Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my precious little gems

1st pic : Maicaya merajo0o0o0k....

2nd pic : Maicaya mintak kakak jiji pujuk maicaya...

3rd pic : Maicaya happy again :)

Putri Laila Isabella... "Dicky, napa nama anak mu begitu???" Sebab obses dengan AMY SEARCH... Ades!

Aisya... Anak sdare mieda.. "Aku rase die suke kat ko la ji.." Go0d.. U know why?? Bcoz we r SABAHANS... Hehehe

Iwan.. 3 months old.. Pertama kali bertemu...

Waney... Sama umur dengan maicaya... Sangat independent.. KUAT MAKAN!!! hurm... gambar tengah.. Cam ibu dan anak kn????

Idam.. Adam AF wannabe coz adam is his uncle... Pintar banget. Always ask me why... what... how....

Sejuk mata memandang kan anak2 nie..? Hurm.. Bersih suci tanpa dosa... Love you all.. I want one!!!!!!! hehehe

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Last Lecture

Happy Birthday to ME~ Hehe

Guess what did I pick for my birthday present?? It's an inspirational book entitled "The Last Lecture"

Well... I came to know about the book months ago when I was searching for articles to read in the internet.. And fortunately a few days ago I saw it here in Labuan. You just can't imagine how ecstatic I was that I immediately ran to get my mommy and asked her to buy it for me as a birthday present.. In a few minutes, the book was safely kept in a plastic bag held tightly in my hand :) so0o0o0 HAPPY...

So what is it about this book that attract me so0o0o0 much..? Well, I consider the author is one of the concrete reason to love this book :) The book is written by Randy Pausch who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.. He was one brave man who'd opted the most agonizing treatment to keep himself alive for as long as he could.. Can you imagine that.. He chose to endure all the pain and discomfort just to have more time with the people he love... WOW! He several times repeat...

"Time is all that you have. You may have less than you think"

This guy got his own way to inspire others... The whole story was well-plotted and well-delivered. He started it off with how he'd reached his childhood dreams.. Followed by how he'd helped others to reach their dreams and then finally the lessons he'd learnt throughout 47 years of living... This guy is one strong man who chose to response optimistically towards what he had to deal with.. He did not choose to grieve but chose to spend his remaining time to prepare his family for his "departure" ... He wanted to have his legacy...

So I would love to quote some phrases and also tell you some parts that seem to give a lot of meaning to me... Hurm.. Lets check them out...

"When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore, that means they've given up on you... You may not want to hear it, but your critics are often the ones telling you they still love you and care about you, and want to make you better.."

Lessons Learnt...

1. Earnest is better than Hip.. -->> Translation-->> Ikhlas is better than willing to do something... They are a lot of people who are willing to do the things we ask them to.. But ikhlas... That's just rare these days...

Can you distiguish them..? Hurm... *Ponder*

2. Dream Big... Well.. there are people who accomplished their impossible dreams right?? So why don't we just step out from "being realistic" when it comes about dreams???? Pausch reached almost all of his childhood dreams.. Why?? Because he badly wanted them..

3. Don't complain.. Just work harder... Hurm this one will be an uphill climb for someone like me who like to bersantai2.. Adoi...

4. Look for the best in everybody.. "If you wait long enough,people will surprise you and impress you.. When you're frustrated with people when they've made you angry,it just may be because you haven't given them enough time.. But in the end.. People will show you their good side.. Just keep waiting it will come.."

5. Help others...

6. Show gratitude...

7. What you have is what you bring with you...

8. Sometimes it is worthy to consider others' happiness.. Because when we make others happy, the happiness within us will spark magically...

There are just too many.. Hehe just borrow it from me if you are curious to know the rest of it...

This book reminds me of Mitch Albom's writing "Tuesdays with Morrie".. Almost similar.. The lesson of life from those who are near to their demise...

At this rate.. Both individuals showed the things that really matters in life in their point of view when their time is almost over.. Both were fighters in the battle to live longer and I'm very awed by their inner strength....

As you browse through the pages... You'll definitely realize how everything seem to meet all the divine teachings that we receive as Muslims.. These men were meeting with what we call as fitrah but they did not find Islam.. We have it all in our perfect religion.. But so little of us realize it.. If we do realize what really matters like these men did... We surely will meet with ultimate triumph insyaAllah.. There are always rooms to improve.. What really matter is to make "today" be the best everyday...

