Thursday, December 24, 2009

23 years old~

Thank you Allah~

For the loving family that works authentic joy throughout my existence
For blessing me with people who would love me unconditionally and without conditions.
For bestowing me the gift of people who embrace my past, my present and my future and take them as an intricate details of who I am~

Thank you for all the plans You've made for me.. Throughout happiness and laughters.. Throughout turmoils and difficulties.. I now realize that those are the beautiful fate that You've sewn to my life from the choices that I've made. Those are also the light that would direct me to Your path~ Forgive me for the times when I failed to see~

Thank you for letting me walk this path (life) for 23 years.. Thank you for giving me the chance to take pleasure from all the bounties.. The fresh air you let me breathe.. The perfectly functioning and healthy body.. The fine mind and clarity.. And most of all for giving me the chance to live as Muslim~

I'll continue walking now~ until I reach the end of my journey in this path~ I'll never know if I'm actually running out of time~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Them Children~

O0o0 how I miss them children~

This is a pic taken during a family dinner in a restaurant by the seaside.. It was windy and that's why their hair are so0o0o0 messy haha

Well, during the previous semester break~ that was the first time ever I'd to babysit my neice and nephew all by myself. Their mother just got a job as a receptionist in a hotel in town so I was fully in charge of the kids. When she was a housewife, I was only helping her out on some of the babysitting duty~

I'm the kind who would doze off after everybody went off to work to add some extra hours to my sleep before waking up to finish all chores that are left for me. But this habit was totally purged. As I was about to close my eyes, I could feel four tiny hands tickling my body.. And then two soft voices whispered on both ears saying

"Autny gg... We're hungry~"
and there I was forcing myself out from the heavenly nest to fix the two lovely children their first meal of the day..

Not only that I have to sacrifice my sleep, but I was surprised how my general knowledge was tested by these kids. They're in the age where they would say whatever they like to say, and ask whatever they like to ask.. And since their questions are quite tricky and too creative, so we'll have to provide a creative answer too.. Or at least try~

It was during an Aidil Adha celebration at Mom's office and a guy who was carrying the cow's limb passed right in front of me and cheche..

Cheche : Eeewww.. What's that?

GG : That's the cow's leg.
Cheche : What's that black thing?

GG : That's the hoof..

Cheche : Like our foot?? Or like our shoe??

GG : *confuse* It's like our foot but because they don't h
ave shoes so it is made harder. So.. you can say it's like a foot and at the same time it's the shoe~ <- LAME
Cheche : I'm not going to eat that~

I was in front of the TV watching a documentary about whales with Kimi.. I wanted to know whether Kimi really understand what the narrator was talking so I asked him some simple questions

"Wa!! Is that a giant fish??" "That's a whale~"
"Does it eat people??"
"If you swim near it, it will eat you"

"It lives in the ocean or in the river??"
"Ocean~ river is too small"

I was quite impressed with his answers although his tone was like "hish, itu pon nda tau ka aunty gg ni~?"

Then comes the killer quesion for

"Aunty gg, why does the whale spray out the water from its head??"

Luckily I knew the answer fuuuuuh~ I used to have a series of books about animals so I happen to remember that small detail about the whale...

Aha! This also reminds me of this one occasion when I w
as a substitute teacher in a primary school in Labuan~ It was a science class in 2 ikhlas and the topic for that day was "SEED"

"Seed itu biji benih~ Siapa bole bagitau cikgu buah-buahan yang ada biji benih??"

"Durian!!" "Rambutan!!" "Jambu!!" "Ciku!!!"

Suddenly a student name Musa raised his hand to ask a question

GG : Musa ada soalan?

Musa :
Cikgu kalau buah macam pisang tu kan tiada biji benih.. Macam mana lah kita mau tanam??

Haha I won't tell you what answer did I gave to that cute little boy~ My answer was definitely WRONG and PLAIN STUPID!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Movie List~

Hye!!!! I'm actually very excited about this~ I've been searching the 2010 movie list all over the internet and even watched some of the trailers in youtube~ So here goes the movie list!!!!

1. Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp (My Boipren huahua).. I'm really looking forward to see his character in this movie because he did a brilliant one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

2. Iron Man 2. I have no idea what's this movie is about but since the previous iron man was a blast, I hope this one is just the same or even better!

3. Season of the Witch starring Nicholas Cage (Nicholas Cage kan slalu besh~) "To save mankind these warriors must pass through hell" The trailer was not that intriguing but I think I'll give this movie a try just because I'm a fan of Nicholas Cage

4. Twilight Saga: Eclipse~ I haven't read the book but I'll make sure I finish it before the movie~ Owh Edward ku~~~

5. Shrek Forever and After~ I'm also not sure how this one goes but it's like Shrek is trapped in a different world where ogre is hunted and oppressed instead being the one being feared~ This one is going to be GREAT just like the other Shrek movies!!!

6.Toy Story 3~ I think it has been like 8, 9 or ten years since the release of Toy story 2 and in this one andy is already a young adult who is going for college~ Hurm in the 2nd Toy story Woody was afraid that he'll be thrown away when andy grow up and was about to be sent to a museum in Japan~ But then he decided to just stay and watch Andy grow~ think this one is going to be sad~ wuwuwu T_T

7. Avatar the last airbender.. This is from an animated series in Nickelodeon.. Kartun dia mmg best sgt~ So I have high expectation for this one

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow: Part I~ Kalo ikot buku~ this final book is the BEST!! But the previous movie Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince was crap.. Keluar air mata ku sebab mengantok~ But since they're making two parts out of this last book, maybe there'll be more scenes yang best2~

9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn~ I don't know how the story line is but I think Narnia is always co0l so yeah~ this one is a must-see for me!

O ya~ I actually did not arrange this according to their month of release but I'm pretty sure that the last two movies will be at the end of the year.. To keep track with their release.. Do bookmark the cinemaonline in your internet browser~ hehe that's how my friends and I got so0o0o0 updated~

Hehe akhirnya blog ini berinformasi juga~ hehe :P berinformasi hiburan haha :P

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kek Batik Umi~

This is the simplest cake in the world hehe Here goes~


1. 1 ketul Buttercup
2. 4 biji telur
3. 1 tin susu pekat
4. 1 cawan milo
5. 1 cawan air
6. Serbuk koko
7. Biskut Marrie Sepaket (patah dua ye~)

Cara Membuat~

1. Panaskan kuali.. Make sure api kamu SUPER KECIL!

2. Cairkan Buttercup.. Masukkan telur satu persatu and make sure gaul campuran itu! Time ni kalo nampak telur tu da berketul2, maksudnye api kuat sangat... Kecilkan api.. Kalo ketul-ketul itu smaken banyak~ maksudnye kek kamu bakal x jadik~ huhuhu

3. Masukkan susu dan air secawan.. Gaul~ gaul~ gaul~

4. Masukkan milo.. Gaul~ gaul~gaul~

5. Last skali, masokkan serbuk koko~ Yang ni terpulang la berapa banyak~ Kalo suka pahit2 sikit, banyak kan la~ hehe And beware! Kalo pakai serbuk Vochelle~ huhu alangkah pahitnya!!! so0o0o0 guna sikit saja tau~

6. Tunggu sampai campuran jadi likat dan mendidih~ Beware!!! Masa campuran mendidih, ada yang akan melompat ke tangan anda yang sedang menggaul~ Kalo tak tahan panas, pakai la long sleeve ye~

7. Dah cam likat2 sikit, tutup la api... Tunggu sejuk sikit~ pastu gaul dengan biskut marie~ Pastu dah habes gaul, masuk kan la dalam tray~ Pastu masukkan dalam peti ais~ VOILA!!!!!! SIAP!!!!!


