Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bukit Panorama: Sunrise

22nd March...

I woke up as early as 3.40 a.m. then rushed to wake Shifaa and Mekwa.. Miscalled fiey who was in a different block. I took a quick shower and randomly selected the attire for that morning and were already clad in them within seconds. I grabbed the car keys and head to the parking lot to start the engine.. I can feel my baggy eyes.. Not sure whether it was still bloodshot or not. At 4.00 a.m. the guys were already waiting at the main gate. So then we start our journey to Bukit Panorama!!!

I was on the wheel (I obviously can't resist the camera hehe). The journey by car was about an hour or so. The clarity of my dark vision is honestly not good but I have to drive because everybody was still sleepy.. I was sleepy too but I thought I could handle it. We turned on the radio and I was hoping to listen to something that I can sing along to make me wide awake. But with Awe as my co-driver, she tuned in to songs that you can't literally sing because it was like yo-yo-yo songs or like yea-yea-yea songs sung by black rappers.. Typically Awe

This is the picture before the climb. Everybody was obviously excited. We had our hood on because it was drizzling. It was quite scary then because just beside us was a house that have a bunch of flowers around a table and there were candles and there was a large picture of a deceased old chinese woman. UuuuUUuuU spooky.....

The climb was rather easy because there were stairs up and having Awe, Shifaa, Anea and Mida around, the climb seem to be much much easier because we were loud with our funny stories and "kenen2". I don't know whether it's the morning weather or what, but I was quite out of breath then hehe My chest was heaving to gasp more air. Or did I laugh too much then?? hehe

We reached the top around 6.30 a.m. Surprisingly the top was full with chinese. From little kids to the elderly. I was quite in awe to see the elder ones manage to climb to the peak. Most of the Malays, when they reach 40, they would usually be in the "dah tak larat" state. Don spread out his sleeping bag for us to perform the morning prayer. Cagan also spread his windbreaker beside it. I did my wudhu by using mineral water but Awe and Shifaa chose to use the morning dew. hehe and then I heard " O my God Shifaa!! Berpasir muke Awe!!" blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comhahaha!! The floor was stony but we just performed our prayer anyway.

So then we enjoyed the early rays of the sun.. When the sky starts to shimmer some trace of light, there were actually so many picturesque scenery aroud us which was previously covered by darkness. It was camera time!!!!
7.15 a.m. that day was the most majestic moment in my life. It was my first time ever to witness the sunrise from the top of a hill. It was my first time ever to really appreciate the beauty of the static entity that shines the earth every day and radiates its energy to all the being here in this prosperous planet. It was the first time ever that I saw how this great creation of Allah emerge to obediently starts its duty. The sun is one bounty bestowed by Allah often least appreciated for its horrendous heat.

The sunrise starts with a brisk colour of crimson in the sky. There were fine lines of light orange too as if they were sketched there... Then came the crescent shape sun that slowly appear until it became a semi-circle and then into a full circle. The process was completed in about two minutes and we were all left in awe. Wallahi that was one of the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life. The process was so clear..

To think about it.. This is the process that simply define time.. It is this particular daily process that forms the past and rises the presence. Tommorrow's sunrise will be the future. Time is going so fast and I think we are in a hurry to leave the best legacy of our existence.. We are in a hurry to be one of the best servant before we leave this beautiful world.

Whatever we go through in life... What's important is what we have become as a person from the experience gained...

After a lifelong charity giving, have we become adequately empathetic that we despise hurting others' feelings?

After years of devotion to Allah, have we also taken care of our relationship with other beings?

After years of witnessing the beauty and the brilliance of Allah's creation, have we sought the way to get nearer to Him?

Sometimes we mistakenly overlooked what we have.. We are so close to the things that can make us a much much better person, but never put them into appreciation, never take the lessons.. Never use it to pattern the grace manner within us.

Nobody is perfect but there is always room to try to be a good servant every day... until you meet with the end of course..

