was 329 km and the whole XPDC was completed within 8 days..

Temerloh -> Kuala Triang-> Chenor-> Kg Salong-> Kg. Ganchong -> Pekan

New faces joined the XPDC this year, leaving me, Shifaa and Amar as the only participants from last year's team.. There were 17 of us altogether including..

Hassan, Judeng, Jepah, Afiq, Amir, Abe, Syahir, Apip, Cagan, Moja, Shira, Aliyaa, Ainun and Dila

This year's XPDC started at Temerloh.. We spent a night there for preparation and embarked from the jetty in the morning around 9 am.. Mida stayed ardently with us during the preparation.. Lagi sorang hard core sebab this girl sanggup come all the way from Melaka to help us out.. Cayalah!!!!

The ground committee during the first day was Ainun, Moja, Mida, Cagan and myself.. We drove to Kuala Triang.. No transportation was provided by the university, so we used Mida's and Amar's cars to move that day..

Cagan and I went back to Temerloh to shop for stuffs and equipments that were still lacking.. It was quite of an adventure for us both because none of us was familiar with the routes and most shops were already closed at noon.. At the end of the day, Cagan and I had already became the expert of Temerloh town hehe

We lodged at a house located near the jetty.. Our host's name was Kak Nor who live with her husband, her m
other and two daughters of hers. They were generous people and had let the girls sleep inside the house..

25th May.. Shifaa's birthday.. My first day to be on the raft.. Em.. I rowed from the start and only stopped for lunch... The distance was 27 km that day and was less tiring compared to last year.. I was rowing and rowing and rowing.. and aik?? tibe tibe je dah sampai... But we were stranded on an island for about an hour before docking because t here were some problems there on the jetty.. I think there was not enough space so they have to arrange the raft slowly slowly hehehe

In Chenor, we stayed in Wan's house who live with her son.. The guys slept in the kitchen while the girls was provided with two comfortable rooms.. Owh sungguh selesa sebab dapat tido on a mattress yang sangat empuk.. In the morning, Wan and pokcik (her son) joined us to see the rakit team... Kemudian bermule lah journey diriku and shifaa yang scary di atas darat dalam mecari jalan ke Kg Salong...

That morning, I was very sure that Bro
Asri will be with us but when he told me he was already in Kuantan when I called him, my heart skip a beat.. I got worried even more when Jepah told me the route to Kg Salong was quite complicated.. It might take us more than 2 hours because there was a land slide at the short cut to Kg Salong.. Kami pon bertanye lah direction dari orang kampung yang masih berada di ctu... Rupa2 nya route yang di beri kepada kami itu adalah short cut yang penuh dengan thrill!!!!

The road was so narrow.. and it is used by heavy vehicles to transport logs.. The vehicles was so0o0o0 huge and we have to stop the ca
r sebab tak muat.. Lori tu makan jalan yang amat sangat..

Next there was the land s
lide with lots of boulders there leaving another narrow route for us to pass.. Lepas tu ada many many damaged roads yang also narrow.. Shifaa and I was so afraid if the Avanza couldn't make it because the road was so0o0o0o0 narrow... Halangan yang paling tak bole blah skali adalah seekor kura2 yang melintas~

In Kg Salong we stayed in Abg Yus and Kak Ida's house.. Mereka sangat baek and we were once again fortunate because all was invited to sleep inside the house.. This was where all of us got so lucky too. The UIA1 raft finished the race at number 37 and won a hamper for that.. I got lucky with the AADK quiz and got a huge hamper.. Shifaa and I was so excited sampai sanggup postpone mandi sebab nak collect hadiah hehe

Kak Ida sangat baek.. When we got back from the so called concert thing, we found out she had just finished washing the guys' clothes.. Adoiyai.. Rasa sangat bersalah lalu kami pon menyambung tugasan itu~ Abg Yus on the other hand is a very responsible young man.. Sangat hardworking.. Pagi2 dia hantar budak2 kampung ke sekolah dan kemudian berniaga di kedai runcit...

Hurm anak Abg Yus and Kak Ida kurang sihat tau~ The day we arrived, they actually just got back from KL for their son's chemotherapy who's only 5 year old...So.. Kawan2 n adik2 jangan lupe doakan kesihatan adik Falah kite ye
.. (^^)

The final stop before Pekan was at Kg Ganchong. We've been here last year but had stayed in a different house this year.. That night we slept inside our tent... The next morning Shifaa and I volunteered to stay on land.. We manage to pay a short visit to the house where we lodged last year.. It was sad to find that the Makcik had stroke about 3 months ago.. But alhamdulillah she is recuperating fast and can already walk..

Hurm these are some of my favorite pics.. The left one is on the 4th day where the distance was 40km and the race was quite long.. Sangat banyak rakit yang ditunda pada hari itu namun this raft manage to finish the race with 3 girls and 1 guy rowing hehe.. Kami seperti mendapat suntikan steroid apabila melihat rakit2 yang ditunda... Kami mendayung dan mengayuh dengan gagah skali hehehe how I wish I could post our video here

The right one is during a preparation at Kuala Triang... Tok Empat sedang menunjukkan cara mengikat yang tali yang betol dan kemas...

Overall.. I love this XPDC so much.. Everybody gave their fullest cooperation and commitments throughout the program.. I already mish you guys and the time we had together :)

Hurm.. I really love the feeling in the kampung.. Everybody is still so friendly and generous.. Dorang can simply jempot total strangers to sleep and eat in their house and we can feel their sincerity.. That type of quality is very rare these days sbenanye.. I learn a lot from this trip.. Yes I do~