Biskut marie tu kalo kurang sangat nanti kek jadi lembik~ So kalo nak lebih coklat, kurang biskut, kene pandai2 agak~

Selamat Mencuba!!! Confirm success sebab my friend berjaya buat dengan instruction through sms je hehe :P

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Songs before the semester starts~

My exam result was dreadful~ It gave me all the reason to feel so dejected~ I opened it in front of my cousin Nurul and that was quite embarassing since the grades are quite ugly hehe But luckily "Meet the Robinsons" was on Disney channel that time and seeing the extremely positive attitude of the Robinsons not only tickles my funny bone but it also somehow washed away my sorrow~ heee

There was this scene when Louis aka Cornellius failed to fix this gun look-alike thingy used to spread peanut butter and all the family cheered him up for failing.. Well, they were not sarcastically mocking him of course~ Mrs. Robinson said~

"When you fail you learn a lot, when you succeed.. hurm~ not so much. You know what my husband always say KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!!"

Yeah~ failure is the best teacher.. If we don't learn from it, we'll never go beyond where we are now, right..??

Anyway here are two beautiful soundtracks of the movie~ Lyrics are included here.. LET'S SING ALONG!!!!! heee (^^)v

Rob Thomas~ Little Wonders

let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder
don’t you know the hardest part is over
let it in, let your clarity define you
in the end, we will only just remember how it feels

our lives are made,in these small hours
these little wonders, these twists & turns of fate
time falls away, but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

let it slide, let your troubles fall behind you
let it shine until you feel it all around you
and i don’t mind
if it’s me you need to turn to
we’ll get by, it’s the heart that really matters in the end

our lives are made, in these small hours
these little wonders, these twists & turns of fate
time falls away, but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

all of my regret
will wash away some how
but i can not forget
the way i feel right now

There's A Big Beautiful Tomorrow~

There's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of every day
There's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
And tomorrow's just a dream away

Man has a dream and that's the start
He follows his dream with mind and heart
And when it becomes a reality
It's a dream come true for you and me

So there's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of every day
There's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
Just a dream away

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I wanna~

1. Bungee Jumping!!!!!

2. I want to be high up in the sky without having an oval glass in front of my nose.. I think skydiving or a ride on a hot air balloon will do~ heee (^^)v

3. I want to go fishing in the deep sea and catch a fish that's as big as ME!!!!!!! and of course take pictures with my catch~

4. I want to be a pro in paintball hehe

5. Conquer all G7!!! When I'm old and weak~ I can brag to my grandchildren that I conquered all G7 (haha niat x betol neh~)

6. I want to go for a Europe Tour!!! \(^^)/ I have two plans; with shifaa and Awe and another one with Zeq.. Zeq and I already discussed the matter quite seriously. We picked which countries to go, our means of transportation and I even promised to learn spanish haha I'm not sure which one is going to come true but I'll make sure this one will become a reality!!!! YOSH!!!!!

U.K.. Ireland.. France.. Spain.. Greece.. Germany.. Sweden.. Switzerland~ Italy is reserved for another trip :P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Their way~ what about ours???

This chapter of my life actually set back in 2007 when Labuan was selected to host the "Sukan Paralimpik Zon Sabah Sarawak".. Mom was the head committee for the catering and I was unofficially designated as her loyal assistant hehe~

It was just the begining of the long semester break and since the briefing for all committees were done during my final, so I've missed the part where the committees were trained on how to deal with disabled athletes.. My part was to distribute food so I actually interact directly with all the athletes when it was time for meal. The tough part of this job was mom and I had to rush to all different venues.

It was a very memorable event.. So much different than all the events that I've participated in life. This was where I met Pakcik Budi, a one-legged musician who won against two-legged athletes in badminton. This was where I met Mahathir, a sweet boy who's much much better than me in ten pin bowling.. I wrote about these wonderful people in my old blog~

The first day of the event was quite a shock for me.. I didn't have a slight idea that it would be so0o0o0 challenging.. Being committee in lots of p
rogram wasn't enough to prepare myself for this one.. As catering, I was only expecting to just pass the polystyrine to the athletes.. But it was more than just that..

