Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morning Malaysia!!!!!

Hurm.. Morning! (^^)V
Woke up quite early today to surf some stuffs for my literature search... I just want to share this catchy love quote that I got somewhere from the internet... I just think it's a nice quote :-)
"Love is not about finding the right person, it's about how both work together to make the relationship right for them; Love is not about how much love you've felt in the beginning, it's about how much you built to the end"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pharmacy Sports in UITM \(^^)/


Now here I am to tell you the once upon a time story of the victory in UITM hehehe
Well, it’s still vivid in my mind the day when Anea wanted me to give her the list of players for volleyball. I was still in dilemma whether to play futsal or volley that time but my intuition said “Lets give volley a try..” There was no volleyball last year so this time I think I will play volley. I was quite motivated by my devastating performance in Kuantan open.. For this one, I just want to do a good come-back.. Regain focus…

During Dr Razak class, while my eyes was fixed on the LCD screen.. My mind was actually trying to register who are the potential players.. One by one the name appeared..

Kak Maryam Omar
Kak Maryam Musa
Kak Nini

Settled.. I thought with a sigh of relief

I tried my best to provide us sufficient training but I think I didn’t achieve that because I could not commit with the training and had to run back and forth from the volleyball training to Taman Bandar for a jog which was a preparation for Irau expedition. But I am really touched with my team’s commitment and enthusiasm. They do digging even when it was windy and the ball tends to go astray. They tried their serve so that it went right. I’m so proud of them… :-)

So the day of the tournament finally came. I silently predicted of the winning as my eyes glanced at each team that was practicing in the court. I don’t want to blurt it out because I was afraid my confidence might give pressure to anybody in the team. There are some people who are like that right? Yeah.. when you put hope, then they’ll get depressed.. So to avoid that I just remain silent.

Our first match with cyberjaya was quite shocking. We performed quite badly at first.. I think we were nervous that time because almost all of our second balls were sent out. Hurm.. but finally we manage to win YEAY!!!!

UITM was the toughest. We played 3 sets. I was so afraid that time because we usually lose during the 3rd set. The team has the history of not having good mental preparation. But this time it went off fine.. Instead I was the one who was mentally disturbed for a while. The UITM guys were trying at their best effort to let me lost my concentration..


Luckily my dearest loyal friends came and cheered us up, yelling on top of their lungs that all of start to gain spirit again. KORANG MEMANG PENYOKONG YANG HEBAT!!!!

I enjoyed the game with USM to0. But I really really wanted the game to end quickly because it was already hot. I’m reversed from ultraman.. When I’m exposed to the sun, I’ll be very weak and sleepy… Hehehe So I was like “Cepat abeskan game nie wei.. Da panas.. Gg X leh panas nie..” hehehe

So finally the gold medal was ultimately ours.. I’m so0o0o0 happy about it even until today.. Even as I’m typing about it right now, my lips is carved with a smile :-)

Hurm.. I was quite sad to know that there are some people who had negatively react on our winning in a friend’s blog.. saying that there were only few teams and we are all too over-excited about it whereas it is actually not a big thing..

Well, I just want to say.. All of us put a lot of effort.. With the exam just within one week time, our precious time should have been devoted for studying but we went to the sports carnival instead to play for Kuliyyah of Pharmacy.. The winning was a bonus.. That’s why we are so0o0o0 excited.. one is because to have made the time spent in uitm as worthy.. second is to have proven that IIUM pharmacy student can do it!

Lets be proactive dan bersangka baik. I’m just so0o0o0 kesian to those being condemned with harsh words regarding this sports carnival issue.. say it in a nice way if you want to say something because when it’s your turn to have been criticized right in front of your face, then you’ll know how it hurts.. Anyway saying things in a nicer way can be more motivating and encouraging you see :-)

O yeah thanx to zaki who’d provide us with delectable dinner… Enak!!!!!!!

The link to my volley pics in flikr-->>

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cameron Highlands Adventure!!! YEAY!!!!

I just realized how active my classmates are with their blogs. There are some new comers to0.


I, on the other hand, had left this blog dormant for quite a while. I’m drained of ideas and just don’t have the time to type stuffs that are hovering in my mind which I can’t wait to brag especially about the WINNING in UITM in which I was THE CAPTAIN.. Hahaha I’m still so0o0o0 excited about it. Sorry if it sounds boasty :-P

For this entry I want to share with you about my trip to Cameron highlands. My SUPERB ESCAPADE! A blend of adventure, tranquility and….

