Monday, February 11, 2008

Cikimi Cikimi

A minute with my beloved niece and nephew…

One afternoon in our kampung during Hari Raya…

Kimi was so carried away with his conversation with a male cat and clearly oblivious that I was eavesdropping.

Kimi: Hi cat!

Cat: *Stare and blink*

Kimi: What are you doing?

Cat: *No response*

Kimi: Where’s your Mommy?

Cat: *No response*

Kimi: Where’s your Papa?

Cat: *No response*

Kimi: Where’s your “anak”!!? *slightly raising his voice*

Cat: Meow… *seem to be slightly irritated*

Kimi brought his face nearer to the cat and put his mouth right in front of the cat’s ear as if he was going to whisper something


Cat: @#$#%^%*!!!!!!!!!

Kimi got a red flare on his neck. I came to the rescue when the cat attacked

Two days after that at the zoo.

Kimi: Wow!!!! Cow!!! I like cow!!!

Aunty gg: I like cow too. We can eat its meat. Cow is good J

Kimi: No!!! Cow no scratch people…