For the blind, you have to tell them it's food and help them grip the spoon and then if there's sambal in the meal, then you'll have to ask whether they eat spicy food or not and if not, you must help them remove the sambal.. And then there were the deaf, the down syndrome, the crippled , the limbless and many more.. They have different needs and have to be treated differently..

So0o0o0 it was on the first day that I encountered these adorable things.. I was giving out some refreshments when the athletes from different parts of Borneo arrived that evening~ I was handing over a plastic filled with food to a deaf teenage boy (since he's deaf so he can't talk as well) and after taking the plastic he said "Aaaaaa" while patting my shoulder..

I thought he needed water "Mau air ka?? Sekejap ah~"

But then I heard a voice from behind saying "Dia cakap terima kasih bha tu~" It was his coach. And I was like "Owh~ ok~ heee sama-sama" and patted the boy's shoulder..

And then while giving food to a group of 'special' children, they hop around happily while
clapping their hands. At first, I thought it was a beginning of tantrums but then I found that was their way of saying thanks. Well, what surprised me most was that I continue to encounter all these gestures throughout the 5 days.. They never stop doing them everytime I pass the food...

You know what, when my mom first signed me up for the catering job for that event, I thought the job was so minor that I wouldn't have the chance to get involve with the athletes. But my perception was wallowed when these athletes were actually so grateful and did all those things just to show how happy they were with the small duty that I was obliged to do..
You see, these athletes were so sweet.. They appreciated even the smallest things done to them..

Trying to say thanks even when they can't talk..

Trying to say thanks
with thumbs up...

Trying to say thanks with a simple hug..

Yeah~ that's their way~ But what about us...? Our gratiude can be expressed with simple words that could be expelled in a split second but we often forget to do so especially for simple things done for us~ 1 thing these special people taught us was "there's nothing too small to be least appreciated"

I said this once in my old blog and am going to say this again

"Isn't it amazing how the people who have less could taught us a lot more about life..?? Isn't it amazing, though they're not meant to understand, but never forget what they were taught~ ? Their senses and figures may not be made perfect.. But their souls are so pure.. And that's why they deserve the word "special""

This post is my response to my dear friend Intan who tagged me to participate in "1 bulan 1 adab" campaign.. I don't have great stories but I think this is an experience worth to share (^^)v

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Besties!!! \(^^)/

Labuan is so0o0o0 hot right now~ I just cancelled my jogging plan because I don't think I can stand the heat~ I don't want to end up thin but have those red spots all over my face plus the prickles from sun burn~ haiyak~ So I guess I'll just update this blog with some details about this semester break...


22 Nov 2009~

My flight was delayed on the 21st and I reached home at midnight~ I was tired~ But that didn't stop me from waking up early the next day to see these beautiful girls!!!!!!

We had lunch at Pizza Hut and were too carried away chit chatting that we forgot to take pics.. hehe gossips were told... secrets were shared... All stories since our last meeting were fed to each other within the precious hours.. The afternoon was just SPLENDID.. Then we went to watch "the Christmas Carol"...

Pah, aku nda tau kenapa this pic is so0o0o0 small~

I just found out that my besties are also game arcade fanatics like me~ hehe they no longer use tokens in 1 Borneo but use card instead.. See the card I'm holding?? I bought that for rm13 and there are 10 points inside.. You just have to insert the card into an inlet and press a button to start the game.. NEAT!!! We assigned Pah as the General Card Holder so Pah, jangan lupa bawak tu kad everytime we meet up!!! hehe I've another card for a game arcade chain in Indonesia~ hehe

Aimi and I are both "anak polis" and we paired in Time Crisis to rescue the president hehe
We proceed until stage 2!!!! But we were in a hurry that evening so we couldn't continue~ wuwuwu T_T

