Monday, January 7, 2008

Sepanjang Pagi d PANCHING

Hehe Best2 Muka x sabar mo mandi!!!

Majestic kan... Cm dlm LOTR lak aku rasa hehehe D perkampungan ELVES

Jambatn Tamparuli kah ini???

The 1 ringgit tale :)

Em.. I just got something to share… Not very much.. But at least there’s something to post :)

I was not very in the mood on that Saturday morning.. I overslept and was brimmed with guilt for not being able to keep my promise to be back before noon to represent my class for a public speaking competition.. I was also upset because zul was not around to company me back to Kuantan or at least to the terminal.. I was walking with this sour look on my face.. My eyes were apparently filled with tears as I walk, feeling so lonely… Stress grew in me as I pace forward towards the bus station.

Another misfortune befalls me as I reached the bus stop… The bus that I was suppose to take just drove away.. “Have to wait…”” I sighed. I took a seat next to a girl at the bus stop. Suddenly the girl politely asked whether I have any change. To her disappointment, I didn’t have any at that time. She then asked again whether she can borrow a 1 ringgit from me. I slipped a note out of my pocket and handed it to her.. A few minutes before that, I’ve prepared the money for the fares for my journey to Pekeliling.. I was so broke at that time. I’ve counted my budget meticulously before leaving max’s room and I was fully aware that giving away my 1 ringgit means I’m short of 1 ringgit for lunch. But I put the thought away thinking that I was not ikhlas to have thought that way.. We chatted while waiting for the next bus to come and the girl was trying very hard thinking of any way she could pay back but I said I don’t mind at that small amount.

So we got on the same bus to terminal putra.. The terminal was surprisingly full with people that morning and the queue was so long.. It was already 11.30 a.m. and I just knew it that I was going to miss the 12 pm bus and maybe won’t even have the chance to have lunch if I take the 2 pm bus. Then suddenly, a hand holding a putra ticket came into my sight. The girl bought me a ticket to kl central. I was so thankful that I blurted thank you for only Allah knows how many times. I wanted to pay her the rest of the fare but she refused.. We alighted the LRT.. I tried to catch up with that girl at KL central but I lost her in the throng of people. I was no longer short of money for lunch and also the ticket saved some of my time so I can munch and enjoy my delectable yee mee mushroom sizzling…

This story is not about me being kind or selfless. What I’m trying to pinpoint is this life is just unpredictable. You sacrificed something necessary for you, then, out of the blue, when it is least expected, Allah will give you more. This story is simple. But what lies behind it, I think, is worth for us all…

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: a glimpse

It is indeed amazing at how fast the time flew. At a blink of an eye, the year 2008 has already opened its gateway for me to start anew. Personally, 2007 is an unforgettable year for me and that is why I am at high spirit to file this recollection of the events that occur in the year that I call “The Noxious Year”.2007, in a nut shell, was a year full of ordeals, lessons and definitely tears.. But I’ve never hated it because the 365 days period was all about knowing the real meaning of life.

1st January 2007…

I started off the year 2007 with two faithful crutches and a leg fully covered with fibre glass plaster of Paris as my very best friends. They were so loyal that they did not leave me even for a second for months!!... Thanks to the two crutches whose names were Tongka and Tongki, I was able to get from one place to another pretty well. Mom and Pijah came to help me with my daily routines and their presence was the real medicine to my grief. I felt very secure and loved at this point because one thing that I couldn’t stand the most was having people who were once strangers do things for me. And of course I’m very grateful to have been blessed with such kind-hearted and caring new family and friends around me

I went to a lot of devastating visits to PPUM. I had my leg x-rayed and had to wait in a long queue for my turn. What’s worst was ending up hearing the awful truth that I was not ready to walk and have to come again next month for another follow-up. I manage to pull back my tears until the fifth visit. I was so distraught at the fact that I will have to rely on my crutches again for another month. I cried all the way home to Puchong and managed to hide my blood shot eyes from Mom. However, I was very sure my bro who was on the wheel noticed me sniffing beside him huhu

The bright side of my mishap was the free time provided by my MC. Actually I was given 3 months MC but I only utilized about three weeks of it to enjoy my days as a temporary OKU. I went to Teluk Cempedak when my friends were busied with Ipharace. From the windshield of the car that we rented, I saw my friends in one of the check point. I didn’t feel so left out that way.. During the Chinese New Year holiday, I got myself on a wheel chair in Midvalley and was very much pleased that there was an acrobatic performance there at that time. I watched two movies as an OKU and also had the opportunity to ride on The Eye on Malaysia giant Ferris-wheel with disabled people privilege :P My bros loved to take me out too. That was because I gave them the special parking for OKU just right in front of the entrance of any shopping mall. In late march, the skin of my axillary was apparently scaly due to my constant… ADVENTURE hehe

In my second last visit, the doctor asked me to walk with only one crutch. So off Tongka go.. Only Tongki was left to serve me. I tested Tongki’s ability to do the “work” on her own in OU that evening. I went there with Zul, Aiman, Pjal and Ayun and I was obviously tired. My t-shirt was drenched with sweat and my chest was heaving, struggling to inhale more air. Whenever we were on the escalator, I took the chance to sit and relaxed. I wished that the escalator was extended so I can sit longer.