"Demi masa. Sungguh, manusia berada dalam kerugian. kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan kebajikan serta saling menasihati untuk kebenaran dan saling menasihati uuntuk kesabaran." (al-asr)

I went straight to UIA after that because Fiey, Awe and I have a volley tournament to handle bye bye sunrise.. Mish UUUUUU

Monday, March 23, 2009

ARC Induction course

This program was done before my kayak challenge in Labuan but I couldn't post it because I just received the pictures yesterday.. so here we go!!!!

The induction course was designed for the juniors.. The new comers to our beloved club.. Well, we realized that there is a great need to expose them to good management of the club and the proper procedures to organize a program.. ARC is improving at fast pace so we want to maintain its status.. Mida made a lot of effort to make this program a reality.. Here are the pics of our participants.. They are all ecstatic

I came late to the course because Mady, Don and I had a kayak training at Sg. Kuantan that Saturday morning.. I enjoyed the training very much because I just can't believe I was very close to the large sign that reads KUANTAN positioned on an island there.. An island kah??? We didn't took any picture of our novel experience because nobody dare to bring their cameras that time.. Hurm.. the wave from passing boats were scary....

What did they do during the course.. The morning session (in which I was absent) was specially for talks about management, secretarial and financial matters.. Then they moved to Taman Pertanian for some simple physical activities. They had knot tying class, flying fox and rafting.. The raft was similar to the ones Mida and I made in Kuala Lipis.. The view of it somehow thawed memories within me...

We really wanted to raft along with the members but there were a limited number of raft then.. So we just stand and stare in.. desire.. but it was not fulfilled..

So here is the picture of the Power Rangers... equipped with paddles as weapons.. hehe

That night we had a night walk. Unfortunately the route was illuminated by the dim glow of the full moon and also a street light.. So it was not that dark and scary... Huhuhu but Mida did a good job with her dark robe.. The girls were screaming in horror when she made her ghosty voice and dart towards them hehe

On Sunday, I was absent again during the morning session. But in the evening they went for jungle trekking and have to pass through some obstacles along the way. We even jumped into a small river there and had clay mask all over our face.. It was a tradition to put clay all over the face once you jumped in. Here is the picture of our work of art. I did Mida's and Mida did mine.

I guess that's all about the induction course.. Here is the pic taken at the end of the course.. Almost everybody on their "clayed" faces.. Looking forward to work with you guys \(^^)/

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes~

Hurm.. A great insight..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Labuan: Intervarsity Sea Challenge

We departed fom Kuantan approximately at 12 am on the 5th March.. My struggle to finish all of my reports put me into deep slumber throughout the journey.. I only woke up when we arrived at LCCT

Day1: Our flight was at 7.35 am and was scheduled to arrive at Labuan at 10.35 am.. 3 months leaving my hometown.. You can imagine how excited I was... And this is the first time ever that friends from UIA finally pay a visit to my small island...

Upon arrival I was greeted by dear Mommy :) Then we went straight to UMS. We were in the same flight with UPSI and UDM students.. We saw their paddles... The 3 of us straight away knew that those BIG GUYS were our RIVALS... They were HUGE!!!!

Nothing much done on day 1.. We were placed in a semi-D house.. Sisters' and brothers' houses were next to each other..

The volleyballers and soccer players went for a quick training in the sandy court.. Brought Kimi along to watch.. I thought that it would be a good exposure to the cute little chinese-look boy.. At home he said to his father..

"I saw aunty jiji play ball. But she used her hands" Hehehe cute!

Day 2: We did a quick shopping.. Went to Ujana Kewangan to grab some chocolates.. Next we went to the 'gerai' to shop for pearls and tshirt..

The first game for beach soccer was on that friday night. The 1st match was UIA vs. UTM pahang and the 2nd match was UIA vs. UMS-KAL. They won both game and were the champion of their group. \(^^)/ NICE ONE!!!!

Day3: The soccer players went for the semi final where they met with UMS KK. Well, it was a very nice game. UMS KK won.. In the match for 4th and 3rd place, our team lose to UTM pahang.. Hurm.. all players played well but I guess we have no luck there :-) It's okay team.. What matters?? TEAM WORK!!!!