Unfortunately, I can't upload the pics here so I just link you guys to my flickr okay :

We depart from Amar’s house on Saturday afternoon. With five of us in the Hyundai Getz, the boot was stuffed with our bags and equipments for hiking. The journey to Cameron Highlands was supposed to be around 4-5 hours but because it was the Chinese New Year holiday, the traffic was sluggish and we only manage to arrive there around 6.30 pm.

At first we intended to hike along with the other participants up the Mount Brinchang but we haven’t performed our prayers yet when we arrived.. so0o0, we decided to just drive to the peak because if they were to wait for us, it would be too dark during the climb. SAFETY FIRST :-) Actually, our hearts were heaped with guilt back then but I really hope they understand… And I think they did because when we arrived at the camp site that night, we were welcomed with warm smiles from our dear friends :-)

The real aim of the program was actually to conquer the top of Mount Irau. A quick fact about Irau

“Mount Irau which rises at 6666 feet above sea level (2031.8 m) is located at Cameron Highlands. Its cold and breezy climate is one of the challenges that have to be faced by climbers…. The peak is well known for its scenic and majestic view…”


So that Sunday we woke up early to cook breakfast and also lunch.. Oh yeah, some even woke up EARLIER to find a suitable isolated spot for personal business.. Haha get what I mean? It was icy cold and I could feel my lips and nose numbed by the chill. Everybody was clad in their sweaters and some even cover their face with ski mask. So0o0 COLD!

It was raining as we climb the mountain. I was so careless to have not bought a rain coat. I was all drenched and my soaked sweater had added some weight onto me. Quite irritated deep within but my mistake, so it was me who had to endure the soppy clothe that kept me in

The rain really got us worried because most of the participants were first-timers… The routes which were supposed to be easy were wet and slippery. The hike was predicted to be simple but the opposite was happening. But CONGRATULATION TO ALL!! All of us manage to reach the top and enjoy our lunch up there… My greatest GRATITUDE to Shifaa’s group for letting me eat their lunch.. Kentang ko sedap tol ar shifaa!!!! My taste buds kept them in memory hehehe

I was among the last to descend from the peak so I arrived at the camp site when it was almost dark. I was all covered by mud..

Believe it or not, I have to perform my prayer that day in this muddy outfit with no socks covering my leg and with Apip’s sweater as my sejadah.. My wudhu??? I ran my hands on the flying sheet of another group of climbers for water... FuYo0o0o0! SURVIVOR!

I prayed next to a tent in which Shifaa and Mida was also praying at the same time. As I was praying in the freezing temperature, suddenly a gush of wind blow from behind. I shivered rigorously.. I would have appreciated that if I had the scorching sun on top of me.. The wind was so violent that I thought the tent beside me would be ripped off from the ground.. I’m not exaggerating…It's TRUE..

That night the temperature went more cruel that we could not sleep.. Judin put it as “Kesejukan yang menyeksakan.. Tidur yang menyeksakan” We just can’t wait for the sun to rise. We rubbed tiger balm onto our legs and hands, but its heat was no match for the merciless coldness that was gnawing on our skin and biting our bones…. Biting our bones???? hehehe

So finally, the sun came out to save us the cute and innocent climbers :-P before sun rise, we rushed to a tower that was located less than 1 km from our camp site. But we went up quite late that we missed the striking orange color of the early sun rays that morning. When we reached the top of the tower, it was already foggy and not to forget WINDY… The temperature up there was estimated to be around 8C.. Icy cold, but it was quite refreshing up there although our sight was limited by the fog. We stayed there for about half an hour.. .

Next we enjoyed our last breakfast on top of Brinchang.. Bihun Abang Man sangat SEDAP… And so is Spaghetti Bolognaise Amar :-) Thank you for sharing hehe

Amar, Atiya, Judin, Mida and I went back by car, just like how we have arrived… We went to the BOH tea farm and had ice cream.. TQ to Judin who was the sponsor :-) and then we also stopped to shop a little bit.. I bought a strawberry pillow for myself, a tissue box cover for babah and mommy (I can’t find anything suitable for people in their age), paper clips for my friends and a box of rose tea for my nuisance cousin Pijah :-p

TQ Amar for the great hospitality and for willing to drive us to Irau.. Sorry I spilled the nescafe... TQ Mida who had finally decided to join us after a lot of twisting and turning.. And Atieya do join us again next time :-)

Hurm.. I guess that’s all about my Cameron Highlands trip.. This is one chapter that I’ll remember forever :-) labeled as: HAPPY MOMENTS

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deep Thought...