Pah.. Aimi.. Sebenarnya~ aku suda habis maen ni Time Crisis dari I sampai III in my PS huahuahua Tapi yang kita maen ni Time Crisis 4 kan??? so0o0o0 kira aku nda maen buyuk la~ hehe Kalo I sampai III, I remember all the scenes~ haha
*buyuk: cheat

I really had a good time that day!! We should do this more often!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Music of my Heart

Here is a song that I love so0o0o0 much since primary school~ Nice lyrics, beautiful music (please note the guitar part!!! very beautiful) and I think Daren Hayes sang this song with full emotion. I can actually feel the 'love' radiating from his voice~ Chewah!!!

It's really weird how some song could last for decades while some in a few months~ Well, most songs today are like so short-lived.. A friend's brother once said

"The songs nowadays have no soul.. No soul in their lyrics.. No soul in their music.. No soul in the singer itself.. They rush to produce a song.. Listen to old songs~ You'll definitely find this 'soul' I'm talking about"

Monday, November 23, 2009

My 2 wishes~

I was strolling happily between the book shelves in a shop in LCCT when I saw these two books. Both look appealing from the outside; obviously judging the books by their covers~ And when I turned the books to look at their price~ RM 70~ huhu normal for new release huhu Anyway here are the synopsis

This book tells a story about a rich girl who only thinks about today and now and never worries about the future. Suddenly her fate twisted and everything in her life fall apart. Then she discovers this mysterious book in a travelling library and the book shakes her world to its core~ something like that~

Actually, I first saw the book during my class visit in Penang. Mitch Albom is one of my favorite author and I have all his books!!! This one is more interesting.. Well, Albom is renown as an author who touches about the things that matters in life and in this piece he tells the story about two different people of different faith in their journey in finding life's purpose. What's unique about the book is the appearance itself. It look just like an old abandoned diary; really makes me feel like opening every page to unravel all the secrets that's kept in it~

Huhu my birthday is coming~ 22nd December 2009 and I really hope to get these books as presents haha So to friends who can't think of any gift to give me, I want these books~ I'll try to ask my parents if they can give me these as presents haha desperate sangat!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Me.. My friends..The Germans.. and Funfair..

It's raining outside~ I'm freezing (sedang bersweater dan berstokin) and literally lonely~ everybody went home today.. I decided to go home tomorrow because I thought I needed some rest and some time to pack since the journey would be lengthy, tiring, boring and too many transits~

I just can't believe it's already the end of my sem I~ I think my rajin seperti lebah didn't really work that well because I think I did badly in this final~ Adoiyai~ I'm going to have to prepare myself mentally to face the ugly result so I
don't get angina pectoris~ huhu

Anyway~ Yesterday was a blast!! After MCQ, my friends and I went straight to ECM to do some shopping~ Then we spent 2 chatty hours in Coffee Street.. Well we had our laughs but I was sort of "in my own world" because the Germans were playing against Ivory Coast on the screen. It was not a live match but I was all excited because the last match I watched them play was last year's EURO: Germany vs. Spain


That night Abang was too tired to watch t
he final with me.. He had to do an overtime and went straight to bed after work. So, mom kindly offered herself to join me that night so there we were mengangkat tilam depan TV dekat ruang tamu~ I was high-spirited because I had high hopes.. I was clad in my German's jersey and really really looking forward to watch them win after years and years of waiting (I used to be a Brazil fan but changed to Germany since form 4~ But they never win and always got 2nd or 3rd)

"Ok mommy!!! Kita sokong putih tau!! PUTIH!!!!"

A few minutes after the game

"Adik.. Yang merah ni hensem2 la~ Pastu drg mcm lagi laju jak~ muda2~ Mommy sokong merah la~ Adik sokongla putih"

h~ what a betrayal!!!!

I didn't care~ No handsome Iker Cassilas and No macho David Villa can stir my loyalty towards the Germans~ NO!! NEVER!!!!

