Monday, May 25, 2009

Smashing items~ proud to have them ALL!!!

I can't recall when was it exactly that I have passion with the adventurous stuffs.. Suddenly my life is piled up with endless adventures..

From climbing mountains to rigourous raft rowing to many other muscle straining activities.. But one thing for sure.. This NEW hobby of mine is COSTLY and had gotten me broke~ Huhu An expensive hobby indeed... And also I have to SLIGHTLY abandon my fair skin huhu I was thinking

"I can have them back when I work.. Because I'll be in a closed building.. Away from the threat of UVs" hehe~

But you see.. I'm quite proud with all the stuffs I have.. It's almost complete hehe Well, while having lots of handbags and accesories like the other girls does, I have extras... Hehe

Well this is my 15 L deuter act lite.. Got it for free from kak Mastijah who was my mom's staff in Jabatan Belia dan Sukan.. This bag is very neat and I usually use it during short trips~ 2-3 days trip.. It's equipped with a rain cover too.. Lots of useful compartments.. When I first found this in my cupboard.. I hopped with joy because I know the price is quite costly hehe (",)v

This is my 60 L Polo Climber hiking bag~ Mommy bought it for me.. Not that expensive because there was an offer in Sogo that time.. It was 50% off.. From RM 300++ to RM 150 something :) used it twice.. Mount Senyum and Pahang International Raft Expedition 2008.. These days I just lend it to my friends or juniours who doesn't have a hiking bag.. Banyak berjasa beg ini :)

This is my beloved pouch.. I honestly don't like the colour that much but it has been useful.. Bought it in Bandung.. It's very convenient because you can wear them on your waist.. I can easily reach for titbits during hiking hehehe sometimes I put my handphone inside too.. Used it during Pahang River Raft Expedition, Kenyir Expedition, Irau Expedition~ Yeah I bring it along to most of my programs.. hehe

This is my newly-bought 45+10 L deuter SL~ Cost me a lot.. RM 415 Urgh!! but the colour is just compelling.. I like the combination of red and maroon.. To me it symbolize determination and energy chewah!!! hehe very neat too.. Lots of useful compartments just like my blue act lite.. Unfortunately, I'll have to buy the rain cover separately~ huhu tunggula nanti bila ada duit wuwu T_T

This is my eiger sling bag =) love it so much because you can actually extend the width.. There's a zip below it.. Lots of compartments.. I put my passport, my MP3, my titbits, the batterries for my camera.. seriously useful \(^^)/ It cost me around RM 23.. Bought it in Padang.. It could've cost me more than RM 50 in Malaysia.. My friends were like so excited during our visit to that eiger store... everything was cheaper CheAPER ChEApEr

This is my deuter camera pouch.. It has a strap at the back so you can strap it anywhere you like.. Sometimes I strap it dekat my pouch, sometimes dekat tali sling bag, sometimes dekat pinggang punya tali hahaha nda tau la tu apa.. It's such a convenience sebab it could be strapped to anything I want to strap it to.. Senang when it comes to "camera alert" time!!!!!!!!!!

These are my sleeping bag (the green one).. RM 17 kot.. Can't remember.. Bought it a long time ago.. And the black one is a rubber mat.. Cost me RM 25 because it's Eiger.. Very berjasa in providing me comfortable night sleep...

hurm smashing items they are!!!! Happy to have them \(^^)/

Hope to conquer more peaks with 'em \(^^)/

Told you I have more than just the GIRLIE STUFFS hehehe

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pulau MAnukan and Pulau Sapi Adventure

2nd May 2009~

I've been a Sabahan all my life but have never been to any of the islands that surround it.. To make it worse, I'm not even sure of their names.. So on that cloudy Saturday, Pijah and I woke up early and set out to the Jesselton jetty to meet up with my friends from UIA to explore Manukan Island and Sapi Island..