That Afternoon we have beach volleyball in which my team mates were playing.. Jibah, Lynn and Adik Lyana.. They did their best.. I can see that clearly.. But I think luck was not on our side that time.. I didn't watch the guys play hehe That time I went for a jog in my school which is located just next to UMS-KAL.. Filtering sweet memories into my mind in the breezy evening... Uish...

Penyokong kuat aunty jiji :-)

Day 4: The Kayak challenge day.. there were 2 categories; K1 300m and K2 600m.. Well, there were a slight mistake there whereby we've thought that for mix double the distance is 300m but it's actually 600m. So the distance was doubled than what we've expected and even practiced.. And another thing is that we never tried to commence the race by first pulling the kayak from the shore and then have to jump in.. So at the beginning of the race, when I was pulling the kayak and Mady was pushing it from the rear side, ada seorang budak perempuan jatuh tersembam ke dalam air due to unequal energy applied hahaha.. Don caught it in a video.. How embarassing!

That night, we went to my uncle's house to have dinner.. I made ambuyat for them to taste hehe I don't have the pics yet but ambuyat is made from sagu and it has sticky texture hehe I'll upload the pics here later ok :-)

I really enjoyed this sea challenge thing.. One is because it was held in my dearest island :-) second I got the chance to bring my friends to eat dinner with my family \(^^)/


Congratulation Sapijah!!!!

This is my 19 year old cousin who is obviously taller and prettier than me... I want to dedicate this post for her who had scored with flying colors in last year's STPM\(^^)/

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Dear Sapijah,
I'm so0o0o0 proud of you!!! I guess you'd learnt your lesson from your SPM that now you scored so well... I'm very sorry for being so sleepy when you called to tell me about the HAPPY NEWS.. Actually I was so0o0o0 ecstatic deep inside but because I just woke up, I could not express it the way it should be hehehe Mesti ko tension kan time tuh :P I feel soimportant when you told I'm the 2nd person you called after checking your result... Terharu betol!!!!

Congratulation also for being in 4th place in Labuan... Aku pon x penah dapat ranking sebegitu hehehe I'M SO PROUD OF YOU.. I really do!

"Kegagalan sekali bukan untuk selamanya"

"So when thou art relieved, still toil" [94:7]

"Kemudian apabila engkau telah selesai (daripada sesuatu amal soleh), maka bersungguh-sungguhlah engkau berusaha (mengerjakan amal soleh yang lain), " [94:7]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Odd and Boring...

I'm still tired from my previous trip to Labuan....

I still can't get my head to work on complicated things.. I'm just too weary... The tanned skin is not helping me with my self esteem too...

And now.. with my new blog template.. I think I'm a colour retard.. Because I think it's ugly.. I have no energy to modify it anymore.. I GIVE UP!!! So0o0 guys terima lah template ini seadanya.. I guess I'm going to stick with it for a few months and then change it...

~Haziah Salleh~

Monday, March 9, 2009

TAG... dari syafiq rashid...

#1 Describe 10 things about the person who tag you

1. Semakin menggemuk

2. Seorang penganggur terulung....

3. Dulu kalo di kelas tido memang dhsyat tahap dewa tapi skorer

4. Pki spek...

5. Aku rasa dia smaken kuat makan sebab tu gemuk...

6. Tinggi dari aku

7. Dulu jadi ketua kelas 3S

8. Pernah nyanyi lagu syed al-qutb tuh.. Sebagai cara mau insafkn kami yang nyanyi lagu lagho

9. Anak major kot.. Bapanya ni slalu naek pangkat..

10. Banyak bah nda ku tau sal ni anak.. ADES!

2 Describe 10 things about you

1. Aku kecil jak.. Saiz nda brubah dari form 2

2. Aku nda bole duduk diam.. Aktif.. HYPERACTIVE

3. Suka makan.. Bila aku mau makan, aku buat apa saja untuk dapat makan...

4. Suka baca buku.. Bila aku suka baca buku, babah senang bagi duit.. Konon mau beli buku.. Padahal p tengok wayang.. hahaha