Randy Pausch passed away on July 2008.. He surely left a legacy..

Friday, December 19, 2008

The shocking news....

Mami and I were on our way home from Anjung Ketam after dinner with Ucu and his family when I caught a glimpse of my babysitter's house...

"Mami.. Lama nya kita nda lawat aunty..."
"Owh.. I think they're not here anymore.. Uncle was sent to jail.."
"What???!!!! So they've reached the verdict on his case??? Did he declare himself guilty or did they find him guilty??"
"I'm not very sure.. Tapi.. the last time I heard about him.. Dia sudah kena tangkap.."
"Owh.. I don't believe it... It can't be... I mean.. He's a good man kan... It's like.. Mustahil la..."
"Hurm.. This is the real world dik... Macam-macam.. He's a good man.. That's very true.. Tp.. Kita kena ingat janji syaitan mau sesatkan anak -anak Adam... Dengan apa cara sekalipun, syaitan akan cuba sesatkan kita... Benda ni nda mustahil... A person can do it for many reasons... It could also happen to us someday.... Nauzubillah"
"Yup.. Hurm.. Scary.. I hope they're okay.. Kesiannya aunty and their sons..."
"That's why la adik.. Kena selalu doa minta Allah selalu lindungi kita.. Dunia ni macam-macam... Duit ni lagi la memang senjata syaitan.. Dalam apa kita buat kena ikhlas dan jujur... Dua-dua ni kena ada sama-sama baru la berkat..."
"Ikhlas.. Jujur.. Hurm.. Yeah.. There's just a lot of people yang nda jujur skarang... Is it that hard to be honest??? Geram lak adik"

"Ntahla adik.. Kadang-kadang orang dishonest ni sebab dia takut dia yang kena tindas if they are honest... Kadang-kadang sebab selfish... Kadang-kadang sebab cari jalan mudah.. Kadang-kadang maybe sebab dia terdesak.. That's why I said... People do it for so many reasons... Tp it's best kalo kita avoid it.. Sebab bila kita start to be dishonest, we'll continue to be like that"
"Yeah... It's like that thing is embedded in us and continue to run in our veins.. Jadi darah daging.."
And our conversation continued.. I thought about it again that night before going to bed.. A lot of questions appeared in my mind...
Why...??? Didn't he think about the consequences...??? Didn't he think that he 'll be caught...??? Didn't he think about the future of his children...??? Maybe he did but the urge to do it was much much stronger.. The persisitent devil's whisper... Jahat betol la syaitan... kacian uncle tau...
Mami said she's going to ask Babah to locate the jail in which uncle is placed.. Maybe we can pay him a visit one day.. Mom said it is important to give them our support because at the time of test.. (Especially like this one.. It's really big) they need a lot of support to keep them strong.. The most powerful tool is actually our DOA mami said...

Mami also said we should not stigmatize uncle for the things he'd done. That was his past and it is hoped that he'd learnt his lesson... We should treat him normally, and if we can, we should advice him in a way that he'll not get too offended....

And then I thought about takdir... Sometimes people blame takdir to cover their mistakes..

"Sume ni takdir.."

But to me that is not the reason why Allah plot the takdir...

Yeah.. It is takdir.. The takdir from which we should learn from.. To see how we were and to allow us to correct and to improve ourselves.. To accept our mistakes and go for the beter in the future... And not to repeat the same thing again.. If we put takdir as the thing to blame, we'll never realize what we've done wrong...

May Allah give the strength to Aunty, Uncle and their children... Whether it is true or not, I hope they can go through this...

"Allah sedang berbicara kepadamu tentang IKHLAS dan SABAR. IKHLAS dan SABAR itu Islam"

Bila Haziah Jd Pengawas....

Last night I was browsing through SMSL friendster group and one topic caught my eye..


Hehe I was afraid if I'm listed by any of the members.. Luckily only 1 name is mentioned so far.. Lucky me.. Hehe was I a bad prefect??? I dunno.. Hehehe but I'm very sure I was the one with lots of ideas during the orientation week hahaha this is an entry from a friend's blog.. Enjoy...

sangat cliche, setiap kali minggu suaikenal, mesti budak baru akan dibuli oleh senior untuk mengumpul tandatangan. berikut ialah di antara 5 perkara-perkara bodoh yang berlaku semasa minggu suaikenal yang masih aku ingat :

*budak tuyu disuruh meniup kipas eletrik sehingga berputar sebelum dikurniakan tandatangan.