Boat's fare: RM 25

Snorkelling set: RM 15

We board a small boat to Manukan Island.. The wave was brutal that morning and the boat was melompat lompat. I was so afraid that I would puke when we arrive.. But the boat ride was joyful \(^^)/ WEEEEE!!!! Just like a ride on the saddle of a terrified horse or a fierce bull.

Since it was my first time ever to set my feet on an island.. The ones with corals~ I was mesmerized by the different colours of the sea water.. From dark blue to aqua marine and then turqoise.. So beautiful.. It reminds me of something Mady said during our kayak training.. About the different density of water, about the different heat of each of those colour... Interesting if I have some of such knowledge...

We straight away seek for a place to put our stuffs.. Finally we found a nice place under a shady coconut tree.. Straight away put on our BA and jumped into the water to snorkel hehe I was pretty excited.. I have no prior experience so I have difficulty breathing through my mouth when the mask blocked my nasal airway passage huhuhu

We searched and searched for the corals.. There were very few.. The guys told me corals are very sensitive.. Sensitive to heat, sensitive to pollution and etc.. Manukan is very crowded with people, so it's not surprising to not find any coral.. So we went further... As we go further I found the fish was bigger... I've never really appreciate the way the fish swim you see.. I saw that they wriggle their bodies to swim in the aquarium.. But in the deeper region of the sea, I saw them flap their fins like THE BIRDS!!! Soo0oo0O CUTE!!!!

We brought along some bread with us and fed the fish.. I got scared when the bigger fish came to swarm the area where the bread float just in front of us.. It looked like as if they were piranhas whose about to eat on my flesh!!!

After Manukan, we head for Sapi Island... I was already tired then so I changed and just rest.. I even slept for about an hour.. What woke me up?? There was a wild boar scavenging for food at a nearby trash can.. Well, only one got that close.. From where I rest, I can see another 3 in a distant.. Huhu how did these boars got on the island?? A mystery left unsolved since Kenyir~Wild boar seem to be EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a lot of FUN that day~ Thanks to Bubble, Apek and Yassin for inviting us along~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm away for XPDC

I'm not going to be in Sabah for a while~

I'm probably in KL as you read this..

On 22nd May, I'll be in Kuantan and on 23rd my rakit team and I will head to Temerloh to prepare for the XPDC Rakit that'll commence on 24th May...

Pray for us. May all of us be safe throughout the expedition..

Hehe Brought along 118ml banana boat 50 SPF sunblock with the hope that it'll prevent me from having severe sunburn.. I have an important wedding to attend on 6th June so please don't get too dark dear skin..

Harap harap team UIA can get better placings this year :)

"Menghilir ke sungai Pahang~"

Last year's rakit team..

UIA Kuantan + Gombak.. Love it so much~

Monday, May 18, 2009

O thee~ the handsome dentist

When was my last dental check up??

t must have been half a decade ago..

I've been complaining and groaning due the intense pain in both sides of my jaw~

I'd to bear the pain for weeks.. Sleepless nights and a lot of twists and turnings.. Urgh! what a pain!!!

A week before the final last semester, I gathered some courage to go to the Kuantan Dentist..

Shifaa came along to accompany me.. The doctor told me my molar tooth was already infected and inflammed and that what caused the unduly throbbing pain~ She drilled through my enamel and sucked out whatever it was in there.. Cost me RM 80~So the pain was eased.. At least I was saved for the final~

When I got back from the Marapi Expedition yang besh to the max itu, the pain returned in my left jaw... Another episode of pain killer consumptions.. Another sleepless nights... I finally talked to my father about it and he hurried me to the dentist the next day.. I found a big hole on the enamel of the last molar tooth... Is it the 3rd molar in medical terms?? Owh~I forgot haha

I don't know what drove me to wear nice cloth that day.. And I was spraying my oceanus perfume here and there...

Pijah got suspicious and asked

"Ko pegi mana2 ka pas gi dentist??"