A week after that, Tongki were asked to leave and join Tongka at the side of my bed. I felt bad leaving them propped there but they served me well and its time for them to rest. I walked my way that day to my first practical exam. I was very thankful because I desperately needed a pair of functional legs to do my practical. I remember having this odd sensation as I stepped out of my room without my crutches. I felt very light and my arms were relaxed. I descended the stairs with care and there was an odd determination to get to the ground floor. The feeling I had that time was similar to the desire I once had when I badly wanted to score SPM. Yes.. Climbing down the stairs was like SPM…

During my last visit to PPUM, I was asked to bend my knees and squat. I was smiling from ear to ear when the doctor finally declared that I was ready for discharge. Zul and I went to FRIM to celebrate. That time, hiking seem to be the most appropriate way to honor the return of my left leg so we did…

My three months semester break was full of mixed emotions. I was constantly pleading to mom to spend the holiday at her place because I almost died in boredom. But typically mom… I was asked to be patient, to not think about it and try to have some fun. She made it clear that it was all about “my own mental perception and mind settings”. Actually, Dad’s house was and still is literally BORING. Finally tired with my incessant pestering, Dad and Mom provided me with flight tickets that enable me to be at their respective places in alternating weeks. 10 flights all together! YEA!

Luckily there was a 2 weeks school holiday in the middle of the 3 months holiday. Dad opted Manila as our vacation destination. He tried to convince us by saying “Manila is safe.. A friend of mine went there recently.. She told me there were armed security personnels everywhere” Instead of being relieved, Umi and I freaked out. “Bah, when there’s “ARMED SECURITY PERSONNEL” that place is NOT safe. That’s why they’re ARMED”.. So we changed our destination to Indonesia…


I loved the vacation and certainly would like to go there again. Even though Malaysia and Indonesia is termed as “serumpun” there are quite a lot of differences in terms of culture, language and also in terms of the level of commitment to religious practices. Most of the Indonesians I met during the trip was soft-spoken and was very courteous to tourists. I saw the hard-working spirit brimmed in the Indonesians and they were willing to do almost everything for their survival… I remember seeing a small paddy square beside a small shack that I believed to be a shelter of a small family. The paddy square must have been their food source. One more thing that amazed me was that there were a lot of children playing along the railway. There were no gates and the kids were still safe and sound.. Hm.. In Malaysia.. People “digilis keretapi” when they get ne
ar the railway.

O ya.. About the “Level of Religious Commitment”… I was very impressed that Indonesian really cared about solat. Our “supir” told us that Solat is just a part and parcel of their culture instead of being just an obligation posed by the religion.. They were taught to take care of it since they were little and when they reach adulthood, Solat is an element of life that cannot be ignored. “May it be the alcoholics or the gamblers in the casino, they all perform solat” the “supir” said. I was so surprised to hear an announcement about prayer time in a popular shopping mall there. I went to the musolla and it was densely packed after the azan and totally vacant when it was already mid prayer time because all of them had performed it earlier. After waiting for quite some time, finally an Indonesian girl handed me a “kerudung solat”. As she open her “kain”, my eyes bulged to find her in a very short mini skirt behind the “kain” hehe

Another sweet thing about the long semester break was the sleep-over at Wan’s house. Silence deserted my life in those three days. We laughed our heart out almost every second that my intestine felt like bursting. We recalled all the happy things that happened during school days and did a lot of silly “girl things” to make us feel young again. To be honest, I do feel like I was 17 then hehehe To our surprise, Pah knew so little about Labuan despite her 5 years stay there. But we certainly can’t put all the blame on her. So we resolved her naivety by bringing her around Labuan for sight-seeing.

First semester of the second year instigated bitterly. Two weeks before class, everybody in my batch received a perilous letter that made our hearts stop beating upon reading it. I, for my part, felt like I was stabbed from the back because a resit is just unacceptable when I had struggled with brute efforts to score the previous semester with flying colours. We have tried to argue but it was futile. Instead, we were accused of being rebellious, unethical, not adopting the Islamic way of disputing and so on.. Our rights was denied and violated and we seated the re-exam to see our result fall in the following month.

I got myself busied during the first semester. I actually intended to compensate everything that I’ve missed during my immobility. I got activities in almost every weekend. My study notes were left stacked up on my desk.. Abandoned.. The mid sem?? My result flung! But I didn’t fail any of the papers lah.. Alhamdulillah J
Surprisingly, although depressed, I was unrepentant and continue to be negligent to my studies quite a bit. Bleach was my first priority and my lab reports were second hehe When the final arrived, I was hustled to finish reading everything and get everything at the back of my mind.. My result… it dropped and I got myself a long lecture from my mom…

During the inter-sem break, I’ve decided to join the trip to an aborigine village in Kuala Lipis. The activity, in summary, was flawless. We all had fun although it started off with a 9 km long walk under the scorching sun. We all got tanned up and dehydrated that day. What meant the most during our stay was looking at how delighted the villagers were upon having us there. They honor visitors and treated us very well. They asked us to go inside their houses and spread a rubber mat for us to sit on since the floor was quite dusty. One day, while chatting with my foster-
mom, a cobra slithered about 3 m from me. Luckily I was sitting on the wooden stairs. My senior and I tried our best to maintain our cool. But actually I think we were visibly distracted that time.

31st December..

For four years, nothing special happen in my New Year. No celebration.. This year, I spent the whole night chatting with my friends. Definitely the topic was not something that could change the world into a better place but we had a good time. We wished each other HAPPY NEW YEAR at 12.20 a.m. because we were so carried away. I went back to my room to make a long list of New Year’s Resolution that I will make come true this year AHAHKZ!!! Babye 2007