*kak haziah menyuruh seorang budak tuyu untuk mengulang dan menjerit sehingga semua aspuri dengar ayat yang dia sebut.

kak haziah lebih cute daripada kak zeq. abang *****suka kak haziah, bukan kak zeq. *bulang. dan budak tuyu menurut perintah. jangan ulang perkataan bulang! budak tuyu mengulang lagi.
aku hanya mampu ketawa memerhatikan rancangan jahat haziah yang tidak berjalan dengan sempurna.

cikgu sejarah tingkatan 5 sangat cerewet. dia mahu kami memadam semua bekas garisan yang pernah digaris di dalam buku teks oleh batch sebelum kami. dan dia akan memeriksa sama ada kami telah melaksanakan arahannya atau tidak. maka malam hujung minggu itu, ramailah budak tuyu kelihatan memegang buku sejarah tingkatan 5 dan getah pemadam di sepanjang koridor-koridor aspuri .

seorang budak tuyu telah dijanjikan tandatangan sekiranya setiap kali sebelum prep petang dan selepas beriadah dia membuat pengumuman ini :

perhatian kepada semua aspuri, jumlah under**** pada jam _____ ini ialah sebanyak ____ helai dan jumpah br* pulak ialah _____helai. sekian terima kasih.

aku ialah kakak yang paling tidak kejam. untuk mendapatkan tandatangan aku sangat senang. hanya perlu datang dengan 100 salinan ayat ini : KAK ZEQ CUTE DAN CANTIK. dan aku rasa ia sangat berkesan kerana, sehingga ke saat ini, budak-budak tuyu yang tanpa aku sangka-sangka baru sahaja selesai menduduki SPM menjejaki aku di friendster dan masih lagi memanggil aku kak zeq cute. hahah. silalah jeles.

*bulang = cakap/ulang dalam dialek kedayan.
* tuyu orang yang blur sebab baru datang ke tampat baru, dialek kedayan juga.

Actually... The 'announcement' was my idea too... Hehe we called those who were assigned with the 'announcement' as "adk sp****r".. So whenever we talk about this, my friends would ask..

"Eh.. Mana suda adk sp****r ko haziah???"

Hehehe you know what crossed my mind??? I was thinking...

"Ntah2 dak2 tue pon panggil aku kakak sp****r..." hehehe

O ya zeq.. Aku tesasul ba tuh bulang tuh.. aku mo ckp bah ulang!!!! hehehe there's no such word pon dlm kedayan hehehe