I spontaneously answered

"Mana tau kalo aku lawa2 n wangi2 nanti tu doctor nda kasar2 hehehe"

I registered myself at the counter.. I know my chonically decayed tooth will be pulled that day.. I was preparing my mental for it while waiting for my name to be called...


Huh!! the moment of truth finally came.. I went inside the small room and lied on the "death bed".. The doctor was still not there.. He was preparing himself inside the other room.. And when he entered, I was so surprised that he looks like THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So handsome~
But that doesn't change anything.. He was going to explore deep into MY buccal cavity and witness all the rot and decay and whatever there is inside..

"Adui.. Susah ni tau mau cabut~ Jauh betul di dalam~" He said in his husky voice.. Adoi~

So I closed my eyes as he did the procedure.. I can feel the stinging sensation as his huge metal injection pierce through my soft palate and gums huhuhu Thankful that the pain was not as painful as the epidural injection I had for my ortho surgery...

So the procedure went on for almost two hours because my tooth was... SPECIAL hehehe it tends to break into small pieces and he even took a 15 minutes rest and told me

"sakit suda ni pinggang saya" huhuhu

After the seem not-to-be-ending hours of torment, he finally announced that he was done.. Wah!! As I opened my eyes, there it was... A pair of sparkling captivating black iris eyes.. Full of assurance that everything would be okay.. I was listening attentively as he explain what to do and what not to do as my hurm gum recover...

Wah!! his handsome face helps a lot hahaha \(^^)/ and know what, everytime I quiver when it was so painful.. he would say sorry softly~ Flattered~

Moral of the story~

  • Be in your well-presented feature at all times!!! There might be someone as handsome as Hayami Mokomoshi !!!
  • Take care of your teeth and visit the dentist regularly for check up~
  • Hurm~ let one of your child be a dentist because MAN it's so0o0o0 lucrative!!!!!!!!!!

Malu jugak la when a handsome guy actually scrutinized your teeth and saw the imperfections hahaha

Taare Zameen Par~ Every Child is SPECIAL~

Taare Zameen Par~

Every Child is Special..

This is one impressing and unique production of Aamir Khan's.. I'm not into TV these days but this simple story caught my attention and even touched my heart~

The story line is simple.. It was a story about a little boy, Ishaan who often drifts into his own world of imagination.. He views every single thing around him differently from other kids his age.. The adults, by contrast, failed to appreciate his specialty.

To the adults, Ishaan was a slow-learner.. He can't read, he can't write, he failed to recognize numbers and even can't button his own shirt.. He was then an outcast to his own family.. With a brother who performed excellently in academics and sports, to his father he was going no where but to failure..

He was sent to a boarding school to be 'disciplined'.. However, the teachers there had the same view of Ishaan and was about to give up and drop him out of school. Ishaan felt dejected and changed from a cheerful kid to a quiet and passive one..

Suddenly a new substitute teacher Nikumbh came to light.. He was an art teacher with his own unusual method of teaching.. Instead of going through pages of endless theories and countless memorization, Nikumbh taught his students to dream and use their imagination.. Nikumbh was surprised to see how poorly Ishaan respond to him when all the other students were enthusiastic.. Nikumbh finally discovered the awful truth of what Ishaan was going through.. The traumatic separation from his beloved family and also the demotivating negative perception of the adults around him.. This determined teacher set out to help Ishaan to find his own potential...

Finally.. Ishaan manage to read and write.. He finally could organize himself.. And actually he has a gift for arts.. His drawing was surprisingly beautiful.. He even won a drawing competition and the drawing became the front page of the school's magazine...

My favourite scene would be when Nikumbh point out to his students the names of great achievers with problems during their childhood...

-Thomas Edison->> had problems during his early school years and even called by the name "addled" by his teacher.. He also had hearing problems due to middle ear infection

-Albert Einstein->> had speech problems during childhood..