I've so0o0o0 many things to share actually but don't have the time to write on them..

->> ARC Family Day in Cherating...

->> Mount Irau Expidition...

->> National Pharmacy Sports at UITM (where we won GOLD for VOLLEY.. I'm da captain hahaha)

I think I'm going to pool them all in one entry in the future :-P

In this entry I just want to share an expression from Imam Al-Ghazali... I hope we all can grasp its deepest meaning :-)

Carilah hatimu pada tiga tempat...

Cari hatimu sewaktu bangun membaca AL-QURAN

Jika kau tidak temui, cari hatimu ketika mengrjakan SOLAT

Jika kau tidak temui, cari hatimu ketika duduk TAFAKUR mengingati MATI

Jika kau tidak temui juga, maka BERDOALAH kepada ALLAH,

Pinta hati yang BARU kerana hakikatnya pada ketika itu kau tidak mempunyai HATI....

Hurm.. PONDER....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life is not made easy... But I think it is made beautiful...

When we are tested... Not only that we are given LESSON... But also a 'place' higher than where we were before.... Just beautiful.... 5 short stories that I think worth to ponder about...

Story 1: I walk down a street, and there's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. It takes forever to get out. It's not my fault.

Story 2: I walk the same street. I fall in the hole again. It still takes a long time to get out. It's my fault

Story 3: I walk the same street. I fall in the hole again. It's becoming a habit. It is definitely my fault. I get out immediately.

Story 4: I walk down the same street and see the deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Story 5: I walk down a different street...

How many times would we allow ourselves to fall into the same hole again and again????

When it comes to achieving our dreams.. It's okay to fail again and again.. But when it comes to our MISTAKES... Once should be adequate.. :-P

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Got Back From Kenyir!!! Yeay!!!

Hye dear friends :-) I'm obviously in a HappY haPPy HappY mode right now.. Life has been great with lots of smiles and laughters :-)

As the title says up there... I just got back from Kenyir.... Last weekend was one memorable one... It was a kayak expidition program that got my skin really tanned and my whole body aching! But it was one worthy thing to do...

Well... My friends and I arrived later than the other participants.. We had this thing call "problem-based learning" until 5pm that friday so we have to drive there by ourselves... A thousand thanks to our HEROES Farisfitri and Apip who were willing to drive us there and fullfil our dreams We depart at 6.30 pm and arrived at 12 am.. We stopped twice to pray and eat and the heavy rain kind of slow us down a little bit... But it was really great to ride the boat to Pulau Poh at midnight.. I was fantasizing myself being in Forks hahaha

I was very touched to see Don Madi Judeng and Pejon waiting for us upon arrival at Pulau Poh hehe we got them worried because the journey was not supposed to be that long hehe Thanks korang... Hehe we were indeed tired and weary but Mida and I stayed up until 2 am to watch the guys fishing... Bad and Cop showed me how to catch Toman by using anak ikan keli as the bait...

It was drizzling when I got up that morning.. With my baggy eyes, I slowly pace towards the 'kitchen' to help my groupmates cook breakfast.. Our menu that morning was Cop's nasi Goreng kampong n Judeng's nasi goreng Thai.. Dengan penuh semangat dan keyakinan... Dua jejaka Melayu ini berjaya menghasilkan nasi gorneg yang SODAP! :-) BuUuUuUuUuRPPP!!!!!

The rain that morning really made me anxious. I don't want the kayak expidition to be cancelled again.. But Alhamdulilah it finally stopped at 9 am and we head towards the jetty where we would start kayaking :-) Best!!! We had a water confident activity and I was already shivering because the water was icy cold!!!!!!

After 2 hours of rigorous rowing, we finally reach the island that have this beautiful waterfall.. BEST!!!!!!! On the second day we had jungle trekking and spent hours swimming in the lake... Luckily no one got bitten by encik TOMAN!!!!

* The program was actually on 9-11 January but I was deprived from posting this because I just can't upload the pics huhu