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Demi persahabatan yg suci ini... Aku watla tag dr hanan hayati..... :) Muah.. utk anae...
1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
Benda???? Benda x benyawe ke???? Hurm.. Ape ek.. Laptop aku kot.. Skang it's my life n my soul hehehe
2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
Aku anggap wang bapak aku bg wang aku... Wang mak aku bg pon wang aku.. Kredit kad parents aku pon aku anggap kredit kad aku... Byk nih bende2 yg aku baru bli.. 3 helai baju.. Beberapa buah buku...
3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
Ahax... I'm so0o0o0 not interested in perkahwinan these days...
4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
BERKEKALAN??? Ni aku mau emo nih.. Kalo orang tuh nda getek cari laen kekal la... Kalo getek cari laen sampai bila2 pon x kekal... Ikhlas.. Setia.. Bertanggungjawab.. HENSEM... Ada ka org gitu??? Hurm..
*kwn di snanjung.. getek itu bermaksud gatal...
5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?
X!!!!!!!!! X langsung!!!!!!
6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
Semalam.. Di Island T0m YAm
7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
The lost choice: a legend of personal discovery
9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
Sorry to say... I prefer to be with mom... Tp I love my dad... Tp lifestyle kita berbeda la babah.. BERBEDA....
10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
Hehehe sbenanya... of course la mo jumpa rasul junjungan kita... Tp... Kalo org yg wujud skang.. It would be Robert Pattinson yg gorgeous ituh!!
11.Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?
Aku x mau sebot!!!!! Aku rapat ngan lebey dr 8 org...
12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
Of course.... Since birth... :P
13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
Mahu?? Mahu ke disney land....
14. Pelukan atau ciuman?
Dua2 la... Haiya... Dr mami n babah... N robert pattinson... hahaha gatal btul budak nih
15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
-Anae suke BLUE
-Anae nye hp xde camera...
-Anae kurus orangnyeeee
-Anae suke kunang2... ye ke???
16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai.
-BO0kS.. Bo0o0oks.. bo0o0KS
-bAbies.. KiDs...
-c0uSiN CouSIn
-SPort CarS
-SupeR BikeSSS
17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan.
-Ya kan...???
-Oh my GOD!!!!
-PLease... Don't be Naughty!!!! <<-- nie cakap sama my neice n nephew hehe
-GLER AR!!!!!
-Malas Tah KU INgAU....
-O ye ke????
-Sampai ati....
18. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca..
-Al Quran... Tafseer.. Hehe
-The Lost Choice: Andy Andrews.. Cuti depan aku samb0ng baca...
-Jadilah Wanita Paling Bahagia.. Hehehe Malu jer..
-Tentang Cinta.. haha adoi... buku org frust...
-Tunggu Teduh Dulu.. Part crita pasal betik tuh... Inconceivable...
-Buku Doa2 pilihan ahax...
-Reader's Digest....
19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
-Hehe fall for you...
-hurm.. If I were a boy Beyonce
-Crush.. David Archuleta.. Tol ka ejaan nih???
-Wait For You.. Elliot Yamin... kalo slh eja sorry.. N Im not waiting for anybody!!! I just love da song
-Afghan.. Terima Kasih Cinta.. Also tiada kaitan ngan hidup n mati.. Love da melody
-Karena Wanita.. Hehe I owez love dis song..
-Hakuna Matata!!!!
20. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu..
tahun lalu 2007???? ka 2008???
Ok la aku wat 4 2007... 4 2008
-->> Life is full of test
-->> Lots of people love me
-->> There are a lot of go0d people out there
-->> If I work for it, I'll get it.. Sbb aku skor tym patah kaki!!!
-->> My parents hv the best advice that I can find
-->> Bila bercinta don't ever forget ur friends...
-->> Jgn hairan kalo org yg tempang kita bg tongkat tp org tuh gunakan tongkat tuh utk pukul kita pulak... Get what I mean??? HAHAHA
-->> If someone disrespect u or ripped off ur dignity.. It's up to u to get it back.. Bnd tu x penah ilang... It's in the hand of Allah... So jgn down bila org wat kita gtu!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Newly found love

He's Edward Cullen, a HOT vampire.. We met at the cinema.. But he was on the screen.. My heart melted..

It's not only about his handsome face... Subhanallah... But it was his character... He's from a family of vampires who considered themselves as 'vegetarians' because they only eat animals and refuse to consider human as food.. But Edward cannot withstand the temptation to devour the blood of the new girl, Bella, which smell overwhelmingly good and sweet to him.. His effort to keep away from this girl was futile.. Instead he was drawn closer and closer to bella and finally fell in love with her.. He even protect her and save her life in several occasions..

Well, as far as I remember he never mention to Bella directly about his feelings towards her.. I mean he never say it directly as "I LOVE YOU..." but instead he said it like this... Almost like this...
"The first time I saw you.. I feel like protecting you"
Aku pon caer seperti ais krim yg di biar di tengah panas... HAHAHAHA

He's strong, fast, cold-skinned and pale... He was so0o0o0 protective all the way through... He took responsibility when bella was badly injured after she was attacked by this violent hunting-type vampire whose name was James. In the hospital, when Bella thanked him for saving her life he said...
"No.. It's because of me that you are here (in the hospital)"
Wow!!! So macho.. So gentleman.. SOOOOOOO MENCAERKAN.. hahahaha

I confess here that I'm so0o0o0o0 DEEPLY IN LOVE with Edward Cullen.. I was so0o0o0 excited to know the whole story from the book but unfortunately ALL BOOKSTORES IN KK don't have it anymore.. I went to ALL BOOKSTORES and got the same answer when I asked about the book
"We are out of stock"
"Abes suda dek"
ADOI!!!!! Sedey sedey....
But seriously... If u know anybody who resemble him physically and in attitude please introduce him to me hahaha If you're like him don't hesitate to step forward hahaha but one thing for sure THAT GUY MUST BE A VAMPIRE....
Org yg tiada kerja tahap gila babas
Edward Cullen's Wife Wannabe

Sunday, December 14, 2008

F.U.N<<- Ag@In

This time we went to 1 Borneo. It's quite far from my house and we had to change bus. The total fare was RM 2.80.