-Sir Winston Churchill->> had problems with school too

These are the names that I can recall hehe there were many actually~hehe

Hurm.. The story reminds me of my own brother who's shadowed by his sister's achievements.. Everybody is pushing him day by day to study more and more to gain as many A's as his sister did or even better.. But we are two different individuals of different potentials~ I wish our parents can see that.. Because currently, as usual, how many A's on your report cards matters MOST..

Trying to be Nikumbh here myself.. I just hope I can be patient enough to give him my support and be the most understanding sister ever... I can be very scary when I get into my nerves..

Control temper~ control temper~ yeah improving a little bit hehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tafseer mimpi~ Ular oh ular~

Three nights ago I had a nightmare.. Among the scariest ever..

I dreamed about snakes.. I was on a bamboo raft and there were lots of snakes... Of various types that is~

Ular sawa..

Ular tedung..

Ular kuning..

Ular hijau..

Ular hitam putih..

Ular Besar..

Ular Mati..


So out of fear.. I decided to discuss the matter with one friend...

Haziah: Eyh.. Ko tau tak kalo mimpi ular tu ape maksudnye???
Friend: Mimpi ular pulak dah...
Haziah: Aku nk google jap~
Friend: Pegi pegi
Haziah: Ko tengok ni!!!!!

-Jika bermimpi digigit ular, maka pertanda akan mendapatkan pasangan hidup.

-Jika bermimpi melihat ular yang banyak, maka pertanda akan mendapatkan kebahagiaan yang tak terduga.

-Jika bermimpi dikejar ular, maka pertanda ada seseorang yang mencintai Anda.

-Jika bermimpi melihat ular masuk rumah, maka pertanda akan kedatangan tamu yang membawa kebahagiaan.

-Jika bermimpi dililit ular, maka pertanda akan melaksanakan hajat

Friend: Mane ko dapat nih
Haziah: Google ar~naseb baek positif je
Friend: Tak reliable langsung. Aku try cari pakai metacrawler..

So here are the rest of my friend's findings hehehe

Ular dilambangkan sebagai setan oleh itu petanda buruk


Haziah: Scary nye~ Tak nak ah...
Friend: Ade lagi hehe

Ular kalo bisa diingati gimana ularnya.. Lagi ngelilit, dipatuk, atau dikejar..
Kalo lagi dipatuk maksudnya ada yang mau meminang..


Haziah: Tak ingat lak aku ular tuh patuk aku ke tak..
Friend: Banyak citer sal jodoh je
Haziah: Hehe

Kalo mimpi ular maknanya ada cowok yang suka sama LOE!!!

Haziah: Hehe waduh2 ada cowok lagi suke sama gue
Banyak ular tuh banyak la cowok yang suke ye haha!!
Ular kuning tu mesti anak orang kaye
Ular hijau mesti die suke masuk utan
Ular mati tu mesti... hahaha

Friend: Ular besar.. Mesti orang tu gemuuuuuukkkk
Ular hijau mesti budak ARC sbb suke masok hutan
Ular hitam putih.. Orang terengganu
Haziah: Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
Leh lak ye hitam putih orang ganu hahaha!!!

Hurm so that was it.. I continued my search again tonight and the findings are almost similar and good for laughs as well hehe

What made me so0o0o0 anxious about it??

Haha well, I have two snake dreams in the past.. A snake was chasing me in both dreams.. And after a few weeks, i received a marital proposal.. Haha obviously I tolak la kan because I'm still single to this day~ Rasanya both guys are happily married now kot~ Never heard from them again~ but i guess that was only coincidental hehe

Mainan tido je kot~

Thanks to my dear friend sebab layan je merepek meraban aku hehe

Hurm~ tapi kalo tol akan ade kebahagiaan yang tak diduga~ that definitely would be so0o0o0 co0L!!!!

*ayat2 asal telah di simplify sket hehe

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Symbol of Care~

Em~ it seems like as I approach the end of my university life, my student life, my campus life~ many of the people around me are being tested



Exam results~

More often than not.. the tests left them (or is it us~) in despair~ in lament~

But everything happen for a reason...