And then my hopes were jeopardized when that quite cute blonde Torres tricked Pak Leman and scored the not-so-cool-to-me goal~ blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comAnd guess what?? I'd a fever the next day~ hahaha I don't know why I love the Germans so much~ I think they're just awesome~ Their football team is awesome~ their cars are like so0o0 classy~ Mercedes, BMW, Audi!!! Huargh!!! and adidas is so0o0o0 co0l too hehe

So back to the future~

Last night was a BLAST!!! after the dinner, we went straight to the funfair~ It was unplanned but the bumper car was tempting~ actually the bumper car was quite lousy.. Hard to maneuver and we were driving at one side only because we can't maneuver the cars to the other side of the square.

We really really wanted to ride the orbiter since it is known to have made our friends vomit but we were full and I was wearing a skirt and Shifaa and Rei were wearing Jubah~ But that didn't stop us from riding this ferris wheel look-alike ride only that it is faster and senget and begoyang goyang~ The lock was quite scary and Rei and I sort of freaked out a little bit and actually mengucap before the ride starts hahaha

And there we were screaming~ haha not out of fear of course.. It was a golden opportunity to scream our hearts out after all of the frustrating papers.. But the "YEAY!!" and "AAAARGGGHH!!!" turned to "alamak kaen aku!!!!!!!!" hohoho!!!

We rode the thing twice to grant Zati's wish who also wanted to ride the thing but had remained quiet and only watched us play during the first time.. Kesian zati~ Laen kali luahkan tau (^^)

So0o0 that's all for Me.. My Friends.. The Germans.. and Funfair~
Sayang betol takde gamba~ Kesian Awe..

Monday, November 16, 2009

SMSL Beauties~

Hey single ladies~~~ exclude Eyah (yang kiri skali.. she's engaged haha jatuh saham c eyah)

I want you girls to know~ I MISS ALL OF YOU!!!

Wah!! muda lagi kita tym nih~ haha skang muda lagi bha~

Young at heart tu yang penting~ (^^)v

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aku Rinduuuu~ Sungguh aku rinduuuu~

Recently my mind is plagued with the weird cravings~ Not for chocolate~ I always manage to satisfy the stomach-wise hunger (or is it tastebud-wise???)... But it's the forsaken passion~ or is it the forsaken PASSIONSSSS

I really miss my Karate days~ I miss the trainings, the tournaments, the lepak lepak~ huhu I really do~

I miss kumite~ I miss katta~ I miss all the fun and loving people in the club...
Ina, Max and Sue~ My besties in Karate~

I really wish I could continue with karate~ Maybe when I work in KL, I'll do a comeback~ Maybe I'll try to talk to Izan's sensei to join Shotokan training this holiday.. One training will be just enough to satisfy my thirst to actually do the moves~

I miss Handball too..

is is the picture taken before our final game during form 5.. We won of course hehe

About a year ago I joined the UIA Masum team training in Gombak~ Just for fun..Just one training anyway~ That was when I felt different~ Different in the sense that my stance were weakened~ yeah~ when you're right-handed then you tend to use your left leg a lot during the game~ huhu

Em~ I'm missing volleyball too..

Well, I only manage to join 1 training this semester~ urgh!!!!

The classes and attachments are seriously draining my energy~ huhuhu and there's no tournament~ And I even missed the selection session for a coming tournament~ But never mind because I'll miss a week class and a hospital attachment if I join that one~ Malas aku mau pi attachment sorang2~

I miss the mountains too..

Huhu luckily I get to climb Mount Bunga Buah heee (^^)v So many things deprived us from organizing progams~ H1n1 lah~ and then come puasa and raya~ and then quiz and then visit~ macam2.. I hope the Tapis expedition will proceed as planned this December... Please please pretty please with a juicy red cherry on top~

Hurm~ what's more irritating besides not being able to do all these things~ It's the fat deposits in my body which is of course so0o0o0o0 visible from the outside!!!!! urgh!!!!!!!! Buwek buwek!!!!!!!