Putatan->Milimewah RM 1.80
Milimewah-> 1 Borneo RM 1

See.. I'm always intrigued by the mini bus' automatic door in kk.. I wonder who'd thought of this technology??? It's simple but very neat!! The bus just stop in front of you and voilla!!! the door is opened!!!! We took the city bus to 1 borneo.. It's almost similar to rapid kl and I think it's more comfortable than the mini bus hehe but the conductor was weird... Eerie-looking conductor.. Wo0 w0o WO0...

The journey was long and our stomach growled brutally.. We immediately head towards the restaurants..

"Pijah.. Aku mau mkn KFC..."

"Ei.. Aku mau makan yg jarang aku makan..."
"Yala yala..."

So we opted Rasamas... Bolela...
When the food came, I saw Pijah

"Kicik jugak ayam nya J"
"Aah.. Camna la mau makan fries teda sos nie??? Ko tunggu jap. Mau minta sos d Mc D"

So off I went to Mc D asking for chilli sauce.. See there beside the chicken... That' the chilli sauce from Mc D... Hehehe

Pijah and I took a picture of "the most gedik pose that we can do"... It's not gedik pon to me hehe I did far worst before.. Then we went to search for the musolla.. We were wandering in circles.. No sign board at all.. Finally, I went to this abg security n asked for the direction to the musolla..

"bah.. Marila saya bawak"

WA!!! BAEKNYA!!! So as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation to the abg security... I posted his picture here.. Gigih btol dia bawak kami gi musolla which is situated at the other end of 1 Borneo... CAYALAH ABG SECURITY.. I forgot to peek at his nametag hehehe

So our next activity was picture taking.. What I put here is less than a quarter from the pics we'd taken hehe Me with santa's deer... Pijah with Mr. Mushroom... Me on a diplomatic process with Mr. Blue Ant...

We watched twilight and we FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE with Edward Cullen... Love is in the air.


Next, we went to Teluk Sepanggar (tol ka ejaan nih???) to eat Kelapa Bakar with Pijah's bro... I only ate puding.. The handsome boy in the pics is Mohd Rafael Fahrin.. He's the ULTRAMAN you know.... He's s0o0o0o0 cute... He knows how to sing Ruang Rindu.... He was very friendly even though at first he'd covered his face with his cap..

Pijah was so tired at the end of the day and just sat there on the floor. The centre court was s0o0o0 cute and it was snowing.. It felt like as if I was in a fairy tale land. LOVE IT!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

F.U.N <<-Our Definition

After the rain... There will always be sunshine.. And most of the time there'll be a rainbow too.. I made it through the 'rain'.. Now I'm enjoying the 'sunshine' as well as the 'rainbow' \(^^)/

Centre Point Here We Come!!!!!!!!

Pijah was busy preparing for STPM the whole year so now that it's all over I can take her anywhere I want to have FuN fUn fUN Fun!!!! She've been saving a lot of money too so that she can Sh0p ShoP $hOP... Unfortunately I'm quite BROKE these days.. So I just wAtcH WaTCh waTcH her buy $tuff$....

Pijah got herself a new pair of jeans.. I only sit and watch her pick some shoes.. The face of a strapped girl.. Searching for something red.. S3xY ReD

Our day was filled with smil3$

YuMMy.. YuMMY.. Chocolate Indulgence!!!!! The movie ticket was SUPER CHEAP!!! It was RM 6. During MOVIE DAY you can get it at RM 5!!!! Hari2 tgk movi3 pon x apa!!!!

Next we went to the GAME ARCADE!!!! We've been its patron for only-Allah-knows-how-long hehe When I was 9 and Pijah was 6, we tried to go there by ourselves but was caught by Babah huhu Babah struggled to make us believe that the arcade has been closed as we grow.. But we never believe any of his deception... HAHAHA!!!

THe 1st pic.. me driving a Nissan sport car.. I don't remeber the model but it was super co0l. We wanted to play Dayt0na but it was full.. I won 4 laps out of 5 so I raced with the com. Hurm.. The com cheated!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we went to play sniper.. This one was harder than the one in Kuantan! No L.A. machine guns so we chose to play one that is almost alike... Hehe pijah was so0o0o0 AYU.. Hurm..

After having fun.. We balanced it with a visit to Eaton and Popular.. Cewah!!!! Pijah with "Selawat Pilihan"..

Bergedik gedik with Doraemon... Ang ang ang Totemo dai suki DO-RA-E-MON!!!

Thinking.... Where to go next... Hurm...