I'm going to put the emphasize on relationship and friendship... And I'm going to tell this based on a story that I know and heard~

Well A and B have been together for so long... One day, out of the blue B cheated on A without A even knowing.. B changed from a loving and caring person to someone else, far different from the person A have known before.. A was patient with all the changes because A was not going to make a faulty decision without having any prove although A was well aware that A could be the 'stupid' one in this chapter..

So A went to seek help from fellow friends.. C and D.. C and D knew B cheated on A.. But they never say a word.. Not to B and Not to A.... Not an advice for B and not a single information about what B was doing behing A's back... Finally A found out about the cheat from someone else.. And it was too late for A to do anything... By the time A have known about the awful truth.. B have done a lot of bad things to A... So A chose to walk away for A only have prayers for B~

"A group of followers of the Prophet (s) asked him, ‘Is our Lord nearby so that we should talk to Him secretly, or is He far away, so that we should call out to him?’, and the following was revealed: And when My servants question you concerning Me — I am near, to them in My knowledge, and he informed them of this; I answer the call of the caller, by granting him his request, when he calls to Me; so let them respond to Me, My call to them to be obedient, and let them believe, [let them] persevere in faith, in Me that they might go aright, [that] they [might] become guided." Al-Baqarah:186

You see in this story... B became someone else... and B's friends didn't do anything about it... They just let B be because they didn't want to intervene in other people's matters.. But C and D didn't realize what B have done to A~ C and D are not to be blamed.. They didn't know how much they can contribute...

You see, sometimes our friends can go astray.. And if they are so... if you really love them.. Please don't let them be~

You might not just get your friend screwing up his or her own life.. But he or she might also be deteriorating other's life.. A simple word of advice will not harm your friendship if the connection built between two hearts is a pure and a sincere one...

And to those who are screwing up or is not realizing yourself screwing up~ when suddenly your friends become so cold, ask them what's wrong.. Or if you don't have the guts to do so, just reflect on your own what is it that changed them a lot~

The people who'd cared about you for so long will not suddenly change their way of treating you without a solid reason... It's up to you to mend it or to let it crush and crumble~ precious things are worth fighting for eventhough it would take some time...

The symbol of care~ when you see someone you care screwing up, help them to realize it and help them to stop it.. But if you can't, pray~ because that is the greatest tool ever.... Don't let them drift away~ please don't..

Daripada Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri radhiyallahu ‘anhu beliau berkata:

aku mendengar Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam pernah bersabda: Sesiapa dari kalangan kamu yang melihat kemungkaran, maka hendaklah dia mengubahnya dengan tangannya. Andai tiada kemampuan untuk berbuat demikian, maka hendalah dia mengubahnya dengan lisannya. Dan jika beliau tidak mampu untuk berbuat begitu, maka hendaklah (dikecam) dengan hatinya. Dan demikian itu adalah selemah-lemah iman [Hadith riwayat Muslim]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

\(^^)/ Happy Mother's Day

Mama I love You.. Mama I care~

Happy Mother's Day to My dear Mommy~

You are the best Mom in the Universe~

Sorry for all the things and mistakes that I did throughout this life of mine~
The times I made you cry~
The time when I made you sick out of shock ehe
I've been naughty.. I know~

But you are one tough lady!!!
You are my Inspiration~

Mommy.. Suda fikir sal down payment kereta adik?? haha~
Nanti adik bayar la balik (^-^)

Mommy.. Rumah babah ni boring betol~ Wuwuwu

T_T ~cry cry~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

He's just not that into you.. BEST!!! \(^^)/

This is one movie that we (jiji, shifaa, awe, dayah and ray) watched during the exam week and there were no regrets!!!!