5. Aku nda suka cicak dan mentadak (ka mentadu???Ntahla apa namanya tuh.. Praying mantis tue)..

6. Aku menghargai LIFE sangat2, sebab aku hampir2 kehilangannya suatu masa dulu.. Nda jugak la lama dulu...

7. Aku nda suka LIARS!!!!! Hate them so0o0o0o0 much.. Go to the hell fire... hahaha

8. I'm a chocolate addict!!! Regular cravings with no withdrawal symptoms...

9. Aku obses dengan toddlers..

10. Aku ada multiple personality disorder... You can see me in different modes and versions hehe

#3 at the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. c PAH
2. Anea Hayati
3. Hayati Hanuni
4. Ateeq
5. Afiq bukan Hazwan
6. Polo destroyer
7. Azwin Jundiyana
8. Shahmin
9. Sha Aiman
10. hurm... banyak jugak.. cukup la ba sembilan...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Because Of You...

Amboi gelak.. happy skang.. tau la ade tut...

Friend: Jiji sehat?
Jiji : Sehat je.. Nape??
Friend: Takde la.. Ingat kan tengah angau...

Hehe these are the words from my friends that make me laugh when they appear in my mind.. Adoi.. It seems that many of my friends had misunderstood my hearty laughters that have been long absent since... well... having many problems with you-know-what. But actually this happiness is something that is natural and should not be attributed to the presence of one person alone.. I think actually I finally found the balance in my life...

The inner peace from the connection you made with our Creator; Allah s.w.t

The love network that gives you the sense of belonging to those around you; beloved family, caring friends, that special someone (hurm???)

Having an inner satisfaction from the things you love to do;for my part.. hiking, volleyball, study.. (I can be very studious when I want to and that time I am swithced to my NERDY mode when I have my spectacles on hehe)

Honestly, last time I was so0o0o0o0 spouse-centered. I’ve made my love life as a different element of my life and had set all other components (family, friends and the things I enjoy to do)stacked together and tried my best to adjust everything so that I can enjoy my love life and the other elements.. For instance, if there was a week semester break, half of it would be spent on the ‘other elements’ and half of it is totally his... And another stupid thing is that, every time when I have problem with my love life I would.. em.. well.. had minor headache and then I felt chills and then you can find me wrapped inside my blue blanket.. How negatively I reacted when how I response is actually totally in my hands and is fully my decision... hurm...

So now I finally found balance.. Lesson learnt..

My prepaid credits are not solely for that special someone, it is now mostly spent for my dear mommy babah and pijah hehe I always call them these days and have good chats, share gossips (not with babah of course), ask for their opinion.. I’m very updated with everything that’s going on in my family.. Both immediate and also distant relatives.. Hurm.. I’m now much much much closer to them.. Well, I’m a very family person.. But now I’ve just become a SUPER FAMILY PERSON..

I’m also in constant contact with friends from school.. I regularly chat with them in YM. Keep them updated with the things revolving in this beautiful life of mine.. Sending SMS to fellow friends at least once a week has also become a habit.. Sometimes I would just send them lovely quotes or just a simple word “I MISS YOU..... Hehe And one thing that have made me so touched was when a good friend called me all the way from UK.. And I’m also happy when friends from school still find me when they need someone they want to share their problem with.. I’m still safe in their hearts.. Oh yeah somestimes I also discuss about study with them..

And then these days I’m always doing the things I love to do and had kept my life active all the way.. You can never find me in my room during weekends.. I’ll be out with my friends to enjoy our free time with the things we love like jungle trekking, kayaking, bowling.. etc.. FUN is of course one thing that evidently gained.. But what is most precious is that we are much much closer too.. I really think that now we are in third year, we shared a lot of things in common.. We also developed the same attitude.. Only third year girls know what it is hehehe

In terms of study.. Luckily I can also find balance and able to justify my hectic life with my study.. One good thing about being busy is that it helps me to be more organized.. Although sometimes I’m not.. But I’m gradually improving (I think..) But really.. When you got everything done.. Pergh.. The satisfaction is just like you’ve just found GOLD after rigorous digging.. But really, to be triumphant in study.. I’ll have to work harder...

So enough with all the babling.. So dear friends.. Please.. Don’t think I’m happy just because of one person..