This is a romantic comedy that tells the stories of several related characters... I'm so0o0o0 into this movie and was talking about it all day the next day and was encouraging other friends to watch it...
The movie was about the signs that appear in a person when he or she is into a person... Giegie desperately search for love from the guys she dated but they keep on making excuses to not see her again.. And there was this guy Alex (Justin Long) who was also a player who own a bar.. He kept on giving advices to giegie without even realizing that he is into giegie.. So sweet (^^)

The movie also tells about the dishonesty and disloyalty of a guy who was actually not ready to get married and was only married to his wife because they dated for years in college and don't want to be called a jerk if he ditch the girl... I also think he was confused between lust and love and also fondness.. Because one thing that I noticed was he never said he love the third person (played by sacrlet johannsen)..

Scarlet definitely is the type of girl that I love to hate.. Penggoda!!!!! Yucks!!!! She was such a *tut*.. Like.. if this married guy does something that she don't like.. Then she would go to this other guy.. Kacian.. This other guy is like head over heels on her so she was just like using this guy to make her feel happy when she was blue.. EEEW

My favourite couple would be Jeniffer Aniston and Ben Affleck.. They've been together for 7 years and have been living together too.. One problem with Ben is that he doesn't believe in marriage.. So Jen was sooo upset about that and confronted him one day saying "stop being nice.. If we are not getting married, let's just call it off" so they broke up..

But this ben is actually very sure he wanted jen to be with him for the rest of his life.. They broke up and go seperate ways.. But one day, when jen's life was not going well.. Her dad had angina.. And her brotherin laws were being jerks in the house.. Suddenly, when she walked into the kitchen... BEN WAS THERE HELPING TO CLEAN THINGS UP!!!!! And ben proposed her one day in a way that made my heart melt to its core!!! AIYA!!!!!!

The role of Drew Barrymore was quite insignificant.. She was a good friend of Scarlet's and searching for love virtually via facebook, myspace etc.. And finally she date that other guy in Scarlet's life..

At the end, everybody was happy except for the unfaithful husband.. His wife wanted a divorce.. And also Scarlet.. She went off and become a singer in a bar... or was it a pub.. Owh like I know what are the difference between those two ehehehe
Lessons?? Should I say what lessons that I got from this movie?? hahaha I probably would..

1. Don't be too desperate in searching for love, because when the time comes, the right person will appear.. Even when it is least expected...

2. If your guy says he's not ready to get married well HE'S NOT.. When he's ready, he'll definitely want you to marry him by any means.. by hook or by crook...

3. Don't get confused between love and fondness...

4. Think before being unfaithful.. You might get nothing in the end.... Only being despise by others around you... Like I despise the unfaithful husband in this story...
6. Love is not a game, it's a gift!!!! Yeah!!!

hahaha!!! rase funny pulak listing all these... *blushing*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweet Memories: Well kept within me~

Some pictures from Padang Expedition again \(^^)/

This one is before our departure from Unand.. You can see that our bags are humongous.. Mine's covered 2/3 of my body!!! Arghhh!!!! It was extraordinarily heavy too..

Another pose from the group.. I'm not sure who's not in the pic... But i think we were all COOL!!!! Yeah!!!

These are the pics during the descend..

My face was still veiled there...

Next to it is the pic of me and Faris and Cagan.. Two of our Pmacy juniors.. You guys ROCKS!!! This is the part of the mountain where you can find lots of moss.. I'm not sure if they emit fluorescence or not..

Okay these are my favourite pics.. Obviously we are getting ready to do our jumping pose \(^^)/ Everybody look so determine to make the highest jump possible.. The second pic.. Hurm.. Masing2 cam tahan nak defecate je hahaha

This ne is our SUPERHERO pose. Comeynye kite sume!!!! (^^)V Peace!!!

This one is the pics taken on t0p of mount Merapi..

Hehe Naffi look so relax there...

The girls decided to carry me while the guys carried bonzer.. Geli betol time nih.. Hehe But it was co0l to be carry on top of the mountain like that.. Like an ultimate victory!!!

I rate this expedition as one of the best I ever had in my 23 years of life.. The whole 5 days taught me a lot about this life.. This is one of the event in life that gave me the taste of ukhwah...